Download Birdie Busch’s Thunder Bridge release show in its entirety

Photo by Liz Baronofsky |

Philly singer-songwriter Birdie Busch just released the sweet and subtle new LP Thunder Bridge, a collection of songs inspired by Sun Ra and Nick Drake that started out as a project for a friend and her newborn child that evolved into something more.

A couple weeks ago, Busch celebrated the new record with a headlining performance at South Philly’s Boot & Saddle; every song on the new album made it into the setlist, along with tunes from 2013’s Birdie Busch and the Greatest Night, several from 2007’s Penny Arcade and one reaching all the way back to 2005’s The Ways We Try. Continue reading →


PREMIERE: Dream Safari emerges from the night with the jazzy new Cobalt EP

Dream Safari | photo courtesy of the artist
Dream Safari | photo courtesy of the artist

Philly’s own Dream Safari is back with a new bundle of tunes, the electro-pop outfit’s first since their inaugural Night Howl from 2013. But this time around, Dream Safari mastermind Chris Coulton has moved away from what he describes as the “jungle-y” sounds of the past. On the new three track EP Cobalt, Coulton has produced an assortment of jazz-infused sounds with the smoothest of saxophones.

Coulton says the name Cobalt is meant to induce the feelings of nightlife. Continue reading →


King Shampz flirts with speed on the new single “Autobahn”

King Shampz and Azaan | Photo by Bob Sweeney
King Shampz and Azaan | Photo by Bob Sweeney | courtesy of the artist

Philly rapper King Shampz has been rocking a slew of great singles from his upstart label Dead Wrong Records over the past year, championing artists like Frio and Blak. Today, he’s firmly back in the driver’s seat with “Autobahn” – he tells us the song is inspired by his love of fast cars and by basketball player Drazen Petrovic, who he’s a fan of. “Drazen died on the Autobahn,” says Shampz. “And I felt like this was a lyrical race.” Continue reading →


The Key Studio Sessions: Mercury Girls

If you haven’t yet seen Mercury Girls live, you’re missing out. The Philadelphia five-piece takes the high-spirited, playful tones of classic indiepop — which they clearly have a deep reverence for — and delivers them with punk rock ferocity. Leaps, spins and kicks from guitarist Kevin Attics mix with the unflappable delivery of vocalist Sarah Schimineck and the thundering force of drummer Chris Schackerman. Add in sick leads from co-guitarist Kevin O’Halloran, and the energy levels approach metaphorical combustion (thankfully there’s cool, collected bassist Andrew Hagiwara to keep things on relative terra firma). In short: one of the best live bands on the scene right now, and we were stoked at the opportunity to capture some of that energy in our studio this week. Continue reading →

Support for The Key Studio Sessions, from Dogfish Head

Field Mouse start at the end with new single, album closer “Out of Context”

field mouse
Field Mouse | photo by Shervin Lainez | courtesy of the artist

Ahead of their sophomore effort Episodic, due out on August 5th, Topshelf Records darlings Field Mouse have now released the album’s first and last songs as its two first singles.

We heard “The Mirror” earlier this month, a cathartic liberation fit with sneers (an audible, exasperated laugh makes it onto the track) and jeers (the first line holds nothing back with, “what a way to say fuck off”).

Changing pace, and for good reason seeing as an entire album’s worth of material lie in between them, second single “Out of Context” offers what feels like a culmination of the feelings as they may have diminished or burst on the previous tracks. These musical bookends help to define the album’s structure and what we can come to find in a little over a month. Continue reading →


PREMIERE: Mumblr gets down after hours in Han Dynasty for the “Ole” video

Mumblr | photo by Rachel Del Sordo for WXPN
Mumblr | photo by Rachel Del Sordo for WXPN

Philly basement rockers Mumblr just released their latest LP, The Never Ending Get Down, on Fleeting Youth Records – and even though they play a lot of shows in support of it, the dudes in the band still hold down day jobs, which can sometimes be kind of awesomely fun. Take the gig that singer-guitarist Nick Morrison and drummer Scott Stitzer have at popular Old City dining destination Han Dynasty. Owner Han Chiang is super supportive of Mumblr, to the point where he loaned the band a van for their first tour to SXSW, and gave the band access to the restaurant after hours to shoot a music video for “Ole” from the new album.

His only stipulation,” Morrison tells us, “was that we had to shoot a scene where the actors were dancing on the bar in a Coyote Ugly type fashion. Which we happily obliged to.” Continue reading →


Blast The Loud Company’s Amateur Science, catch them at Ortlieb’s this Friday

The Loud Company | image via Facebook

Big surprise here: The Loud Company‘s latest album Amateur Science, released May 13th of this year, is loud. It’s meant to be played loud and a good chunk of its lyrics are intended to be shouted, not sung. Nearly everything about this metal/punk band seems to be high volume, and by the time you read through the next few paragraphs you’ll probably have read the word “loud” so many times that it doesn’t seem like word — if that’s not the case already. Continue reading →


PREMIERE: The Lawsuits make some changes in “Hailstorm” video, announce fall tour

The Lawsuits
The Lawsuits | photo by Ed Newton | courtesy of the artist

They may not be as well known for their hair as some other Philadelphia musicians, but it’s hard not to notice the sheer amount of it that members of The Lawsuits have on their heads (and in some cases faces). The local rockers address that trait in a new video for “Hailstorm,” which we are pleased to premiere today.

Continue reading →