Take a late night drive with the new dreampop tune by DAODA

Mike Sacchetti aka DAODA | Photo via
Mike Sacchetti aka DAODA | Photo via

Fans of Wild Nothing, Beach Fossils and the like – heads up! New Philly dreampop project DAODA by Mike Sacchetti of Bad News Bears has released a single, “Forever.” Hazy vocals and sunny guitars make DAODA a change of pace for Sacchetti, whose music as Bad News Bears has a distinctly pop-punk feel to it, but we’re excited to see what else he has in store. Continue reading →


Hear Cheerleader’s super-catchy new single “On Your Side”

Cheerleader | Photo by Kate Bracaglia |
Photo by Kate Bracaglia |

It’s no secret we’ve been falling a little bit in love with indie-pop five-piece Cheerleader the past few months. The band’s summery vibes make for some damn catchy tunes, and the title track for their upcoming EP On Your Side doesn’t stray from this aesthetic we’ve grown so fond of. Continue reading →


Dave Hause covers another XPNFest artist – this time it’s Ryan Adams!

Dave Hause
Dave Hause | photo by Michelle Montgomery |

After a great rendition of Jenny Lewis’ “Just One of the Guys,” area punk favorite Dave Hause has graced us with yet another cover by an artist he shared the stage with at XPNFest. He chose “Gimme Something Good”, the latest track from SBC performer Ryan Adams, to perform during a recent soundcheck in Amsterdam. The original is incredibly catchy and polished in classic Adams fashion; Hause’s powerhouse vocals bring a bit of grit to his cover. Continue reading →


Watch Grimes’ highly-anticipated video for “Go”

Grimes | Photo by Michelle Ford via

Back in the beginning of summer, Canadian no-fi pop star/producer Claire Elise Boucher, a.k.a. Grimes, collaborated with Blood Diamonds to write this intense, synth-driven track…for Rihanna. In a surprising turn of events RiRi decided not to take the track, so Grimes pocketed it for herself and premiered it during her set at Governors’ Ball in June. In a new video premiered today, the clubby beats and trippy sounds come to life. Continue reading →


The Key Studio Sessions: Mike Bell and the Movies vs. Hurry

Photos by Peter Murray Photography |

In a strange, roundabout kind of way, this session you see before you today only exists because of Twitter. Two Philly DIY scene players, the fuzz-poppy Hurry and the punk poppy Mike Bell and The Movies, had been social media beef-ing -  or faux-beefing, perhaps, as they seem like friendly and amiable dudes all around – discussing who would win in a “power pop battle.” At one point, Bell called on The Key’s Twitter to “settle this once and for all” – and equally jokingly, I replied “what are we talking, a DJ-off or, like, a boxing match? Or a dueling studio session?” Evidently the latter was actually a viable option, all parties were into it, and ground rules for our first-ever competitive Key Studio Session were established. Each artist got three songs: one of their own songs, one of the other band’s songs and one cover of their choosing. We would record both bands live in the studio on the same day. And the reults wound up being so efficient and fun, I’m thinking about recording artists in battle format more often. Continue reading →


PREMIERE: Listen to Heat Thunder’s rousing new single “River Song”

"River Song" single artwork by Colin Frangicetto.
“River Song” single artwork by Colin Frangicetto.

When we first heard Heat Thunder‘s new single “River Song” it was in the band’s Key Studio Session back in May, the song was rousing and intriguing, walking a fine line between wistful ambience and locked-in folk rock.  In the studio version we’re premiering today, those elements of the song are magnified tenfold.

Continue reading →


Download a whimsical new EP from Liz and the Lost Boys

Photo via
Liz and the Lost Boys

Baroque-pop group Liz and the Lost Boys have released a new EP, As If/Explain, on their Bandcamp today. The first song, “As If”, layers Lost Boys’ tried-and-true harp sections with jazzy piano chords and chastises a misguided foe, while the second, “Explain”, is a melodic, Regina Spektor-esque ode to the narrator’s emotional well-being. Continue reading →


Listen to Cruisr’s infectious new single “All Over”; new EP releases on Vagrant Records next month

Cruisr | Photo by Chris Sembrot | Courtesy of the artist
Cruisr | Photo by Chris Sembrot | Courtesy of the artist

Big things are afoot in the the Cruisr world. First, note the spelling – that’s not a typo, they Philly indie four-piece has officially dropped the E from their name since we last checked in with them this summer. Second, it’s signed deal with the long-running indie rock label Vagrant Records, and its latest debut EP, All Over, gets a release on September 23rd. Third, how about that title track, right? Continue reading →