XPN’s Gotta Hear Song of the Week – “Every 1’s a Winner” by Ty Segall

Ty Segall | Photo by Denee Segall | Courtesy of Drag City

Ty Segall’s new single from his forthcoming album, Freedom’s Goblin, is a winner. A cover of the British band Hot Chocolate’s “Every 1’s a Winner,” Segall has turned the band’s funky 1978 title track into a fuzzed out indie-funker.

As a reminder, Hot Chocolate are best known for their big 1976 hit song, “You Sexy Thing.” “Every 1’s A Winner” was the title song to their fourth album, releaed in 1978.

Freedom’s Goblin is out on January 26th on Drag City Records. About the Hot Chocolate cover, Segall recently told The Current:

I’ve just been a fan of this song for a long time. Yeah, I mean, you know, people hate disco, people hate that era of music, but I don’t hate any kind of music or any era of music, and that band rules. I’m a fan of good disco, and they’re considered a disco band, and also a soul and funk band, too. I just think it is a great song, and I get excited to cover songs that probably people would tell me not to cover or that it might be a bad idea to cover or it’s not in my wheelhouse or something, so to me, it’s always fun to try to find a cover that’s a little outside of the box. And that one, I was just so happy with how that one turned out.

Below, listen Segall’s cover and the original version of the song. Segall plays the Trocadero on April 15th.



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