Yowler flirts with doom on the new “Where Is My Light”

Yowler | photo by Sam Split | courtesy of the artist

Yowler, the solo project of Maryn Jones of Saintseneca and All Dogs, has shared new single, “Where Is My Light?,” the latest from upcoming album Black Dog In My Path.

“Where Is My Light” verges on metal with a trudging, slumped bassline and heavy rhythm section that threatens to swallow her the fragile thread of her voice. The lyrics are eerie, saturated with dark imagery. In this doomsday soundtrack, Yowler is searching fruitlessly for some semblance of hope in a shadowy and sunken place. Continue reading →


Florence and The Machine pay tribute to Tori Amos with “Cornflake Girl” cover

Florence and The Machine | Firefly 2016 | Photo by John Vettese

In a new session with Spotify, Florence and The Machine offered up a reverent cover of Tori Amos’ iconic “Cornflake Girl.”

The dramatic, dynamic mood piece is a perfect fit for the band’s musical style. They faithfully reproduce the dense arrangement of the 1994 recording. Meanwhile, Florence Welch channels Amos’ powerful vocals while infusing them with a unique power of her own. The song’s climaxes soar with emotion. The session also features a reworking of “Hunger”, the much-loved single from this year’s High as Hope LP. You can listen to the full session below. Continue reading →


Join Waxahatchee in her sacred space on new Great Thunder EP

Waxahatchee | photo courtesy of the artist

Waxahatchee released its latest EP Great Thunder, named after Katie Crutchfield’s side project with former Swearin’ bassist Keith Spencer. While that band was dense and overdriven, Great Thunder is introspective and earnest, the songs threaded together by soft, bare-boned piano. Crutchfield’s folk-tinged vocals pull the listener into her sacred space, offering a moment of quiet solitude. Continue reading →


Listen to ARTHUR get bizarre in frenzied debut single

ARTHUR | photo by Michael Wolever

Meet ARTHUR, the experimental pop artist no one has ever heard of. This is the solo project of Arthur Shea of Philly’s indie DIY group Joy Again. Arthur has been gaining traction after recently touring with Rex Orange County, and signing with Vegyn’s independent label PLZ Make It Ruins. Continue reading →


Women of Philly’s rock scene unite for Mistresses of Mayhem at Connie’s Ric Rac

Workhorse 3 | photo by Dan Williams | courtesy of the artist

Longtime Philly rocker and promoter Lisa Flynn, aka Lisa Christ Superstar, is bringing Mistresses of Mayhem—a new festival for women in rock—to Connie’s Ric Rac this November 10th.

The event will highlight women-led rock bands from around Philly. “The show is all about expression”, says Lisa, “We’re excited to present this night of bands that women built. They rock, they write, and their message needs to be heard.” Continue reading →


Listen to the title track from the upcoming Spirit of the Beehive album

Spirit of the Beehive
Spirit of the Beehive | photo by Emily Burtner | courtesy of the artist

Listening to a new Spirit of the Beehive song is a lot like putting a puzzle together. Every few bars the band can veer into a new style, redefining your expectations of their artistry.

Their latest single, “hypnic jerks”, the title track of their upcoming LP, seems miles from the sludgy shoegaze of their 2014 debut. It’s stiff and upbeat, shifting between time signatures and musical textures with perfect ease. The detached vocals recall the disaffected post-punk of Parquet Courts, while the offbeat instrumental passages sound inspired by 70’s prog. Continue reading →


The Key Studio Sessions: Sheena and Thee Nosebleeds

Riff-wrangler Kermit Lyman III has been walking that Motörhead line between punk rock and heavy metal over the past couple decades in the Philadelphia scene, making noise in bands like Wally, Slumlord and the original incarnation of Thee Nosebleeds. And then he met Sheena Powell.

A punk rocker at heart with a love for The Stooges and The Ramones, Powell’s voice is vibrant and versatile. She can soar along to the strange keys of 80s metal — I definitely hear some of Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson in her — but she can also belt the blues with gusto. After some jams, the chemistry was undeniable, and Sheena and Thee Nosebleeds was born.   Continue reading →


Watch Nothing’s surreal nightmare in “I Hate the Flowers”

Nothing | photo by Ryan Lowry | courtesy of the artist

Nothing is fueled by nightmares. Their latest effort, “I Hate Flowers,” directed by Matt Newman, is another entry in the series of visually captivating music videos for Dance On The Blacktop. The video follows an agoraphobic man leaving his NYC apartment, thrashing as he’s dragged by some invisible entity in a sort of Fight Club scene. Flickering collages flash between clips of the man shearing his head and lathering his face in gold paint. In this surreal, apocalyptic world, the narrative becomes frayed and disconnected, reflecting the paranoid thoughts and disintegration of the character’s mind. Continue reading →


Listen to Get Better Records talk running a DIY label on the Razorcake Podcast

Ally Einbinder and Alex Licktenhour of Get Better Records | photo via

Alex Licktenhour and Ally Einbinder of Philly / San Francisco punk label Get Better Records showed up on the latest episode of the Razorcake Podcast to play some tracks, and between sets, discuss the operations of their label and the bands they work with. Get Better Records works to represent Philly’s queer arts community, primarily focusing on punk, hardcore, and experimental music in the DIY scene. Some of the artists they have worked with include Sheer Mag, HIRS, Thin Lips, Among Giants, and Cayetana, among others. Listen to the full podcast below. Continue reading →