“Punk frat” Pilam is no longer a frat, finds new life as Haus of Yarga

Earthboy release show | poster by Lyle Seitz

Although Pilam, the “punk frat” on UPenn’s campus, is still technically in limbo after being closed earlier this year, the people behind their legendary musical bookings have reincarnated as Haus of Yarga. In a press release via Facebook post, the house announced their relocation along with the name change:

“We have decided to stop being a frat, which will allow us to be a safer space. The name “Pilam” no longer represents us as we have nothing to do with the fraternal organization Pi Lambda Phi, the University of Pennsylvania, or 3914 Spruce street. As Haus of Yarga we will continue to put on shows in West Philly.”

Tonight, the Haus hosts a lineup of S.E. Ward, Gorpho, High Noon, and Apt A (info here). Next week, it’s Earthboy’s record release show. The indie rock five-piece put out a video teasing the release of their new album Bandaid + Chaser, which drops November 2nd via Good Sadie Media. Joining Earthboy on that show are shoegazers Doused and Philly local Jawncarlo, who recently released his debut album. Find info for the show here, and check out the new music below.

This is gonna be a big one, video by Nat Hilton and Lyle Seitz

Posted by Sofian Zapf on Sunday, September 23, 2018

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