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Folkadelphia Session: Chris Kasper

Philadelphia is a true hotbed of musical activity. Cheap rent, collaborative vibes, an abundance of musically-minded people, and a solid support system for developing acts are just a few of the factors that help to make this city into a real deal music town. My favorite aspect of the greater musical community is, well, just … Continue reading

Poor murdered “Pretty Polly” and a session with Chris Kasper, who fronts a strong local crew, tonight on Folkadelphia Radio

“Pretty Polly” is the name of a rather grim and gruesome American murder ballad based on an even older British ballad called “The Gosport Tragedy.” The biggest difference between the two is a matter of narrative darkness. In both versions, a man murders his girlfriend after he learns she is pregnant, but, whereas in “Gosport,” … Continue reading

Folkadelphia Session: CocoRosie

When I attended college, I opened my mind to ideas and culture that I had never thought about or been witness to before. I felt the need to absorb, learn about, and understand anything and everything that constituted “newness” to me. Definitely a cliched concept, but cliches are what they are for a reason, right?. … Continue reading

Why Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” is a modern ballad and CocoRosie’s genre-bending session that blew my mind, tonight on Folkadelphia Radio

At her recent concert at the International House, Norwegian musician Susanna (of the Magical Orchestra) performed a chilling rendition of Dolly Parton’s “Jolene,” trading in the familiar guitar riff for dark piano chords. Inspired by its universality, a quality that grants many ballads and tunes timeless, Folkadelphia will be focusing on “Jolene” and playing back … Continue reading

Irish supergroup The Gloaming and a galaxy-saving session with Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors, tonight on Folkadelphia

Since we’re friends, let’s be real with each other – supergroups, especially when self-proclaimed, are usually a bust. The collaboration between this highly acclaimed, highly respected group usually produces sub-par music compared to each individuals’ normal output. Every once in a while though, synergy takes hold, chemistry kicks in, and the result is something unbelievable … Continue reading