Listen to Three Man Cannon’s new self-titled album, catch them at Johnny Brenda’s next month

Three Man Cannon | photo by | via press release

Philly’s own Three Man Cannon have been rocking for so long that by now they sound like they’ve perfected the art of rock, if such a feat is possible. After about 10 years as a band — actually a four-piece, despite their name — Three Man Cannon have just released a new self-titled LP, their third full-length. The new record takes them far from their early days as an anarcho-folk punk high school band that played the basements of Scranton, PA, but their sonic evolution is a welcome one (plus you can still catch them at a Philly basement show from time to time). Continue reading →


Join Roger Harvey & Family for an intimate side chapel gig

Roger Harvey | photo by Rachel Del Sordo

The basement of the First Unitarian Church has been home to members of the Philly punk scene for longer than anyone can remember. But occasionally, when a show calls for a quieter, more intimate sound, musicians emerge from the basement hall and into the chapel itself — the church-y part of the Church, if you will.

That’s just what Roger Harvey plans to do next month — in fact, he’s reserved the Church’s smallest performance space, the side chapel, for a solo show with a stacked opening lineup of local musicians. The show, happening April 20, comes as the latest installment of the Roger Harvey & Family tour, which has previously made stops in Pittsburgh and Chicago with different “family” members joining for each lineup. Continue reading →


Liz Phair’s early work gets a vinyl box set edition for the 25th anniversary of Exile In Guyville

Liz Phair | photo via the artist’s Facebook page

For the last two and a half decades, Liz Phair‘s music has served as a formative inspiration for countless aspiring musicians — her sound so enduring that traces of her signature lo-fi rock style can be heard in newer Philly acts like WallaceCorey Flood and Ellen Siberian Tiger, who cite her as an influence.

Now, Phair has announced a 25th anniversary reissue of her early work to be released May 4 via Matador Records. Called “Girly-Sound to Guyville,” the box set will include both a remastered edition of Phair’s 1993 debut album Exile in Guyville and remasters of her 1991 Girly-Sound tapes, which have never been officially released, plus an oral history booklet of interviews and essays. Continue reading →


The Wonder Years share new videos to support Puerto Rico relief efforts

The Wonder Years | photo by Carolyn Ambriano | courtesy of the artist

In addition to churning out hits for over a decade, The Wonder Years are also known for their dedication to using their platform to do good. Last fall, the band played a series of shows in New York that were livestreamed to raise money for Fondos Unidos de Puerto Rico, an organization that aids relief efforts following devastation caused by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

The performances, which followed the release of The Wonder Years’ acoustic Burst & Decay EP, show a quieter, more stripped-down side of the band, and they were joined onstage by The Little Kruta String Quartet and Laura Stevenson.

Now, months later, Puerto Rico is still far from fully recovered. To continue to raise relief funds, The Wonder Years have released footage of last fall’s performances. The series of five videos is available to watch on YouTube, and donation links are included with each video. Continue reading →


Listen to #XPNFest artist Courtney Marie Andrews’ new album May Your Kindness Remain via NPR Music

Courtney Marie Andrews | photo by Laura E. Partain

Courtney Marie Andrews has spent a lot of time on the road — so much that she wrote an entire record about what she’s learned, about herself and about the world, along the way. The Americana singer-songwriter is taking no break from the tour life anytime soon, but before she heads our way to play the 2018 XPoNential Music Festival this July, she’s releasing that record. Continue reading →


Watch Alyssa Joseph play “n i g h t” live at Miner Street

Alyssa Joseph | photo by Perry Longo | via the artist’s Facebook page

For many regional musicians, recording at Fishtown’s Miner Street Recordings is something like a rite of passage. And although her new EP, [ir​]​rational, is Philly singer-songwriter Alyssa Joseph‘s first release, she looks right at home in the bright, cozy studio. Joseph’s soulful and resonant voice fills the entire space as she performs her song “n i g h t”  — its no surprise she counts the likes of Regina Spektor and Brandi Carlile among her influences. Continue reading →


Courtney Barnett trades a dystopian reality for the cosmos in the new “Need A Little Time” video

Courtney Barnett | photo by Pooneh Ghana | courtesy of the artist
Courtney Barnett | photo by Pooneh Ghana | courtesy of the artist

The dystopian fantasy world depicted in Courtney Barnett‘s video for new single “Need A Little Time” doesn’t look anything like our world, but it’s just as strange and unwelcoming as real life can often be. So, it’s no surprise that Barnett would want to escape this reality to float through space, playing her guitar among the stars. Continue reading →


Belly dons bird heads in new “Shiny One” video

Belly | photo by Chris Gorman | courtesy of the artist

Long lost 90s faves Belly returned last month with their first new song in 23 years, the incredibly catchy “Shiny One,” and now the single has a mesmerizing new video to go along with it. The video, which features the band members decked out in bird masks and overlaid in psychedelic colorblock, is an eye-catching match for the song’s timeless and shimmery sound.

It’s also just strange enough to have us wondering about what the rest of the new Belly tunes we have coming our way will be like. Belly’s forthcoming album is called DOVE, and the new video takes the hints of bird themes to a new level. Plus, birds like shiny things, right? Continue reading →


Watch Stephen Malkmus’ solo acoustic “Middle America” video; see him and The Jicks at the TLA this June

Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks | photo via the artist’s Facebook page

Pavement frontman Stephen Malkmus — who performs solo these days with his band The Jicks — will be making a stop in Philly this summer, but in the meantime he’s shared a video for the band’s new song “Middle America.” This solo version sees Malkmus alone with an acoustic guitar, his familiar raw-edged vocals filling the room. Malkmus sits in front of a few windows, and outside you can tell it’s winter — but between the indoor tropical plants and the song’s warm and sunny tune, it’s like summer’s come a bit early. Continue reading →