Watch B-Eazyyy take three perspectives on a fateful car ride in “Worth The Gold”

B-Eazyyy | photo courtesy of the artist

You can hear definite growth in Trenton’s B-Eazyyy. Since his last project Ezekiel, it seems as if the young MC has taken a step towards becoming a bolder rapper. After releasing his EP Manifesto a couple months ago, B-Eazyyy is more vulnerable with his rhymes and willing to open up to his listeners about the thoughts and emotions that he’s encountered down.

This growth can be seen in his recent video “Worth The Gold,” where we find B-Eazyyy driving through the city to reach his destination. Continue reading →


Brielle makes being the coolest look easy in new video for “Easy”

After releasing her emotional debut EP The Rough Break Up, Philadelphia’s own Brielle seems to have been growing and glowing with her music. Over the past three years the singer / songwriter has been perfecting her craft, touring across the country and continuing to channel her emotions in any studio she steps in to create songs that express the April Fool child’s spirit. A perfect example of that would be Brielle’s new video “Easy” — for a single that releases this week, via Mi5 / Universal Recordings — where the songbird creates a simplistic groove that shows how effortless it is for her to showcase her shine. Continue reading →


Lord Willin’: Reminiscing on the impactful debut of The Clipse

Clipse’s Lord Willin’

August 20th, 2002: two street poets from Virginia Beach released their debut album, telling the tale of the journey of young hustlers from poverty and crime-infested neighborhoods. With the assistance from two highly respected hip-hop producers, who happened to be childhood friends of theirs, the two southern rappers created lyrical theatrical visuals of the good, bad and ugly sides of the route of a gangster.

That timeless hip hop album is known other than Lord Willin’ based on the life of The Thornton brothers Pusha T and Malice better known as hip hop duo Clipse. Continue reading →


Listen as “Orange Moon” shines on singer Jacqueline Constance

Jacqueline Constance | photo by John Vettese for WXPN

It’s been three years since Philadelphia has heard any original #dopeazzmusic from singer/songwriter Jacqueline Constance. In 2014, the local scene found itself binge-listening to the Mt. Airy songbird’s EP The Jacqueline Show — not too long after, we began binge-watching her YouTube channel, filled with dazzling a cappella sound-loop videos recorded at her home. But we’ve been waiting for a new season to the Jacqueline Show since then. That ends today, as Jacqueline Constance unveiled her latest single “Orange Moon.” Continue reading →


Jay-Z prepares for Made in America with 4:44, a blueprint for the new generation

Photo by John Vettese

Rappers from Kendrick Lamar2 Chainz, Migos, Future, Drake, Rick Ross, Big Sean, Wale, Gucci ManeBig BoiVince Staples, Joey Bada$$ have all contributed to making the first half of 2017 a great year for hip hop. And a few weeks ago, rap icon Jay-Z added his own huge contribution by releasing his thirteenth studio album 4:44.

By putting introspective, complicated rhymes over captivating instrumentals, it’s no shocker that the album has received general acclaim from critics and has already gone platinum — thanks to the assistance of Tidal and Sprint — just a week after its release. Continue reading →


Live from The Cave with Second Womb

Second Womb | photo courtesy of the artist
Second Womb | photo courtesy of the artist

One of the most important things to do as an upcoming artist is to stay consistent no matter what. There will be trials and tribulations that make some feel alone at times, and feel like praying for the perseverance to not quit, but one’s self-confidence makes them refute the idea of giving up. That type of consistency allows the craft to be perfected, more work to be displayed and a hunger for success to constantly expands. This type of consistency can be seen by Jersey’s duo Dookie Brown, an MC, and Father Earth, a producer, collectively known as Second Womb. I recently got the opportunity to speak with Dookie Brown about the Garden State hip hop duo’s beginning, work ethic and their latest EP Live From The Cave Vol: 19.    Continue reading →


Mir Fontane chases success on his new single “Frank Ocean”

Mir Fontane | photo courtesy of MassX

This year’s Firefly Festival is definitely going to be one for the books, especially since so many of the acts that will be performing are coming straight out of the tri-state area.

While artists such as Chill Moody, Joie Kathos, Ill Fated Natives, and Miles Chancellor will be on stage representing for the City of Brotherly Love, up and coming hip hop artist Mir Fontane will be putting on for the Garden State at the Delaware festival with hits like his new single “Frank Ocean.” Continue reading →


Celebrating stories with Pecola Breedlove and The Freedom Party

Breedlove | photo courtesy of On Point Ink Photography

Why do they call open mics, open mics? Because open mics are invitations for artists to be open when they step up on the mic.

Imagine coming into a space that doesn’t require you to be perfect for entrance. A place where you can come to deal with shit, whether you’re an artist or a part of the audience. And when you come into the venue you instantly hear music like The Gap Band or The Backyard Band being played before the event starts. This event is none other than Pecola Breedlove and The Freedom Party. Located at A Poets Art Gallery at 4032 N Girard Avenue, Pecola Breedlove is a weekly open mic that has gained the attention of poets and fans of poetry whether they’re from the city or out of town.

Created by KP Ultra, the Pine Bluff, Arkansas poet has created a welcoming space for poets of the blue collar city of Philadelphia to share their stories on stage that has lasted for the past two years. I was able to sit down with him and to pick his brain on the Philadelphia poetry scene and discover the origins of the well-loved open mic event that has gained its city’s ears with their words. Continue reading →


Life After Death: Revisiting The Notorious B.I.G.’s swan song 20 Years later

The Notorious B.I.G.’s Life After Death

A couple of weeks ago, Bad Boy Records founder Puff Daddy posted a couple of Instagram videos of rappers such as Fabolous, Pusha T, Jadakiss, TIP, and more spitting some classic verses made famous by his late friend and hip hop legend, The Notorious B.I.G. Seeing those videos was just another reminder of why one of Brooklyn’s finest finds his way into a plethora of top 5 MCs lists. Though the 20th anniversary of Biggie’s death — on March 9th, 1997 — is not the only thing we remember about him this month. This Saturday, March 25th, marks 20 years since the release of his second and final studio album, Life After Death, a hip hop classic that showed the growth in his artistry and would strengthen the legendary MC’s legacy for decades after his untimely demise. Continue reading →


Vibing Out With Ivy Sole: A conversation with one of Philly’s most exciting new MCs

Ivy Sole | photo by Araba Ankuma | courtesy of the artist
Ivy Sole | photo by Araba Ankuma | courtesy of the artist

One of the best ways for an artist to create a vibe with their music is by allowing their listeners to enter their world. The feeling become genuine when the listener obtain the artist’s perspectives, stories, and even their moods. To do that the artist mustn’t be hesitant to be personable with their music. That’s exactly why Ivy Sole an artist that the city of Philadelphia should look out for.

Whether she’s getting busy on the mic or creating soulful melodies, the Charlotte, North Carolina native hip hop artist always finds ways to bring her listeners into her universe. I was recently able to sit down with the local MC to discuss her introduction to hip hop, her debut project Eden, her recent followup EP East, and her upcoming performance at Underground Arts’ International Women’s Day benefit, which is happening tomorrow evening.  Continue reading →