Free At Noon Flashback: Philly’s Hambone Relay brings sunshine on a cloudy day

Hambone Relay | photos by Ashley Gellman |

“I was you guys every week,” said Rob Tait, now onstage behind the drums instead of part of the Free At Noon crowd gathered in World Cafe Live. Tait was joined by organist Mark Brown and guitarist Luke Ferracone, who together are Hambone Relay.

The Philadelphia-based trio’s modern, jazz-funk-psychedelic grooves in no way matched the gray skies outside. Their dynamic, up-tempo tracks immediately heightened the energy in the room and never let it drop during the set. The trio performed tracks from their 2013 self-titled debut and their 2016 record Free Hugs all the way to their latest release, American Hi-Fi. Continue reading →


Philly son Eric Jamal puts in work from the west coast

Eric Jamal | photo courtesy of artist

2018 is looking very bright for the City of Brotherly Love not just because Philadelphia’s green and white Eagles are now Super Bowl champions, but there seems to be an abundance of good music coming out the Philadelphia region. Music artist such as Shawn Smith, Dayne Jordan, Beano, Tierra Whack, Sunnie, Ivy Sole, James Weldon, No Headliner, Doug C Jr and plenty more continue to provide the tri-state area with incredible dope music. Hip hop artist Eric Jamal is working extremely hard all the way from California to also put on for his city with his new video “Work Harder.” Continue reading →


Watch Japanese Breakfast’s “magnum opus,” a high school dance drama set to “Boyish”

Japanese Breakfast | still from video
Japanese Breakfast | still from video

Japanese Breakfast has always excelled in the music video game: the playful karaoke party of “In Heaven” and the El Bar dance off of “Everybody Wants To Love You“,  the spectral sci-fi romance of “Machinist,” the Lynchian macabre of “Road Head,” and the nostalgia-infused “Body Is A Blade.”

For their latest — and, production-wise, most ambitious — music video, the band brings the sweeping orchestral pop of “Boyish” to an introspective melodrama set at a high school dance. A lead character seems in love and out of sorts and, abandoned by her squad of friends, finds inspiration and transcendence watching Michelle Zauner and her Japanese Breakfast bandmates performing on the gymnasium stage. In a Facebook post, Zaunder says the video is her favorite yet.

After nearly a year, our magnum opus is finally here. Boyish has gone through many transformations but ultimately it’s simply about wanting to feel pretty & loved.

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The Radiator Hospital gang escape “Lonely Road” on a fun coaster escapade

Radiator Hospital | screenshot from video

Contrasting high energy excitement with more somber lyrical content is Radiator Hospital’s cup ‘o tea. Their Play the Songs You Like track “Lonely Road” is testament to this, and its new video goes a step further by bringing the band’s sonic dichotomy to a visual level: coaster style.

Following the gaggle of pals at Hershey Park, everyone’s having a hoot of a time — well, almost everyone. I didn’t quite notice so clearly until the end, but it becomes very apparent that someone’s having a pretty glum day — even when packed together with friends and fun.

On this, Sam Cook-Parrot says “Lonely Road,” is a “song about how you may feel like life is just one long lonely road that you walk alone, when really all your loved ones are there wishing you could break from that cloud.” He adds, “It’s a special song to me so I’m glad we have a special video to accompany it.” Continue reading →


Something is afoot in the world of Courtney Barnett

Courtney Barnett | still from video

Is Australian rocker Courtney Barnett teasing a new record with this video that hit the web today? We are so into that.

Posted today on the Milk! Records YouTube channel, the video — titled “Tell Me How You Really Feel…” — shows Barnett in a cluttered warehouse space that seems like equal parts workshop, recording studio and backstage storeroom. She bounces from tympani drums to piano to acoustic guitar and electric guitar, singing a few lyrics from what are presumably new songs at each instrument. In total, we hear four snippets, with the final one giving way to hard-hitting and super badass electric guitar riffs suggesting that Barnett has many more “Pedestrian At Best” jams ahead of her. Continue reading →


Listen to the title track from The Wonder Years’ sixth album, Sister Cities

The Wonder Years
The Wonder Years | photo by Jonathan Weiner | courtesy of the artist

After a couple weeks of teasing, Philly six-piece The Wonder Years have unveiled official details for their sixth album.

Sister Cities is out on April 6th, as perviously reported, on their longtime label Hopeless Records. You can grab a pre-order here.

For a band that has never shied away from heavy and heartrending material, Sister Cities sounds like it’s going to be particularly heavy. Continue reading →


Just Announced: Paul Simon’s farewell tour will come to Wells Fargo Center in June

Paul Simon | photo by Jessica Gilbert | courtesy of the artist

Earlier this winter, singer-songwriter icon Paul Simon announced that he would hit the road for the final time in 2018. Today, he shared his itinerary for Homeward Bound – The Farewell Tour, which kicks off in May on the West Coast and makes its way to Philadelphia on June 16th, where Simon will headline the Wells Fargo Center. Tickets to the show go on sale on Saturday, February 10th at 10 a.m., and more information can be found at the XPN Concert Calendar. Continue reading →


The Vernes look back on summers past in “Summer’s Gone” music video

The Vernes | photo courtesy of the artist
The Vernes | photo courtesy of the artist

Philly-based indie-rockers and Key favorites The Vernes release a new music video for their jangly track, “Summer’s Gone.” Producing a sunny sound capable of recreating summertime in the dead of winter, The Vernes represent it visually with montage of nostalgic and candid tour moments, captured by director Cody Kussoy. The footage comes come from the band’s summer tour in support of their self-titled debut, out last year. Continue reading →