Snooze Alarm: Your late-arriving link roundup, 9/16/10

Snooze Alarm
Philadelphia’s music scene doesn’t get up early enough for a morning roundup. While the rest of the world is sipping on their lattes and reading about international affairs, we’re nursing our hangovers and trying to shake the ringing out of our ears. But that doesn’t mean we don’t like to (eventually) stay informed. Snooze Alarm presents Philly’s most important local-music-related news, whenever the scene finally gets around to making it (and the rest of us are ready to read it).

The Charlatans UK drummer collapses during last night’s show at Johnny Brenda’s “The Charlatans UK, who played last night right here in Philadelphia, were on stage at local Fishtown favorite Johnny Brenda’s. In the middle of the group’s song ‘Tellin’ Stories’…talented drummer Jon Brookes (who has incidentally been lighting up the stage with his fantastic playing for the group’s US dates) suddenly seemed to stop. The band and crowd slowly came to the realization that Jon needed medical attention and was having a seizure. Thankfully there was a doctor in attendance at the show to help get Jon the help that he needed and he is now in recovery at a local hospital.” (Girl About Town)

SoundCloud + Tunecore: Getting your music sold… “SoundCloud + Tunecore: Getting your music sold just got easier – Check out the blog post explaining the SoundCloud & Tunecore integration HERE.” (SoundCloud)

Today In Music History: “Rapper’s Delight” “It was on this day 31 years ago that the Sugarhill Gang released “Rapper’s Delight,” thereby ushering in the age of hip-hop in America…and eventually providing Mayor Nutter with perhaps his most infamous moment.” (Make Major Moves)

Poetry Geeks Launch APIARY, Philly’s First All Ages Arts & Letters Magazine “APIARY is being launched by Philadelphia writers Michelle Crouch, Tiana Pyer-Pereira, Nick Forrest, Tamara Oakman…and Lillian Dunn. To celebrate their new magazine, they’re hosting the first Light & Honey Multi-Arts Festival in University City. It takes place on Sunday, September 26th, at the University City Arts League. They’ve got over 40 poetry and literature geeks lined up to perform, as well as musicians of all kinds. Want to learn more about this new magazine that anyone can be published in and their upcoming launch event.” (Geekadelphia)



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