Questlove talks Prince, the creative process of chefs, and why he has the best job ever on Fresh Air

Questlove | Photo by John Vettese
Questlove | Photo by John Vettese

On Sunday, April 24th, Terry Gross, host of Fresh Air, interviewed Questlove at the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology about a wide range of topics including Prince, Questlove’s father Lee Andrews (who recently passed away), working with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, and Quest’s new book, a collection of interviews with chefs about their creative process called somethingtofoodabout. Continue reading →


PREMIERE: Elison Jackson share new single “Ghost F*cker”

elison jackson
Elison Jackson | photo by Jimi Patterson | courtesy of the artist

Connecticut psych / folk outfit Elison Jackson are slowly but surely migrating down to Philadelphia. Frontman Sam Perduta moved here in December, and though he’s been playing mostly solo acoustic shows around town we’ll get to meet his full band on May 5th when they release their Silver Sounds: Hallucinations EP. Today we have the premiere of EP cut “Ghost F*cker,” an hypnotic track that’s been in the band’s back pocket for a few years.

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Listen to The Grateful Dead play The Spectrum in two 35-year-old bootlegs

The Grateful Dead live in 1981 | via YouTube

The early 80’s were a strange period for The Grateful Dead: they had already released the bulk of their best material, Brent Mydland had just joined the band on keyboards after the departure of the Godchauxs, and Jerry’s drug use was spiking. However, these unearthed concert recordings from the Dead’s performance at the Spectrum in 1981 prove that the band still had their stuff together and more.

35 years to the day after the show and the recordings still sound fresh as ever. Jerry’s drunk guitar solo on “Sugaree” takes on a life of its own, the band catches a steady groove on a cover of “Not Fade Away,” and classics such as “I Know You Rider” and “Terrapin Station” sound as good as ever. Continue reading →


Check out the punk filled Live At Second Empire Philadelphia compilation

Live At Second Empire Philadelphia | photo via bandcamp

Mace Canister Recordings has compiled the Live At Second Empire Philadelphia album, which features various local punk bands ripping it up at Second Empire.

Second Empire, the all-ages DIY music space located in West Philly, has brought in punk bands from across the country for a while now. The compilation features many different Philly bands such as Telepathic, Dark Thoughts, Fuck SS, and more. Continue reading →


Psychic Teens share newest NERVE single, “Winter Grey”

Psychic Teens | photo by Danielle DeCarolis

Atmospheric punk band Psychic Teens have shared yet another single from their upcoming album NERVE titled, “Winter Grey.”

“Winter Grey” follows up previous singles “Everything” and “End” with big, heavy guitars and drums laced in a thick reverb that channels both Sonic Youth and Joy Division. NERVE, the band’s follow-up to 2013’s COME, will be released on May 13th through vinyl, cassette, CD, and digital, and can be pre-ordered here. Continue reading →


Voss shares music video for “Respect My Mind” ft. Milton, holding album release party in May

Voss| Photo by John Vettese

Philly rapper Voss has shared his new music video for the song “Respect My Mind” from his album Insatiable, featuring Milton.

On “Respect My Mind,” Voss speaks of understanding and appreciation for others at the same time telling people not to fuck with him, while Milton takes slick hook duties. The video features performances by the duo along with a humorous interlude of them sitting down with a rude record exec before telling him off. Continue reading →


Download The Key Studio Sessions Volume 16 (featuring Queen of Jeans, Hardwork Movement, Abi Reimold and more)

The Key Studio Sessions Volume 16
The Key Studio Sessions Volume 16

Four months can be a long time, but it totally flies by — it seems like only yesterday that we were coming at you with our last free-downloadable compilation of songs by regional artists recorded for us live in the studio for The Key Studio Sessions. And here we are, 94 days and 20 songs later. Continue reading →