XPN MusicNotes: The Kinks are reuniting with a new album and shows

The Kinks in 2005 | photo via Slate

“The Kinks are getting back together” -Ray Davies

During an interview with the BBC, Ray Davies unassumingly revealed that The Kinks will be getting back together after 20 years apart to record a new album and play some shows.

Ray Davies, who’s 74, said that he’s currently recording a new Kinks album with his brother Dave Davies and Mick Avory. In the BBC interview, Ray said he was inspired by the Rolling Stones:

“The Stones are a great band, great at organizing their careers and Mick Jagger has done an incredible PR job and it’s kind of inspiring to see them doing it — but the Kinks will probably play in the local bar”

Ray Davies will release Our Country: Americana II, his second album in collaboration with the Jayhawks, this Friday.

Watch the complete interview with BBC Channel 4 News below.

Watch The Kinks reunion performance from 2016 below.



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