Slomo Sapiens are part of a psychedelic science experiment gone wrong in the new “TOES” video

Slomo Sapiens | photo by Rachel Del Sordo for WXPN |

Slomo Sapiens’s newest release “TOES” is paving the way for the trio’s upcoming EP Hot Milk. The music video, directed by Matt Lesko, is eye-catching with its psychedelic visuals and odd storyline of a mad scientist’s experiment gone wrong.

Throughout the song, the group stays true to its grimy guitar riffs and playful beats, stirring up some curiosity as to what their new EP Hot Milk entails. Not to worry, though, the EP is dropping sooner than you think; it’ll be available February 16th, but you can preorder a copy here.

Keep your eyes open for that and while you’re waiting, check out Slomo Sapien’s music video “TOES” below



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