Chirping In The Heart of America: Listen to latest electronic track by Russian-born indie artist Tim Timur

Timur | photo by Bob Sweeney | courtesy of the artist

There isn’t much information out there about Russian-born, Philly-based artist Tim Timur, but it’s clear he believes that he’s invented a new style of music. The latest track from the former leader of Timur and the Squad, “From Russia With Doves,” has an emo / electronic thing happening: think early Linkin Park but quieter. Pounding drum beats build to a cinematic climax behind echoey, distant vocals. The track trails off into nature sounds, birds chirping in a some creepy, mountainous woods. Continue reading →


Restorations brings a wiser perspective to LP5000, now streaming at NPR First Listen


Restorations | photo by Emily Dubin | courtesy of the artist

Philly indie five-piece Restorations conceived their latest album LP5000 during a period of turmoil and transition. In the wake of the 2016 presidential election, and facing setbacks within the independent realm of the music industry, the band took a mental health break. Each member pursued their own projects or made strives in their personal lives: for Jon Loudon, the giant leap was marriage, for Dave Klyman it was heading to grad school, and for Ben Pierce it was opening his own vegan restaurant in South Philly, The Tasty. After switching record labels and taking time to get it together, the band returned for this piece of work — which is streaming a week ahead of its release date over at NPR Music. Full of reflective songwriting and pensive lyrics, LP5000 portrays a slightly wiser perspective and heightened awareness of the world. Continue reading →


Fairy Godmother finds herself on new EP

Alyssa Thomas | photo courtesy of the artist

Alyssa Thomas records as Fairy Godmother, a name that embodies the tone of her music: at once full of maternal wisdom and a childlike faith in magic and mysticism. The first EP from Fairy Godmother, Attic Space, was released with Fox Food Records last spring. Even in that brief interlude of time, her latest effort, Spit It Out marks a budding transformation. This time around, Thomas collaborated with friends Nick Tate, Conor Ryan and John Heywood of (Sandy) Alex G. The 5-track EP presents an aesthetically pleasing symmetry, following typical story structure complete with exposition, climax and denouement. Continue reading →


Japanese Breakfast is playing a free show at Dogfish Head Brewery

Japanese Breakfast
Japanese Breakfast | photo by Ebru Yildiz | courtesy of the artist

Delaware craft beer trailblazers Dogfish Head will throw their 8th annual Analog-A-Go-Go festival at their Milton brewery. The two-day festival features beer, local food trucks, an onsite record store, and a free performance by indie pop star Japanese Breakfast on Friday, November 16th.  Continue reading →


Yowler flirts with doom on the new “Where Is My Light”

Yowler | photo by Sam Split | courtesy of the artist

Yowler, the solo project of Maryn Jones of Saintseneca and All Dogs, has shared new single, “Where Is My Light?,” the latest from upcoming album Black Dog In My Path.

“Where Is My Light” verges on metal with a trudging, slumped bassline and heavy rhythm section that threatens to swallow her the fragile thread of her voice. The lyrics are eerie, saturated with dark imagery. In this doomsday soundtrack, Yowler is searching fruitlessly for some semblance of hope in a shadowy and sunken place. Continue reading →


Just Announced: Cher will be joined by Nile Rodgers & Chic at Wells Fargo Center

Cher | via

Pop icon Cher hits the road this winter on the her Here We Go Again tour, her first outing in five years, and it makes a stop at Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center on April 20th.

On the hells of recent role in Mamma Mia 2, Cher released an ABBA tribute record called Dancing Queen, so fans can expect performances of hits from the Swedish pop masters at this concert, as well as picks from Cher’s own library of classics. Continue reading →


Noname radiates grace and power on her debut album Room 25; announces Union Transfer gig

Noname | photo by Bryan Lamb | courtesy of the artist
Noname | photo by Bryan Lamb | courtesy of the artist

Chicago-born rapper Noname dropped her debut album, Room 25, on Friday. Produced by collaborator Phoelix, Room 25 builds on Noname’s origins in the open mic scene, demonstrating her passion for poetry and eloquent command of spoken word. Noname first gained exposure after appearing on Chance the Rapper’s album Coloring Book, but quickly established her own voice with 2016 mixtape Telefone, followed up with two years of international touring. She remains independent, financing her own recordings and videos.

Telefone was an introduction to Noname’s unique style, mixing jazz and R&B with intricate, run-on rap verses. In Room 25, Noname refines her craft, coming into her fully-realized self. As she’s matured, her lyrics have become more provocative, but maintain a subtle humor. She never becomes aggressive or pushy, instead radiating a quiet power with her graceful delivery. Continue reading →


Listen to Cat Power’s heartbreaking cover of Rihanna’s “Stay”

Cat Power
Cat Power | photo by Eliot Lee Hazel | courtesy of the artist

You could say Cat Power is a little obsessed with cover songs. Her latest effort is a version of Rihanna’s 2012 single, “Stay,” and Cat Power’s rendition strips the ballad down to it’s barest melody, her troubled, wavering vocals bringing an alternative twist to the heartbreaking pop tune. Continue reading →


Your set times for Philly Music Fest have arrived

The Districts | photo by John Vettese for WXPN

Philly Music Fest returns this year, providing a snapshot of artists currently staking their claim in the Philly music scene. Kicking off on Thursday with a punk rager at Johnny Brenda’s, closing Sunday with a jazz showcase at MilkBoy, and centered by two eclectic nights at World Cafe Live, the festival rounds up 25 artists at three venues, with hotly anticipated performances by Soul Glo, Waxahatchee’s Katie Crutchfield, Hardwork Movement, Ruby the Hatchet, Palm, The Districts and more.  Continue reading →