Get a first listen to Dhani Harrison’s long-awaited debut In///Parallel

Dhani Harrison

After years of expectation, Dhani Harrison — the son of the late Beatle, George — will finally release his first solo album at the age of 39.  In///Parallel is out next week, and you can get an early listen to it care of NPR Music’s First Listen series. But before this record, Harrison has been a part of countless collaborations, the most notable being the formation of his 2006 band, thenewno2, who have been seen at big-name festivals like Coachella only within a few years after their debut. He’s also worked as a co-producer alongside Jeff Lynne on his father’s Grammy-winning posthumous release, Brainwashed, and was a featured guitarist in While My Guitar Gently Weeps, a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame tribute to George.

Dhani’s song, “All About Waiting,” off of In///Parallel, was recently featured as WXPN’s Gotta Hear Song of the Week. This is the first time we’ve really gotten a taste of what Dhani’s own personal sound is like, with a few collaborations featured here and there. And it’s not unusual for an artist to wait so long, because often times the best work comes out of experience. 39 years of life along with the immense shadow of his father to follow is more than enough inspiration for this first album, and it doesn’t disappoint.

Much of this album “connects meditation-room insights to vast, expansive, post-rock soundscapes,” as mentioned by NPR. It’s a truly individual sound. There are elements of George’s inspiration there, most prominently through the use of sitar and thought-provoking lyrics. But for the most part, this album is truly original, something that was essential in capturing when trying to evade the ever-present weight of living with the memory of a famous musician parent.

You can stream the dreamy 10-track LP here, via NPR Music.



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