Carol Cleveland Sings puts all their best Vines on YouTube in new compilation clip

Carol Cleveland Sings | Illustration by Alicia Herber | via the band's Facebook page
Carol Cleveland Sings | Illustration by Alicia Herber | via the band’s Facebook page

For better or worse, the six-second video sharing platform Vine has been shut down, meaning the app’s finest have to move on to a new platform. Philadelphia’s Carol Cleveland Sings is no exception, but luckily, the psych pop duo has just shared a compilation of their best clips on their YouTube page. You can stream it below. Continue reading →


Listen to Cayetana’s new song “Trails,” pre-order their new split with Camp Cope

Cayetana and Camp Cope | via Daily Slice Mag

Earlier this year, Philadelphia DIY scene faves Cayetana toured Australia for the first time with Melbourne’s Camp Cope. The two punk power trios hit it off remarkably well, and are celebrating that kinship with the release of a new 7″ on Poison City Records.

The split, which releases on January 20th, features two new songs from each band – below, you can get a taste of it with Cayetana’s excellent new slow-burner “Trails.” Like a lot of their best work, it starts hushed and progressively gets more emotive and intense as frontwoman Augusta Koch meditates on failure and forgiveness. Continue reading →


The Key Studio Sessions: Mannequin Pussy

It’s certainly not inaccurate to call Philly’s Mannequin Pussy a punk band. We’ve described them that way quite a bit, and given the revved up guitars, vocal howls and minute-and-a-half songs that make this year’s Romantic such a gripping listen, it’s not entirely inaccurate. But sometimes “punk” can be a limiting bit of jargon, especially when used in the more puritanical sense — the definition that eschews ambitious production, or nuanced songwriting, or any kind of artistic complexity.

And complexity, no doubt, is compelling. It can be the dynamic tide of the album’s title track, or the interspersing of acoustic arrangements amid the fray. It can be frontwoman Marisa Dabice’s bold vocals that are as much of an emotional gut-punch on the tender melodies as they are on the visceral snarls. So in that regard, I would say that Mannequin Pussy are absolutely not punk, and all the better for it. Continue reading →

Support for The Key Studio Sessions, from Dogfish Head

Listen to the new Strand of Oaks anthem, “Radio Kids”

Strand of Oaks | photo courtesy of the artist
Strand of Oaks | photo by Maclay Heriot | courtesy of the artist

Tim Showalter, the lead singer, songwriter and guitarist of Strand Of Oaks, was three albums deep into his career when he released his breakthrough, 2014’s HEAL. It changed the Philadelphia musician’s life, led him to months on the road, playing in front of increasingly larger crowds than ever before. An ensuing series of very personal life experiences took emotional toll on Showalter’s being. Continue reading →


PREMIERE: MINKA shatters illusions in the surreal “My Room” video

Minka | photo courtesy of the artist
Minka | photo by Matt Kelly | | courtesy of the artist

Last year, Philly dance-rock outfit MINKA released the glammed-up pop jam “My Room,” a song we praised at the time for its healthy embrace of all things Bowie. Today, as the band prepares to cap 2016 with a pair of shows, we bring you the immersive video for the song, directed by Ian Ross and Tyler Pakstis and starring Chad Fisher, Caroline Cummings, and Laura Schott. Continue reading →


Watch Summer Fiction play “Perfume Paper” live in the Divine Lorraine

Summer Fiction | photo courtesy of the artist
Summer Fiction | photo courtesy of the artist

Philly / NYC pop five-piece Summer Fiction returns to South Philly tomorrow night to headline Boot and Saddle. The band’s lovely sophomore record Himalaya came out in June of 2015, and a newly-released video finds Bill Ricchini and his mates performing its single “Perfume Paper” live in the desolate, graffiti-tagged interior of the Divine Lorraine Hotel on North Broad Street.

It’s the final installment in a series of videos Summer Fiction created for the album, and likewise, it might just be one of the final documents of the Divine Lorraine’s beautiful decay that Philly’s urb-ex community has flocked over the years. Renovations at the towering building been under way for the better part of the year, and Ricchini is looking ahead to his next collection of Summer Fiction songs. For now, bide your time with painted walls and “Perfume Paper” and get tickets and more information on the show at the XPN Concert Calendar. Continue reading →


Dylan Jane shares electrified video for “What It Seems” off of new EP

dylan jane
Dylan Jane | photo courtesy of the artist

Our first taste of Dylan Jane‘s latest EP was “What It Seems,” a track we premiered for the Bloomsburg, PA native back in the beginning of October. Two months later Deceiving Yourself and Everyone Else has been released and Dylan, who expanded her acoustic folk sound to encompass a more dynamic range of feelings on the record, has a new video for the single.

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The Districts support Standing Rock with two new demos

The Districts | photo by Jeremy Zimmerman | <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
The Districts | photo by Jeremy Zimmerman |

Fresh off a weekend of sold-out Johnny Brenda’s shows, Philly rockers The Districts have seen fit to share an even fresher pair of demos in support of the Standing Rock Medic and Healing Council. They’re available now via their Bandcamp page, so if you’ve been dying for some new Districts tunes and want to support an urgent cause, now’s your chance. Continue reading →


Eric Slick tells us how Dr. Dog’s surprise charity album Abandoned Mansion came to be

Dr. Dog | photo via

Surprise! There’s a new Dr. Dog album out today that no one knew existed (except the band and I’m guessing some of their friends). To sweeten the deal even more, all proceeds from the album go toward the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The album, called Abandoned Mansion, is what the band described in an introductory missive as “Easy Peasy listening.” That’s to say that, as opposed to the “blips and bloops” of the band’s February release, The Psychedelic Swamp, Abandoned Mansion takes a more simplistic, traditional approach.

Drummer Eric Slick, who doubles as one-third of Philly’s Lithuania, said that the band actually recorded Abandoned Mansion before The Psychedelic Swamp, but had to let it sit on the backburner for a bit.

“We recorded it before we went into the studio to record The Psychedelic Swamp with the intention of getting it out before The Psychedelic Swamp,” he says.

In contrast to Swamp’s complex layering and production ambition, Abandoned Mansion is pretty much just the band playing live with mostly acoustic instruments.

“The intent of the record was to make something simple and elegant,” Slick says. “I think we’ve kind of gone into different trends in the band. We’ve moved toward this more psychedelic, noisier side—an experimental side—and then we’ve got this simpler side. So it’s just another exploration of our simpler side.” Continue reading →