Just Announced: Three Man Cannon will play World Cafe Live’s Spotlight Artist series

Three Man Cannon | photo by | via press release

On the heels of their self-titled album released this past March, Three Man Cannon will be playing a free show at World Cafe Live upstairs, as part of the venue’s Spotlight Artist Series. Signed to Lame-O Records, it’s not surprising that Three Man Cannon incorporate that same punk rock with folk charm that echo the likes of Slaughter Beach, Dog and The Obsessives.

The four members of Three Man Cannon (Spenser Colmbs, Matt Schimelfenig, Pat Brier and Dennis Mishko) first met in high school, and despite their diaspora to separate cities, all managed to hold the band together and create a unique sound, eventually ending up back in Philly. Their self-titled album reflects this hardship and experience, glowing with the sounds of maturation.

Three Man Cannon’s self-titled album is available now on Lame-O Records. Tickets are free for this show with an RSVP, and be sure to check out The Shacks playing another Spotlight Artist Showcase August 9th, also free. More info can be found at the venue’s website.



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