Janelle Monae drops an empowering fourth single from Dirty Computer

Janelle Monae
Janelle Monae | still from video

Janelle Monae continues to bless us with material from her upcoming album Dirty Computer. Yesterday she dropped another amazing single called “I Like That,” a song following in the vein of the other Dirty Computer singles we’ve seen so far, in that these songs are more personal than her past work. This is a song about Janelle Monae Robinson, not her character Cindi Mayweather which has been the protagonist of the story told in her previous albums. In the song, Monae explores the multiplicity of man and the dynamics of her personality, accepting herself for who she is with lyrics like “I’m the random minor note you hear in major songs / And I like that.” Continue reading →


Celebrate (?) tax day with Taxes’ heavy new single “Fractions” from forthcoming EP Don’t Get Caught

Taxes | photo by Daniel Nydick | courtesy of the artist

Local indie rock four-piece Taxes is gearing up for the release of their new EP Don’t Get Caught, due out on April 20th, and this tax day we suggest you give a listen to their new single “Fractions.”

The song goes from smooth and subtle to shredding in the first 47 seconds, with fuzzy electric guitar, pounding drums and pronounced bass. All this is contrasted by mostly subdued vocals from singer and songwriter Sameer Rao (an occasional contributor to The Key), who presents a cryptic sense of melancholy and frustration with lyrics like “Waste all my time and energy / to find out what you needed me to be.” Continue reading →


Listen to Florence + The Machine’s new song about the power of performance

Florence and the Machine
Florence and the Machine | photo by Vincent Haycock | courtesy of the artist

British modern rock band Florence + The Machine are back after two years with a new single and music video called “Sky Full of Song.” Directed by A.G. Rojas, the video is completely black and white, with the exception of a shot of a single blooming flower at the beginning and the end; it features different simplistic shots of frontwoman Florence Welch lying on the ground with one hand outstretched, kneeling on the ground in front of a pot, and various clips of liquids mixing together.

The song itself explores Welch’s personal cathartic and sometimes overwhelming experience of performing on stage, and the emotions that go along with those feelings and experiences. Continue reading →


Just Announced: Nnamdi Ogbonnaya is bringing his singular sound to Everybody Hits

Image by Lex Vasquez via Facebook @nnamdisoopersecret

Chicago rapper Nnamadi Ogbonnaya makes music that’s hard to describe or label, and it’s exciting for that exact reason. His 2017 album DROOL is an experimental fusion of hip hop, math rock, pop, jazz, and everything else he likes. Growing up in the Chicago DIY scene, Ogbonnaya played in as many bands as possible, citing 11 different groups on his Bandcamp page. His constant involvement gained him a sold fanbase and he’s been able to tour the US, Canada, and Mexico. Continue reading →


Watch Camp Candle make a music video on a budget in “Feelin A Way”

Camp Candle | photo via

In their very meta new music video for “Feelin’ A Way,” Philly duo Camp Candle wants to make a clip as iconic as Michael Jackon’s “Rock With You.” But, as singer / guitarist Hetepsa tells her bandmate Nu Ra, “We don’t have Michael Jackson money. We’ve got a whole $8 in the bank.” What follows is a creative and funny video about being creative, and having fun. Continue reading →


Lojii releases new project lofeye full of relaxation, experimentation, and wisdom

Lojii | photo by LORDAZVNEXVX | via

Philly rapper Lojii has recently released a chill, experimental hip hop album full of mellow, fresh beats called lofye. It features an array of producers who each bring something different to the table but who create a cohesive sound that remains true to the artist. In Lojii’s own words: “…this is an LP about being rooted in the dirt you come from but reaching for the sky above you.” Continue reading →


Marian Hill and fans celebrate female empowerment on the new music video for “Differently”

Marian Hill | photo by Ben Wong for WXPN |
Marian Hill | photo by Ben Wong for WXPN |

Philadelphia electronic pop duo Marian Hill used the power of social media to make a new music video or “Differently” with dozens of their fans.

In the video, we see Jeremy Lloyd and Samantha Gongol chilling on a couch, as different women are added to the scene to the beat of the song. The fans chosen for the video are a diverse group of all kinds of women. There are younger women, older women, women of color, trans women. The diversity of the women in the video speaks to the universality of Marian Hill’s music, and helps frame the song’s message of female empowerment, specifically women helping other women. Continue reading →


Bob Dylan, St. Vincent and more cover classic love songs for new EP of same-sex wedding songs

Image via The New York Times

Bob Dylan appears alongside Kesha, St. Vincent and more in a new compilation EP called Universal Love. The EP features covers of classic love songs with pronouns switched pronouns from the original, so that they can serve as wedding songs for same-sex couples. Some of the songs featured on the album are “My Guy”, a Temptations cover performed by Bloc Party’s Kele Okereke, and “And I Love Him”, a Beatles cover performed by Death Cab for Cutie’s Ben Gibbard. Continue reading →


Who’s playing Center City Jazz Festival? Listen to music from the full lineup, check out the set time schedule

Center City Jazz Fest logo | image via

The 7th annual Center City Jazz Festival is approaching fast. The day-long jazz spectacular was announced earlier in the winter, and now that Jazz Appreciation Month is upon us, so is the show, which takes place on April 28th from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. in a collection of venues along the Samson Street corridor.

With over 20 bands, five venues, and six-plus hours of music, it might seem like this event would be inaccessible, but that is the opposite of the case. All the featured venues are within walking distance from one another, tickets are only $25, and one ticket gets you access to every single show. This year the lineup features musicians from the Philly, New York, and DC areas — ranging from in-demand Philly guitarist Dai Miyazaki to NYC saxophonist and band-leader Sharel Cassity, local vocalist Ella Gahnt, Roots crew collaborator Jeff Bradshaw and more. Founder/artistic director Ernest Stuart has accomplished his goal in creating a diverse array of musicians “…that would normally never be featured together on the same bill.”

You can get tickets to the Center City Jazz Festival here, as well as find directions and get more information. Check out the full schedule by venue and check out music by the artists down below. Continue reading →