Menzo-418PUP is the second band to hit the stage and the crowd is pretty pumped to see them.

Menzo-458When the band closed with “Reservoir,” Babcock jumped offstage and crowd surfed with his guitar.

Menzo-464Bassist Max Gregor and singer-guitarist Sheena Ozzella Lemuria walk through the backstage, about to start their set.


Menzo-571Last but not least, headliners The Menzingers take the stage for their sold-out hometown show. The front of the floor is packed with slam-dancing fans and the wings of the stage are lined with friends and family.


Menzo-704After the show concludes, everyone pitches in for the daunting late-night task of loading out.

Menzo-709At 1 a.m., vans and trailers and instrument cases are lined up and ready to load out. The next stop is the Rock and Roll Hotel in Washington, DC.

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