Rejoyce! (Sandy) Alex G shared a new DSU-sounding track called “fay”

Alex G | Photo by: Ellen Miller |
Alex G | Photo by Ellen Miller |

A day with a new (Sandy) Alex G song is a happy day. So happy day to you all, because there’s a new one called “fay” that Giannascoli low-key uploaded to his personal YouTube account last night.

I say “new” in the most relative of terms, because there’s really no telling when this track was made. With music media a flutter on piecing together what this calculated and mysterious move means, I’m going to join in the hoopla and guess that sharing this track was just a fun and random outlet for something different than the past year-long focus on Rocket.

Drenched in subdued, conflicting nostalgia, “fay” tells the story of a police encounter through the innocent and curious eyes of a child. Sounding incredibly “Rejoyce” DSU-era-like  — which is arguably the best Alex G era — hints that maybe “fay” was a track that didn’t make the cut back then. Who the heck knows, I’m just glad it’s here.

Also, accompanying the track is a long, rambling description fit for the strange and complex characters that Alex G cooks up. Attempt to decipher that here, and listen to the track below in all it’s creepy, rabid rabbit visual glory.

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