Free At Noon Flashback: The James Hunter Six performs from new record, Whatever It Takes

James Hunter Six | photos by Ashley Gellman |

Following jazz-funk trio Hambone Relay’s set, today’s Free At Noon doubleheader continued with blues and soul outfit the James Hunter Six. The afternoon performance kicks off the English group’s US tour in support of their brand new record, Whatever It Takes.

James Hunter’s gritty, soulful voice continuously and effortlessly moved between commanding the crowd’s attention and serving as an instrument itself, thrown around in incredible range and style that was difficult to mimic when he led a call-and-answer bit during the last song.

The rest of the Six included an upright bass, both tenor and baritone saxophones, and the classic keys and drums. For a minute, there were two upright basses – as the set came to an end, Hunter teased the audience with “I’m about to do something really crazy,” and crazy it was. He slung his guitar around and down to the ground where he continued to play, an impressive feat of flexibility and finesse that became even more so when he did so standing on only one leg.

The James Hunter Six will be playing ArtsQuest in Bethlehem, PA on February 22nd. Watch the performance and check out photos below.



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