ROSALÍA decided that releasing four Song of the Summer contenders wasn’t enough, so she’s shared a fifth

ROSALÍA and Ozuna | still from video

I think ROSALÍA wants me dead. I mean, why else would she release so many stellar tracks with very little warning? She wants to overwhelm me with her talent and knock the life out of me. She can’t get me though. I’ll push through if only to hear the next ROSALÍA single.

In her latest attempt to decimate me, “Yo x Ti, Tu x Mi”, the flamenco revolutionary teams up with Puerto Rican trap star, Ozuna. The track is a bouncy reggaeton joint that sees ROSALÍA bending yet another genre. She clearly can’t be stopped, nor should she be.

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Screaming Females announce Singles Too, an expansive collection of singles, covers, and b-sides

Screaming Females | photo by Colin Challender | courtesy of the artist

Jersey trio Screaming Females will take a look back at their decade-and-a-half history as a band this fall, with the release of their complete non-album recordings on Don Giovanni Records. Singles Too, the expansive collection of early 7” singles, digital-only b-sides and more, will be out on October 18, just in time to coincide with the band’s fall tour. Continue reading →


Queen of Jeans gets their community involved in new “Only Obvious To You” video

Queen of Jeans | photo by Bob Sweeney

Queen of Jeans‘ new album If you’re not afraid, I’m not afraid comes out this Friday on Topshelf Records, and ahead of the the release they’ve shared one last single, “Only Obvious To You.” The band premiered the “v queer & fun” video for the track on their IGTV last week, and now it’s out on YouTube, too — you can watch it below. Continue reading →


Listen to Mystery Science Theater 3000’s Joel Hodgson join Kristen Kurtis on the XPN Morning Show

Joel Hodgson and Kristen Kurtis | photo by Robert Drake for WXPN

We’re all pop culture fiends here at WXPN, so when Joel Hodgson of Mystery Science Theater 3000 fame first started appearing in our Twitter mentions over the past couple years, we collectively got a little giddy.

Turns out Hodgson is as big of a fan of us as we are of him (and his adventures in cheesy movies with Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo), and has been a loyal XPN listener since moving to the Philadelphia region with his wife ten years ago. He listens on his way to work, checks in with our hosts on social media, and was a huge voice in the commentary throughout XPN’s 50th anniversary broadcast of Woodstock.

Though he was still admittedly running on fumes from tuning in all weekend, Hodgson joined Kristen Kurtis on the XPN Morning Show on Monday, August 19th, to talk about the magical trip that was #XPNStock, among other things. Continue reading →


Busses return with a performance video of the new “Talk To The Sea” ahead of Spruce St. Harbor Park show

Busses | still from video

Since they released Wizard of the Eye in 2015 we haven’t head much from Philly’s Busses. That was intentional. After releasing and touring the record, the Philly prog-psych trio took a break from playing together. At some point though, after about four years of focusing on family, work, and other obligations, the trio came back to each other. Next Thursday, August 22nd, Busses will make their return to performing together. Before then, the band has shared a video of them playing a new track, titled “Talk to the Sea” live. It is the perfect reintroduction to their work.

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On Meaning, Field Mouse transcend doom

Field Mouse | photo by Katie Krulock | courtesy of the artist

When Trump was elected in November 2016, it forced a lot of us to take stock of our values. The ongoing and constant-impending doom that characterizes this administration is debilitating at times. For Field Mouse, it definitely was for a while. The band went their separate ways and took a break from making music. Eventually though, they were drawn back to it. On their new album, Meaning, the Philly/Brooklyn indie rockers lay out what’s important to them and find meaning in this dark, troubled world.

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The Key Studio Sessions: Great Time

They’re rigorously schooled musicians, but as their name suggests, Great Time likes to have fun. Back in the early teens, vocalist Jill Ryan, guitarist / bassist Zack Hartmann, and drummer Donnie Spackman connected in New York City, where all of them were jazz students. They loved the music they were absorbing in class, but they also wanted to do their own thing. So after graduation, they moved to the Philadelphia burbs, built a home studio, and began writing electronic pop songs in the vein of Twin Sister, Sylvan Esso, and Little Dragon. Continue reading →


The Key Studio Sessions: Boogieman Dela

Think you know Boogieman Dela? Think again. The Philadelphia artist has spent the past few years blurring genre lines, as we heard on his projects like last year’s Broken Watch series and 2017’s Feels Different. He can spit over hard-hitting trap rhythms just as easily as he can sing suave melodies, his love songs can be blunt and his raps can be sweet.

For this week’s Key Studio Session, Boogie stretches that musical grey area even further. Continue reading →


Jacqueline Constance ruminates on reflection and resolution in a new video for “Carl Thomas”

Jacqueline Constance | still from video

Philly R&B singer Jacqueline Constance has made a name for herself through alluring single releases over the last several years and an engaging live show built around live looping and crowd participation. Her emotional vocals breathe life into the songs she creates, and her latest, “Carl Thomas,” has just recieved a beautiful music video treatment that highlights Jacqueline’s powerful lyrics.

Constance told us over email that “conceptually, ‘Carl Thomas’ is a song around reflection and resolution, and I wanted the video to reflect that. Especially the elements of scattered thoughts and emotions redirecting themselves to a particular event that you wished you had performed differently in, the party where I wish I was more social or an experience with lost love that I wish I could have been more open to.” Continue reading →


Whitney releases third single from their forthcoming album, with a hometown-shot music video


Whitney | photo by Olivia Bee | via

Whitney has released the third single from their forthcoming album Forever Turned Around, due August 30th via Secretly Canadian. The song is called “Used to Be Lonely” and it follows “Valleys (My Love)” and “Giving Up”, both of which were released earlier this summer. The track comes with an official music video directed by Austin Vesely, who also did Chance the Rapper’s “Sunday Candy” music video and the horror movie Slice. Continue reading →