Jake Clarke of Superheaven turns inward on new split with Spur

Superheaven | Photo by Sydney Schaefer for WXPN

Jake Clarke has stepped away from the heaviness of his band Superheaven in favor for something more spacious, reflective and light, in the form of a six-track split EP with Wilkes-Barre band Spur. While this is by no means a collection of lighthearted songs, it’s definitely calming and contemplative, as opposed to Superheaven’s aggressive, guitar-heavy discography.

The titleless EP has sad undertones in the lyrics, and rhythmic, punchy guitars in the music. It’s a sort of EP of contradictions, but it all works so well. Clarke pushing the boundary between a light shoegaze in some of the musical aspects and indie / alternative in the lyrics and settling in this comfortable place somewhere in between. This is a nice change of pace for Clarke, and Spur’s influence is evident in the incorporation of distorted keys in tracks like “Falling.” Continue reading →


Get a first listen to Dhani Harrison’s long-awaited debut In///Parallel

Dhani Harrison

After years of expectation, Dhani Harrison — the son of the late Beatle, George — will finally release his first solo album at the age of 39.  In///Parallel is out next week, and you can get an early listen to it care of NPR Music’s First Listen series. But before this record, Harrison has been a part of countless collaborations, the most notable being the formation of his 2006 band, thenewno2, who have been seen at big-name festivals like Coachella only within a few years after their debut. He’s also worked as a co-producer alongside Jeff Lynne on his father’s Grammy-winning posthumous release, Brainwashed, and was a featured guitarist in While My Guitar Gently Weeps, a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame tribute to George.

Dhani’s song, “All About Waiting,” off of In///Parallel, was recently featured as WXPN’s Gotta Hear Song of the Week. This is the first time we’ve really gotten a taste of what Dhani’s own personal sound is like, with a few collaborations featured here and there. And it’s not unusual for an artist to wait so long, because often times the best work comes out of experience. 39 years of life along with the immense shadow of his father to follow is more than enough inspiration for this first album, and it doesn’t disappoint. Continue reading →


Listen to The Weather Station’s new self-titled record ahead of their Boot & Saddle show

the weather station
The Weather Station | photo by Yuula Benivolski | courtesy of the artist

Toronto singer-songwriter Tamara Lindeman’s newest self-titled release with her band The Weather Station takes a change of pace when compared to previous outings. The lyrics give the word “thoughtful” a whole new meaning. While it’s no question that Lindeman is truly a gifted songwriter, the themes of The Weather Station come across in such a realistic and understandable way because her word choices are so relatable. The every-day situations she writes about are so simple and elegant and not overthought at all, something that most musicians struggle with. Continue reading →


Glen Hansard shares an emphatic preview of his new LP with “Time Will Be The Healer”

Glen Hansard
Glen Hansard | Photo by Jeremy Zimmerman |

Dublin singer-songwriter Glen Hansard — known for his work in The Frames, The Swell Season and the film Once — will release his third solo album, Between Two Shores, on January 19th. This week, he previewed the eagerly-awaited LP with “Time Will Be The Healer,” the closing track on the album. Continue reading →


Donn T and Chill Moody team up on the dreamlike “Clear”

roots picnic
Donn T | Photo by John Vettese

Donn T‘s newest track “Clear” featuring Chill Moody is a rhythmic ode to life’s seemingly insignificant constants. The Philadelphia alternative R&B singer recently made her literary debut in a young adult anthology titled Behind the Song, edited by K.M. Walton. Her piece, “Time to Soar,” discusses the inspiration she pulled from Amy Winehouse’s “October Song,” about the late singer’s pet canary.

With the publication of her piece, Donn T took to the studio with Philly’s own Chill Moody to write a new track inspired by her story. The result: “Clear,” which is a companion song to “Time to Soar.” For the story behind the lyrics, she says “For almost 8 months, this bird would appear outside my window at various times of the day and call. The call was distinctive. I created the song around it.” Continue reading →


goldenSpiral unveils a surrealist “Eternal Life (Dub)” video ft. Sonni Shine

goldenSpiral (left) and Sonni Shine | photos by Josh Pelta-Heller for WXPN

Philly-based electronic/hip hop producer goldenSpiral‘s newest video “Eternal Life,” featuring singer and guitarist Sonni Shine (former frontwoman of Underwater Sounds), has been in production for three years, and the hard work behind the screen has definitely paid off. Continue reading →


Get a look inside Live Nation’s renovations Philadelphia Metropolitan Opera House

The Philadelphia Metropolitan Opera House in 1937 | via Curbed

Earlier this year, Live Nation signed a contract to lease the Philadelphia Metropolitan Opera House on 858 N. Broad Street in order to renovate it and turn it into their next big concert venue. With construction well underway, the historic theater is set to reopen as early as the end of 2018, and last week the folks at Curbed Philly got an inside look at the new venue. Continue reading →