Music critic Rob Sheffield will discuss why The Beatles are still a thing at Kelly Writers House this Thursday

The Beatles | photo via
UPDATE: Due to the Eagles Parade, this event has been re-scheduled to Thursday, February 15th at 5:00 p.m. Location and panelists remain the same.

Ah, The Beatles. When you have a mania named after you, it’s safe to say you’re kind of a big deal — and probably will be for a while. So it makes sense that these cheeky, brilliant Brits are still regarded with accolades and reverence. Right?

But then again, it has been fifty years since John, Paul, George and Ringo split, and yet Beatlemania still rocks and rolls on; albeit with a few modern updates. “Hey Jude” is still playing — just now it’s streaming on Spotify. Beatles’ merch is still selling like hot cakes — just now from Forever 21 stores. And their presence is still felt on college campuses — just now in the classroom with uber-specific courses rather than blaring from record players in the dorms. Continue reading →


Best buds Thin Lips and Frances Quinlan tackle anxiety in their Shaking Through session

Thin Lips and Frances Quinlan | photo courtesy of Weathervane Music

In the latest installment of Philly’s premiere music doc series, Shaking Through, Brian McTear and the rest of the gang at Weathervane Music welcomed local punks Thin Lips, along with Hop Along’s Frances Quinlan, to record a new track titled, “So Stoned.” Spoiler alert: it’s a pretty flippin’ good episode. Continue reading →


XPN Fest headliner David Byrne collabs with Oneohtrix Point Never on new track, “This Is That”

David Byrne | Photo by Jody Rogac

Before David Byrne burns down the house this summer at this year’s XPN Fest — haa bet he never gets that one — the music icon will release a new album titled American Utopia on March 9th via Todomundo/Nonesuch. And before then, you can listen to one of the new tracks right now as he’s just shared “This Is That” with BBC Radio. Continue reading →


Americanadian join forces with Nowadays to form fun EP split mashup Nowacanadian

Americanadian | photo via

Philly DIY locals Americanadian grabbed our attention last month with their breezy infectiousness on track, “Apple Cider Vinegar.” Keeping with their penchant for fun name mashups, the band recently released an EP split with South Jersey four-piece, Nowadays, to create the perfectly dubbed, Nowacanadian. Continue reading →


Just Announced: Elton John will bid Philly goodbye in ‘Farewell Yellow Brick Road’ tour

Photo by Darragh Dandurand Friedman for WXPN |

At a New York press conference with Anderson Cooper this morning, the Sir Elton John announced his retirement from touring. But don’t worry, not just yet. You can still say your goodbyes to the music legend’s live show as he’s soon embarking on a whopping 300-show run, dubbed the ‘Farewell Yellow Brick Road’ tour.

In a live-streamed video from the conference, John explains his reasoning to stop touring. He states, “My priorities have changed in my life. Ten years ago, if you’d have said I’m gonna stop touring, I’d have said, ‘No no, I’m a working musician. I always play.’ But we had children and that changed our lives.” Continue reading →


Hurry’s “Every Little Thought” is heard crystal clear in fuzz-less, power-pop direction

Hurry | photo by Jeremy Zimmerman |

Earlier this month, Hurry’s single “Waiting For You,” tore away the distorted film of 2016’s Guided Meditation to reveal its clean and pure power-pop tune core. Now, Hurry has shared a second single — the namesake of the new record, “Every Little Thought” — which keeps the fuzz away as it both shines and sulks.

With Matt Scottoline’s saccharine vocals, hooky harmonies, and easy surf vibes, “Every Little Thought” drives straight into the sun-soaked sixties era. But with melancholic, heartfelt lyrics ditching commercial fluff, it’s more akin to an authentically vulnerable bandstand group — like if Tom Hanks fictional concoction The Oneders (I’m from Erie, PA, sue me) turned beautifully emo. Continue reading →


Tune-yards pry open a conversation on privilege in i can feel you creep into my private life

tune-yards | photo by Eliot Lee Hazel | via artist’s Facebook

Merrill Garbus’s experimental pop project tune-yards has always radiated as a genre-bending, unexpected collaboration of sounds. Heavily infusing Haitian and Afrobeat elements into her nuanced music, Garbus has not shied away from conversations of cultural appropriation and her part in the matter. But after the racially-charged 2016 election and the ensuing divide of 2017, Garbus felt she needed to address her personal role head on and in full force. In a piece with NPR Music, it’s stated that Garbus attended a six-month anti-racist workshop at the East Bay Meditation Center and studied up on the works of anti-racist educator, Tim Wise, and the progressive activism of Standing Up for Racial Justice. What followed was the process of tune-yards’ recently released album, i can feel you creep into my private life. Continue reading →