Junglepussy cuts to the core on her new single “They Know”

Junglepussy | photo by Paolo M Testa | courtesy of the artist

A Junglepussy song is never ambiguous. While many contemporary MC’s lean toward a melodic, abstract, sometimes non-lyrical approach to rapping, she spits in a voice clear as day and writes lyrics that cut right to the core. Her skills are on full display on the new single, “They Know.” Over a hard-grooving beat, she fires off punchy raps and a g-funk inspired hook destined for full-club singalongs. Continue reading →


Hear Full Bush, Resilient, Lizdelise and more in NonMutant Presents’ Unite! benefit compilation

Full Bush | photo by Lindsay Steigerwald | via

Brooklyn-based label NonMutant has just released Unite!, its second volume in a series of charitable Bandcamp compilations. The 26-track volume features songs from emerging Philly and NYC artists, including familiar faces Sheena & Thee Nosebleeds, Lizdelise, Full BushResilient, and many more. All proceeds from its sale will go to United We Dream, an immigration advocacy organization that focuses on securing protections and educational access for immigrants, preventing deportations, and supporting LGBTQ immigrants. Continue reading →


Restorations brings a wiser perspective to LP5000, now streaming at NPR First Listen


Restorations | photo by Emily Dubin | courtesy of the artist

Philly indie five-piece Restorations conceived their latest album LP5000 during a period of turmoil and transition. In the wake of the 2016 presidential election, and facing setbacks within the independent realm of the music industry, the band took a mental health break. Each member pursued their own projects or made strives in their personal lives: for Jon Loudon, the giant leap was marriage, for Dave Klyman it was heading to grad school, and for Ben Pierce it was opening his own vegan restaurant in South Philly, The Tasty. After switching record labels and taking time to get it together, the band returned for this piece of work — which is streaming a week ahead of its release date over at NPR Music. Full of reflective songwriting and pensive lyrics, LP5000 portrays a slightly wiser perspective and heightened awareness of the world. Continue reading →


The Key Studio Sessions: Thin Lips

“I was going to tell you what this song is about,” Chrissy Tashjian told a sold out crowd at PhilaMOCA last month, “but you’re smart. You’ll figure it out.”

The jam in question, a two-and-a-half minute rager called “South America” from the latest Thin Lips record Chosen Family, doesn’t require a ton of decoding. It wears its message very much on its sleeve — or rather, in its hook: “And now you’ll go to South A-MER-I-CA / with a woman that you only met last month.” So it’s a very literal breakup story, yes, but the telling of it is much more complex than such a label would imply, exploring themes of incompatibility, impatience, rejection, and unappreciated emotional labor: “let’s hear the line / the one that goes ‘Chris, I’ve never seen you try.’ / The line, the one that goes / ‘All I do is try.'”

I mentioned that its a rager, yeah? In the hands of Tashjian and her Thin Lips bandmates, the story behind “South America” becomes a soaring emo anthem, a song with interlocked instrumental complexity that’s incredibly fun, even as it unpacks personal lows. But that’s what this band has been all about since emerging on the Philly scene back in 2013 with the Gemini Moon EP — Tashjian took the name Thin Lips for her band because she is terrible at keeping secrets, and in their telling, she transforms them into something uplifting and pure.

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Listen to a classic Grateful Dead performance at the Spectrum, September 21st 1972

Throw a dart at a calendar and you’ve got a decent shot at hitting the anniversary of a Grateful Dead show at the Spectrum. The band had a storied history with the classic Philly venue. It was the only site they played in every decade from the 60’s to the 90s’s. This very special soundboard recording comes from just the second of the Dead’s fifty-three Spectrum appearances. Continue reading →


Yowler flirts with doom on the new “Where Is My Light”

Yowler | photo by Sam Split | courtesy of the artist

Yowler, the solo project of Maryn Jones of Saintseneca and All Dogs, has shared new single, “Where Is My Light?,” the latest from upcoming album Black Dog In My Path.

“Where Is My Light” verges on metal with a trudging, slumped bassline and heavy rhythm section that threatens to swallow her the fragile thread of her voice. The lyrics are eerie, saturated with dark imagery. In this doomsday soundtrack, Yowler is searching fruitlessly for some semblance of hope in a shadowy and sunken place. Continue reading →


Florence and The Machine pay tribute to Tori Amos with “Cornflake Girl” cover

Florence and The Machine | Firefly 2016 | Photo by John Vettese

In a new session with Spotify, Florence and The Machine offered up a reverent cover of Tori Amos’ iconic “Cornflake Girl.”

The dramatic, dynamic mood piece is a perfect fit for the band’s musical style. They faithfully reproduce the dense arrangement of the 1994 recording. Meanwhile, Florence Welch channels Amos’ powerful vocals while infusing them with a unique power of her own. The song’s climaxes soar with emotion. The session also features a reworking of “Hunger”, the much-loved single from this year’s High as Hope LP. You can listen to the full session below. Continue reading →


Join Waxahatchee in her sacred space on new Great Thunder EP

Waxahatchee | photo courtesy of the artist

Waxahatchee released its latest EP Great Thunder, named after Katie Crutchfield’s side project with former Swearin’ bassist Keith Spencer. While that band was dense and overdriven, Great Thunder is introspective and earnest, the songs threaded together by soft, bare-boned piano. Crutchfield’s folk-tinged vocals pull the listener into her sacred space, offering a moment of quiet solitude. Continue reading →