The Aaron West and the Roaring Twenties saga continues at a packed Foundry gig

Aaron West and the Roaring Twenties | photo by Rachel Del Sordo for WXPN

Dan Campbell, Philadelphia’s pop punk poet laureate and singer of The Wonder Years, brought his solo project/character study Aaron West and the Roaring Twenties home to an extremely sold out Foundry Thursday night, capping off a tour in support of his latest entry into the Aaron West saga, Routine Maintenance (released this May on Hopeless Records).

Following two impressive sets by indie pop bands Diva Sweetly and Pronoun, Campbell, guitar in hand, walked onstage as Aaron West, his Long Island Llewyn Davis-type troubadour character who can’t seem to catch a break. Continue reading →


Grayling shares “Chalk Dust,” their first new song in over three years

Grayling | photo by Ashley Gellman | courtesy of the artist

The last music Grayling released was her Everything That Burns EP. The five song collection came out way back in April of 2016. In the three years since that release we haven’t heard much new material from the Philly alt-punk artist (though they remained a presence on the city’s live music scene). That changed this week when Grayling’s Lexi Campion took to social media to announce that she has signed with 6131 Records and has a new song available. The track, titled “Chalk Dust” displays a great deal of artistic growth since the last time we heard from Grayling.

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Listen to Your Smith embrace inner strength on the uplifting new single “Wild Wild Woman”

Your Smith | photo by Erica Hernandez | courtesy of the artist

Inside all of us is a version of ourselves that is more outgoing, confident, and wild. On her latest track, Your Smith explores the powerful voice inside her. “Wild Wild Woman” is an upbeat and uplifting track that blends synth-heavy production with R&B rhythms. Across the whole song, Smith’s silky voice glides over the delicate production. Her smooth vocals serve as the perfect means to celebrate her inner wild woman, and the wild person inside us all. The glittering and anthemic single is perfect for pumping yourself and reminding yourself of all your strength. Continue reading →


Camp Candle will have you grooving in no time with new single “NRT”

Camp Candle | photo by Matt Decker | courtesy of the artist

It’s summertime, which can only mean one thing: Camp Candle is releasing new music. The Philly indietronica duo just announced that their next EP, If We Had a Pool, will be out August 23; it follows last year’s “Save Me” and 2017’s Light. The lead single from the four-track EP, the smooth and funky “NRT,” is out now wherever you stream your music.  Continue reading →


Nicole Yun is in her comfort zone, seeking to break out, on her solo debut Paper Suit

Nicole Yun | photo by Jeff Hoffman | via

On the first track of her debut solo album, Nicole Yun sings “there’s no controlling me,” and she spends the rest of the album trying to prove that. Paper Suit sees the Eternal Summers lead trying to write in looser ways. Often, she succeeds, and the album feels wholly of her own vision. No one, nor their expectations, seem to have restrained Yun. Though, in freeing herself of others, she seems to have trapped herself in her comfort zone. Where the album hints at experimentation and toys with different kinds of sounds, it never veers too far off course. In that way it can sound like Yun is holding herself back.

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Isolation feels familiar in Tate’s new single “Bad Hangover”

Tate | Photo by Sarah Rudderow | via

Everyone is familiar with occasional feeling of loneliness where you feel oddly detached from a person or a place you’re usually connected to. Maybe somebody screwed you over, or maybe you’re exhausting yourself by repeating your own mistakes. Either way, you’re unsettled. Philadelphia four-piece Tate conveys this aura in their latest indie-rock single “Bad Hangover.” We’ve all been there. Continue reading →


Y La Bamba’s “Mujeres” music video is a call to protect and fight for all women

Y La Bamba | still from video

Y La Bamba ‘s new music video for “Mujeres,” the title track to its 2019 album, is exactly what the commanding, percussion-heavy song deserves. It features women of every demographic embracing and celebrating their femininity. The group’s lead singer and songwriter Luz Elena Mendoza said, “This song is a daily mantra to continue to protect and fight, for all women, for myself.” Continue reading →


Listen to Amber Mark’s silky vocals in new single “What If”

Amber Mark | still from video

The 23-year-old alternative R&B artist Amber Mark is a highlight of the Made In America festival undercard, as we hear on her soulful new single “What If.” This is the second song she’s released so far this year, the first one being “Mixer” back in April. Mark hails from New York and began songwriting when she was a teenager as a way of coping with her mother’s death. Growing up, she spent time in India, Germany, Brazil, and Nepal, soaking up different cultures and experiences. She uses this as inspiration and to tell personal tales through her music. Her newest release is about the lessons that come from hardship and how they’re necessary in order to feel happiness. Continue reading →


Rockers Galore is wildly catchy and powerfully political on new Sak Pase EP

Rockers Galore | via

Rockers Galore‘s style is hard to pin down. On any given track the Philly group, led by vocalist / bassist Blayer Pointdujour, will bounce between hard rock, kompa, hip hop, funk, and more. Rather than being overwhelming and exhausting, like that list of genres threatens to be, Rockers Galore’s music is addicting and wildly fun. The group’s latest release, Sak Pase, is a tight four track collection that serves as a perfect introduction to the vibrant world of Rockers Galore.

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