PREEN’s s/t EP is a glorious punch dance of angsty rage

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Tailing last year’s release of keystoner, Philly punk rock four-piece PREEN recently released a  s/t EP on Bandcamp, which shows the crew trading in sounds of all-around fuzziness for an even more vamped up, clarified dose of angstiness.

After a brief fake-out of silence, opening track “Cereus” starts the EP off kicking and screaming; where searing guitars and vocals morph together in an almost indistinguishable array. A torrent of taunts and labels, “Wyd” holds absolutely nothing back, anchored by the twisted sing-song line, “you’re a f**cking poser, I’m a f**cking slut,” and “chug” evokes an image of the most insane kind of basement show mosh pit.

Keystoner track, “don’t tell me to hang in there,” gets a resurrection here. Serving of the lyric-heaviest of the bunch, short, clipped lines slam images at you like an adamant audio View-master toy, with final track, “the bringer” providing pure head-nod heaven.

If you’re in need of a punch dance of rage, stream the s/t EP below for some majorly heated cathartic vibes. Then keep an eye out for some Philly gigs so you can jam in person.



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