XPN MusicNotes: Watch The National’s new video for “Sleep Well Beast,” hear new music from The Shins’ “flipped” album The Worm’s Heart

The National | photo by Jeremy Zimmerman | jeremy-zim.com

“It’s a mind-bending technicolor trip that follows the band through a series of different locations with a succession of dark red and moody blue hues” -NME on The National’s new video

The National have just put out a new video for their new tune Sleep Well Beast, the sixth single from their latest album of the same name. Watch it below.

The Shins have announced a full-length so-called “flipped” version of their just released album, Heartworms …and they’re they’re calling it The Worm’s Heart. It comes out January 19th. James Mercer recently played an NPR Tiny Desk Concert in support of HeartwormsSee it here.

Regarding The Worm’s Heart, according to a press release:

James Mercer always wanted “an alternate version, or opposite version” of Heartworms, and “The Worm’s Heart” is his dream realized. All the tracks have been “flipped”, with slow songs re-recorded as fast songs and what were originally slow tunes being turned into re-energized songs.



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