XPN MusicNotes: See the latest video from Sharon Jones’ final album, listen to some early Nirvana demo tapes

Sharon Jones | photo by Jacob Blickenstaff | courtesy of the artist
Sharon Jones | photo by Jacob Blickenstaff | courtesy of the artist

If God watches over a little sparrow, you know, if he takes care of the birds, here I am, one of his children, you know, he’s got so many of us down here. Human beings that send our faith up and believe. And if he watch over a sparrow, I know he watches over me.”-Sharon Jones

Before her death in 2016 Sharon Jones recorded one last album with the Dap-Kings called Soul Of A Woman. There’s already been two posthumous music video releases, and now comes the third for the song “Searching for a New Day.”

Musician John Purkey — a friend of the late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain — has posted recordings on YouTube, four early Nirvana demo tapes that he says Cobain personally gave him. The cassettes include songs recorded during Nirvana’s first ever recording session for Bleach in 1988. Many of the tunes have already have appeared on previous Nirvana compilations, but these newly released demo-cassettes had been kept inside a metal box for years. Purkey eventually sold two of the tapes. Read more about the story here, and listen to the early Nirvana demos below.



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