Low announce new album and tour dates; release three new singles

Low | Photo by Josh Pelta-Heller |

Slowcore veterans Low announced the release of a new album today, their twelfth to date. Titled Double Negative, the album is due out September 14th via Sub Pop. Along with the album announcement, the Duluth, MN-based band released the opening three tracks from the album, “Quorum”, “Dancing and Blood” and “Fly,” along with an accompanying suite of music videos. Continue reading →


Things are about to pop off with Thin Lips

Thin Lips | photo by Scott Troyan | via

Even if the exact details of this news are still a little fuzzy, it’s great news nonetheless: Thin Lips appears to be releasing something in the very near future. It’s been two years since the Philly power punk trio lead by Chrissy Tashjian released its last full-length, Riff Hard, but they’ve since kept busy with lots of touring (for Tashjian, that includes touring in Hop Along), plenty of local shows, and a Shaking Through session.

Now, we have reason to believe that new tunes may be on their way. This afternoon, Lame-O Records posted something on its social media accounts that caught our attention. It’s a video clip, and it’s only a minute long, but it seems like it just may be a snippet of a new Thin Lips song. Thin Lips shared the video, too, writing simply, “Things are about to pop off!!!” Fine with us. Continue reading →


Gorillaz release new song “Sorcererz”, debut new material live in Germany

Gorillaz | photo by Jeremy Zimmerman for WXPN

Gorillaz have released a new song, titled “Sorcererz”, from their upcoming album, The Now Now. A downtempo electronic groove featuring an unaccompanied Damon Albarn on lead vocals, “Sorcererz” falls somewhere between G-Funk and Tame Impala and highlights Gorillaz at their most laid-back. The band debuted the song live at Germany’s Rock am Ring festival along with three other tracks from The Now Now, “Tranz,” “Magic City,” and “Souk Eye”. You can watch video of each below. Continue reading →


Fleabite release music video for fuzz-rocker “Nothing”, have an EP on the way

Fleabite | via

Indie quartet Fleabite have released a music video for the single “Nothing” from their upcoming EP, NVM. Formed in 2014 by members of Waxahatchee, Yowler, and Aye Nako, Fleabite’s Over It EP established them as pop-rockers pitting sugary hooks against harsh, fuzzed-out guitars and blown-out production. And while their recording fidelity has been upgraded some since then, their artistry remains very much intact. Continue reading →


Watch Dr. Dog perform acoustic in the XPN CD Library via NPR Night Owl, see them dance across the midwest in the “Heart Killer” video

Dr. Dog | photo by John Vettese for WXPN

Great news for people who like to look at Dr. Dog: you can watch three new videos of the beloved Philly rockers playing (and dancing to) songs from their recent album Critical Equation.

Last month, they celebrated the album’s release with a first-time-ever Free at Midnight concert at World Cafe Live, which you can check out a recap of here. Before the show, the band ducked into the XPN library to warm up with some acoustic renditions of songs from the new album. Fortunately for all of us, NPR was there to capture the intimate performance and has now released that footage as a part of their Night Owl video series, which you can watch below.  Continue reading →


Camp Candle sways along the shoreline in the “Save Me” video

Camp Candle | still from video

Philly electronic duo Camp Candle (Mark “Nu Ra” Cave and Briana “Hetepsa” Mills) just dropped a music video for their new single, “Save Me.” In it, Mills wanders along a dreary beach, waves lapping along the shore. The setting is ethereal, shrined in a glassy quiet, Mills swaying in contented isolation.

It’s a good compliment to the song, which was released last month — Mills has a captivating voice that snakes its way into your bones. Her cadence seems fit for R&B, but somehow pairs well with the funky 80’s dance rhythms woven by Cave, creating a vibrant tapestry of sound that blankets the listener. Continue reading →


Ellen Siberian Tiger unpacks gender and condescension in a nervy, sci-fi tinged new video

Ellen Siberian Tiger | still from video

First released to the world in October last year as a single, local indie rock trio Ellen Siberian Tiger released the music video to “When Men Explain Things To Me” earlier this week. The crescendos of the song ebb and flow throughout the music video, as well as the song itself, from the screams of “Back up, don’t touch me,” to the closing whisper of “I love when men explain things to me.” Continue reading →


The Longshot brings Billie Joe Armstrong back to the basement in a sweaty, glorious First Unitarian gig

The Longshot | still from video

It’s sort of surreal to see Billie Joe Armstrong play in the Church basement. Not that he hasn’t played venues like this while Green Day was starting out, but to see the guy who’s sold out countless arenas and festival grounds play on top of the alphabet carpet in front of a couple hundred people is still odd. What’s even more odd is not hearing Green Day songs.

Armstrong announced his new project The Longshot and its debut album Love is For Losers as a bit of a surprise, with no one really knowing whether it was a solo effort, a project with his sons or with new band members. The retro-garage rock sound he had been toying with since Green Day’s 2012 lukewarm-at-best trilogy of albums Uno, Dos, and Tre (and even dating back to their not-so-secret side project Foxboro Hottubs), finally felt a bit at home with this new project.

It gave Armstrong an opportunity to add some kitsch and playfulness without the constant looming shadow of lofty expectations and Green Day fans waiting to tell him why he’s not punk anymore.

And playing a string of shows at tiny venues seemed to give Armstrong a chance to go back to his youth without any feeling of forced nostalgia. He was really having fun, and he really seemed happy. In the wood-paneled sauna conditions of the Church, Armstrong proclaimed that it was “one of the coolest venues” he’s ever played in his life.

“This place is a church, a gospel choir upstairs, and now a punk rock show. Let’s go to punk rock church.” Continue reading →


Take a trip through Tierra Whack’s surreal visual album Whack World

Tierra Whack | still from video

On Wednesday, Philly hip-hop artist Tierra Whack introduced her surreal visual album, Whack World. Whack combines the attitude of Missy Elliot with the sultry synth beats of Blood Orange, but ultimately curates a unique persona that separates her from predecessors.

The album is a compact fifteen minute set, every song running a minute each. In it, Whack guides the viewer through the carnivalesque spheres of her universe. The cartoonish settings morph into a nail salon, veterinarian office, Chinese takeout joint, pet cemetery, and a living room trashed with the remnants of a child’s birthday party. With each changing scenario, Whack shifts through moods with correlating colors and outfits to match. Continue reading →