Take a fuzzy trip to the suburbs in Florry’s homemade video for “Kanagawa

Florry | still from video

Although Florry is rooted in Philly, their name is a reference to a character in Betty Smith’s A Tree Grows In Brooklyn. The project is headed by France Medosch but seems to be a collaborative effort, drawing on help from musician friends and connections in the DIY world. In Florry’s current form, Medosch is joined by Theo Woodward and Pete Gill from Friendship. The band is set to release their first album Brown Bunny on November 23 via Sister Polygon Records — the independent label that has also released music by Snail Mail, Pinkwash, and Priests. Continue reading →


Girlpool returns with two emotionally complex singles

Girlpool | photos by Benedict Brink | courtesy of the artist

Los Angeles indie duo Girlpool, composed of songwriters Harmony Tividad and Cleo Tucker, has returned with two grungey, emotionally complex singles. The first, “Lucy’s” was written by Tucker, who also takes charge of the vocals, singing over grinding guitar chords and doomily pounding drums. The lyrics make a possible Beatles allusion in the repeated line, “I swear I’ll be alright / although Emily’s in the sky”; it’s also a reference to Tucker’s role as nurturer in a past relationship, speaking on the seesawing co-dependency between two people. Continue reading →


Watch the creation of a Charles Bradley mural, listen to a new song from his posthumous album

Charles Bradley and his Extraordinaires | photo by Jeremy Zimmerman for WXPN

Charles Bradley passed away one year ago, but his life is celebrated in the form of Black Velvet, the posthumous album set to release November 9. HIs label Daptone Records has launched a website featuring murals by Chicago-based artist Joe Miller, who will paint his larger-than-life icons of Bradley in cities around the world. The first mural went up in Chicago, and you can watch a time-lapse video below set to the grooving, passionate “Luv Jones.” Continue reading →


Just Announced: Neko Case will play the Keswick in January

Neko Case | photo via Facebook

Neko Case released her eighth studio album Hell-On over the summer. A fiery and rage-filled effort, it was crafted with the help of several talented collaborators, including backing vocals from the likes of Beth Ditto and Robert Forster, and guitar work from Doug Gillard of Guided by Voices, among others. Through fusing the styles of so many musicians, Case was able to create an edgy and unique work, which received an overwhelmingly positive response from critics. Continue reading →


Courtney Barnett returns with a chatty single “Small Talk”

Courtney Barnett | photo by Pooneh Ghana | courtesy of the artist
Courtney Barnett | photo by Pooneh Ghana | courtesy of the artist

Courtney Barnett released her latest album Tell Me How You Really Fell just last May, and already she’s back with a new track. “Small Talk” is Barnett’s addition to indie NY label Mom + Pop’s 10th anniversary compilation.

The song is warm with a nuzzling familiarity, the toasty heat of a crowded kitchen, a friend’s arm slung around your shoulders. Barnett captures the strained obligation of small talk at a family gathering, the lengthy gaps of time to fill, the buzz of muddled and meaningless conversation. Continue reading →


Littlun weaves an ethereal world in debut single “Waltz Op. 3”

Littlun | photo via

Littlun is the debut solo project of singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Molly Lynn White, who just released a single called “Waltz Op. 3” in preview of her upcoming debut EP, Sentient Youth. The song isn’t as stiff as its title implies; a delicate ukulele riff tiptoes beneath White’s airy, operatic vocals, while piano and cello by Rachel Icenogel weave an ethereal backdrop, a realm populated by creatures of folklore. Check out Littlun’s debut single below. Continue reading →


Kississippi’s first-ever headlining tour will stop at PhilaMOCA in December

Kississippi | photo by Megan Thompson | courtesy of the artist

Philly rooted indie rockers Kississippi have been touring heavily in support of their 2018 record Sunset Blush, released this spring, and this fall the band embarks on its first-ever U.S. headlining tour. This marks a milestone for Kississippi, led by singer and songwriter Zoe Reynolds, and they will be joined by Ruler and gobbinjr (pronounced goblin–without the L–junior). Continue reading →


Snail Mail will open for Kurt Vile at the Met; Kurt workshops Bottle It In via Pitchfork Live

Snail Mail | photo by Cameron Pollack for WXPN

Lindsey Jordan of Snail Mail has gone from casually releasing lo fi tracks on Bandcamp to playing sold out shows, releasing her acclaimed album Lush and touring internationally. To wrap the year, Jordan will trek to Philly to open for  Kurt Vile and The Feelies on their December 29 appearance at The Met Philly. Tickets for the gig are on sale now, more information can be found at the XPN Concert Calendar. Continue reading →


Grace Vonderkhun unveils Audiotree Session

Grace Vonderkuhn at Audiotree | still from video

A month after recording, Grace Vonderkhun has unveiled her Audiotree Session, recorded as the Delaware indie rocker and her band were wrapping up their east coast tour. The set featured songs from their latest album Reveries, released in February.

Grace clutched a paisley patterned Fender hung with a pink Hello Kitty strap, a comically cheeky contrast to the band’s harsh-edged, grunge sound; she was joined by bassist Brian Bartling and drummer Dave Mcgrory. In between songs, the band discussed an upcoming music video, their sold out record release show in a Wilmington arcade bar, and recording their record on analog in a log cabin. Check out the full session below. Continue reading →