On this day thirty years ago, The Cars were rocking Philly’s beloved venue, The Spectrum

The Cars | photo via artist’s Facebook page

“Happy 30th anniversary, The Cars!”

“Thanks, but, eh, for what exactly, random lady shouting at me?” I can only imagine the alarmed power pop icons would answer in question.

“For playing Philly’s The Spectrum thirty years ago, ya loons!” I’d respond emphatically before sprinkling a handful of confetti. Then we’d part ways. End scene.

Though this weird encounter is thankfully very fictional, the information shared is not. Today marks the spanning of three decades since The Cars graced Philly with their catchy synth jams at the now-demolished, beloved venue, The Spectrum on November 17, 1987.

Back then, it would only be a year later that the group would disband, only to reconnect in 2011 for a new album titled, Move Like This — a decade after the passing of bassist and co-founder, Benjamin Orr.

To document the 1987 performance, there is a professionally-shot video playlist that covers the entire show, which you can watch below. If you were in the crowd dancing along, enjoy this blast-from-the-past with performances of “Touch and Go,” “You Are The Girl,” “Drive,” and many more.



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