Jesse McCartney takes The Fillmore on a flash back for The Resolution Tour


Jesse McCartney, the heartthrob of the nation circa 2013, is currently on The Resolution Tour”. Playing hits from his early 2000’s alongside some of his new singles. McCartney claimed during the show that this tour is a sort of new years resolution for himself after taking such a long break from music.

McCartney came on stage full of vibrant energy; colors and lights busting and never taking a stop too long in one place. His first three songs were all immediately recognized by the audience, prompting a singalong as soon as the first note dropped. He also brought one lucky audience member up on stage under the prompt of “has anyone here ever broke up with someone then regretted it”, and then proceeded to sing the entire song “Told You So” off of his 2008 Departure album to her.

He started to mellow down at the mid-end of his set to do a few acoustic songs performing with only a guitarist, Jacob Evergreen, at the front most of the stage and then came back to do an encore which included the forever beloved song “Beautiful Soul”.

Check out a set of photos from the show in the gallery below.

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