A conversation with Superheaven’s Taylor Madison about making one of the heaviest records of next year

Superheaven in the studio | Photo by Danielle Parsons |
Superheaven’s Taylor Madison in the studio with Will Yip | Photo by Danielle Parsons |

Superheaven vocalist/guitarist Taylor Madison is anxious. It’s early December, a few weeks after recording wrapped on the Philly-area post-hardcore band’s second LP at producer Will Yip’s Studio 4. The album follows up 2012′s Jar (released under the band name Daylight) and it is currently off in mixing and mastering land for an early 2015 release through SideOneDummy Records. “My anxiety is far outweighed by excitement,” he assures me. “We’re all just trying hard to be patient and waiting to be able to play this stuff in front of people.”

Between his balance of nerves and eagerness, Madison makes clear there are internal expectations on this record as well. With a blunt transparency that has quickly become his trademark as a frontman, he explains how “none of us want to reach our 30s and hoping we’ll be able to pay our rent next month.” Madison and his bandmates are chasing after something bigger, and based on early impressions alone, they’ve found it. Details remain pretty mum at this point (until their label gives the go ahead), but LP2 is tighter, hits (way, way) harder and presents a fully realized and focused vision of what grunge can look and sound like in the mid-2010s. Superheaven doesn’t shy away from a heavy acknowledgment of its influences and instead bolsters every flag flown on Jar.
I was able to have a quick chat with Madison about the process and scars behind what is certain to be one of 2015’s heaviest records. Continue reading →


Alex G’s tour with Teen Suicide comes to PhilaMOCA on February 3rd

Alex G in his music video for "Harvey"
Alex G in his music video for “Harvey”

Philly’s Alex G recently announced an east coast/mid-west tour with Maryland noise-pop band, Teen Suicide. Frontman Alex Giannascoli received high praise from press for his June 2014 full-length debut, DSU. Spin, Rolling Stone, and Pitchfork are a few magazines to pick up on his DIY-sound, and the record is his first label-backed release off Orchid Tapes.

Rolling Stone named “Harvey” – a bedroom-pop, airy sound off DSU – one of the top 50 songs of 2014. The 21-year-old lo-fi artist recently put out a video for “Harvey”, in which a model house burns down while he strums his acoustic guitar in a bedroom. Continue reading →


Some band called Thy Foes Profanely Rage is playing the Church basement and we have no idea who they are (maybe)

So this is a mondo bizarro concert announcement on the R5 Productions website, for sure. A three-band bill headed up by two question mark bands on December 30th. I mean, we know who Lithuania is – it’s the long-running experimental rock duo of Dominic Angelella (of DRGN King) and Eric Slick (of Dr. Dog). Then there’s Eight Legged Prawn; their bio says “We’re from a little town called Lititz. We write honest music and are passionate about doing so.” HMM, I WONDER WHO THAT MIGHT BE.

The kicker is the headliner, Thy Foes Profanely Rage, which is simply listed as “Long time band from Philly” with no other supporting clues. Continue reading →