XPN’s Gotta Hear Song of the Week: “Shame” by Elle King

Elle King | photo by Dennis Leupold | courtesy of the artist

It’s been several years since we last heard from singer-songwriter Elle King on her 2015 album, Love Stuff, which included the massive hit song, “Ex’s and Oh’s.” She recently released a punchy new tune, “Shame,” the first new song to be released from her yet to be named sophomore release.

In a recent interview in Billboard, King was asked about where the idea of “Shame” came from. She said:

I was kind of a bad kid. I got kicked out of, like, every school that I went to. I wasn’t the parents’ favorite friend [for their kids], I was 100 percent a bad influence. I’ve always kind of known that. I’ve always gone harder than everybody else.

Especially last year, I definitely went pretty hard. I hung out with people when I moved to L.A. that were an older version of, I don’t know, my bad side. If I imagined the devil on my shoulder, grown up, I was hanging out with a bunch of them. It’s undeniable fun — you just have to know when to know when to go home and go to bed. “Shame” was kind of a fun way to spin some of last year: You see the bad kids and you kind of want to party with them.

“Shame” comes out of the gates completely swinging for the fences and smashes through to the upper decks of center field. It is an undeniably peppy ear worm. Listen to it below.



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