#TBTXPN would like to ask you a question

TBTXPN: Question Songs

WXPN’s Throwback Thursday series, #TBTXPN, leaps into its latest installment, with a twist. All songs must be phrased in the form of a question. It’s like #TBTXPN Jeopardy!

From “Who Are You?” to “What Do You Want From Me?,” “When Will I See You Again?” to “Where Is My Mind?” and “Why Can’t I Be You?”, we’re asking all the big questions this week. Continue reading →


PHOTOS: Jamila Woods and TheMIND at Johnny Brenda’s

Jamila Woods | photo by Koof Ibi Umoren for WXPN

Chicago singer, songwriter and poet Jamila Woods took the stage to a sold-out Johnny Brenda’s crowd last Wednesday night. Woods was on tour in support of her acclaimed 2016 LP HEAVN, and brought with her fellow Chi-towners theMIND, a production and multiinstrumental duo. Philly’s DJ Aura spun in between sets, and you can check out scenes from the evening care of photographer Koof Ibi Umoren. Continue reading →


Behind the Scenes at #XPNFest 2017!

XPoNential Music Festival | photo by Joe Del Tufo |

The 2017 XPoNential Music Festival is under way, and in addition to great sets from Wilco, Spoon, Angel Olsen, Strand of Oaks, Drive-By Truckers and more, we’ll be bringing you behind the scenes coverage. Keep checking back here for an ongoing photo gallery of the fans at XPoNential and the people who make the festival happen. Continue reading →


#TBTXPN: Music that takes you to the movies

We’ve been having a lot of fun this summer on WXPN’s Throwback Thursdays — or #TBTXPN, in the social media universe. We’ve already unpacked The Beatles’ classic Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band for its 50th anniversary, explored “musical shadows” (aka famous covers and their corresponding originals), brought you a parade of number one hits and revisited the second British invasion.

This week on #TBTXPN, we’re going to the movies. Continue reading →


#TBTXPN: Oasis, Blur and the second British Invasion

When you think of the words “British Invasion,” you probably think of the 1960s and The Beatles and Stones. Maybe The Kinks.

But music from Great Britain continued making an impact in the states in the decades that ensued, flourishing in the 80s and coming to a peak once again with the Britpop scene of the early 90s. This week on #TBTXPN, we’re exploring that “second British invasion,” from the glossy synthpop of The Eurythmics and the sneering glam of Billy Idol to the stadium rock rivalry of Oasis and Blur.  Continue reading →


DJ Jersey Dan presents Dispatch and Guster: I’m Strong If You’re Strong

Jersey Dan (left) / Guster | Photo by Jeremy Zimmerman (right)

This Sunday, July 9th, Dispatch (fresh off the XPN Free At Noon Concert stage) will perform live at the Skyline Stage at the Mann with special guests Guster and an opening set by Marco Benevento.  But not before Jersey Dan takes most of the crowd back to its teens with a DJ set, chock full of late 90s favs.  We caught up with Dan to find out more of what to expect and he left us with a Youtube playlist so you can better prepare for what is about to go down on Sunday night. Continue reading →


Photo Recap: The crowd gets Spanked before Robert Glasper Experiment at World Cafe Live

Robert Glasper Experiment at World Cafe Live | Photo by Koof Ibi Umoren for WXPN |

Following last year’s ArtScience, Jazz pianist Robert Glasper brought his quartet of experimental jazz instrumentation with hip-hop (and a little bit of everything else) undertones back to Philly for a show at World Cafe Live on June 20th. Glasper hit the stage after a dynamic performance from Philly trio Spank, led by musician, producer and world renowned drummer George “Spanky” McCurdy. Check out what went down in the gallery Continue reading →


Firefly Guide 2017: 20 artists to discover in the Woodlands this week

Firefly 2016 | Photo by John Vettese for WXPN
Firefly 2016 | Photo by John Vettese for WXPN

As any committed concert-goer will tell you, the best music you’ll find at summer festivals is often the stuff you come across far from the maddening crowd. Sets stumbled upon by chance when you’re looking for a spot to stretch out in the shade; artists you’ve never heard of who bowl you over as you’re waiting to catch one of the headliners; a DJ playing on a campground stage in the middle of the night or a band in the same spot come early afternoon.

Delaware’s annual Firefly Music Festival kicks off this Thursday afternoon; as we have said in the past, it is one of the most positive festivalgoing experiences of its scale. The headliners are massive, but quality; the crowds are packed, but comfortable; you’re essentially holed up in a ginormous camp-out for the weekend, but it doesn’t feel like you’re being gouged for cash. It’s a fan-friendly experience, and that extends to the fans who are down for discovering new music, seeing new performers for the first time.

Continue reading →


Never Stop Growing: The story behind Cayetana’s New Kind of Normal album art

Cayetana’s New Kind of Normal | cover photo by Jess Flynn |

The cover photograph on Cayetana‘s New Kind of Normal depicts frontwoman Augusta Koch’s mother, Catherine Koch, jumping on a bed in her apartment. Eye-catching and full of joy, the image — taken by Philadelphia photographer Jess Flynn — holds a special significance to the band, who this year challenged themselves by launching their own label, Plum Records, to independently release their sophomore LP. In her own words, Augusta explains the significance of the picture, and its story behind it echoes the story of their album, which is out today.

My parents were married and lived in Germany for a long time. They were the age I am now, and there’s this awesome photo that I’ve seen my whole life of my mom jumping on a bed. My dad had taken it. Since then, my dad had passed away and my mom is obviously a lot older. But I really wanted to recreate that photo. We talked about using it a long time ago for a 7”, but it was such an old shitty print that it couldn’t have been blown up. And we were thinking about the name of the album, New Kind of Normal, and it seemed like a perfect photo: an older woman who’s still growing. Continue reading →