Gotta Hear Song of the Week: “Millennials In Love” by Deadfellow

Deadfellow | photo by Jason Diliberto | courtesy of the artist

Local singer and songwriter Deadfellow (Hayden Sammak) has a new album – Millennials in Love (And Other Pre-Apocalyptic Standards – coming in the Spring, and has shared the title song, recorded in Nashville.

About the song, Sammak e-mailed to say:

“I wrote “Millennials In Love” because it’s just such an obvious damn song. It happened because I gave up on the themes of traditional love songs — sending letters and the pain of distance and things like that. That’s not how love is anymore. Modern love isn’t like my favorite Cohen or a Dylan songs. It’s not 1960. Being in love today is about an artificial lack of distance that fucks everything up and moves things too fast. It’s about text messages and apps and window-shopping flings on facebook. Or maybe it’s just been replaced by paranoia that he or she has been snapchatting an ex.”

Listen to the song below.

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