I Want More CAN: An Indie Rock Hit Parade Special

Can | Photo courtesy of the artist

On this week’s Indie Rock Hit Parade, we highlight the music and legacy of the celebrated German experimental band Can. To coincide with the release of a new, career-spanning singles box set, our show features some of Can’s best-known and pioneering works alongside a few contemporary bands who keep their spirit alive.

Plenty has already been written about Can and their unconventional approach to music. The band has been the subject of tribute concerts, archival reissues and art installations, and a multi-volume biography from music journalist Rob Young is slated for publication in 2018. Rather than reiterating what so many have already said, I’ll instead present a few of the modern bands who have taken a significant amount of inspiration from Can’s unorthodox approach to recording.
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The Dove and the Wolf talk life in Paris and play a new song on 25 O’Clock

The Dove & the Wolf | Photo by Noah Silvestry for WXPN |

Dan Drago’s 25 O’Clock Podcast has long been a favorite listen for us here at The Key. Now on its 73rd episode, the podcast frequently features guests from all over scene, diving deeper into their life than we can see from the surface. Over the years, Philly music’s finest has been a consistent presence on the pod, the latest guest being Paloma Gil and Louise Hayat-Camard of The Dove and the Wolf. Continue reading →


Dead & Company returning to town – listen to interviews with John Mayer and Bob Weir

John Mayer (left) Photo by: Frank Ockenfells, Courtesy of the artist / Bob Weir (right) Photo by: Jay Blakesberg/Courtesy of the artist

Dead & Company return to the BB&T Pavilion in Camden, New Jersey this Sunday, June 25th. Grateful Dead members Mickey Hart, Bill Kreutzmann and Bob Weir will be joined once again by John Mayer. Recently, Bob Weir and John Mayer made appearances on World Cafe. Mayer was interviewed by World Cafe host Talia Schlanger around the release of Mayer’s recent solo album, The Search For Everything. The Cafe’s David Dye did a session with Bob Weir in November, 2016, around the release of Bob’s album, Blue Mountain.

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Matt Pond PA just announced pretty much everything

Matt Pond PA | courtesy of the artist

Matt Pond PA announced a 12th studio album Wednesday called Still Summer. It’s due out August 11 on Pond’s own label, 131 Records, and will be the last release under the name Matt Pond PA, a name that’s been going strong since its Philadelphia inception nearly 20 years ago. Yet over time, more songs will be added in the future to both Still Summer and Pond’s December 2016 release Winter Lives. It’s confusing, but cool. Continue reading →


Portugal. The Man’s new album features…Son Little?

Son Little | photo by Joe Del Tufo for WXPN

The hype was very real when Portugal. The Man made their return after four long years without an album. Lead single “Feel It Still” has been crushing the alternative charts, and we learned why during a Free At Noon a few months back. But another single off the band’s brand new Woodstock has a familiar voice on it. Just a few seconds into track one, aptly titled “Number One,” you’ll hear Philly’s soulful Son Little. Continue reading →


Meet Lancaster’s Sleepy Limbs, joining Cayetana, Worriers and Camp Cope in York next month

Sleepy Limbs | photo via

A lineup that includes the likes of Cayetana, Worriers and Camp Cope is good enough on its own. To ask for anything more than a trio of that quality would just be greedy. But when the three bands play next month at Skid Row Garage in York (the show was originally supposed to be in Lancaster at Chameleon Club’s Lizard Lounge, but has since been moved), one more newly added group of rockers will join them: Lancaster’s Sleepy Limbs. Continue reading →


Calling You In: How Solarized is challenging the status quo and diversifying the the punk scene

Solarized performs at Break Free Fest | photo by John Vettese for WXPN

Throughout history, the potent dynamics of race, gender, economic class and sexuality have shaped every aspect of human social activity. Politics, love, war, art, all of it has been invariably touched by these social forces, and music is no different. The realities of racism and the complexity of identity play themselves out nationally, internationally and in our local music scenes. For all its historical emphasis on rebellion, freedom and challenging of the status quo, punk as a subculture has not avoided the oppressive aspects of these social dynamics.

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Firefly on the Fly, Day Three: Chance the Rapper, Bob Dylan, Mondo Cozmo, Kesha, Bishop Briggs, DJ Jazzy Jeff and more

Chance The Rapper | Firefly Music Festival 2017 | Photos by John Vettese

Day Three of the Firefly Music Festival brought out superstar performances from Bob Dylan, Chance The Rapper, and The Weeknd, but it also brought out some of Philly’s finest including Mondo Cozmo, Chill Moody, Hardwork Movement, Vita and the Woolf, and a DJ set from the legendary DJ Jazzy Jeff. Some great sets by Bishop Briggs, Sunflower Bean, and Kesha. Continue reading →