Snooze Alarm: Your late-arriving, the-party’s-over link roundup, 11/10


Night Train Is Leaving The Station “All good things must come to an end, apparently, and so it goes for Night Train — the awesomely sleazy Thursday night dance party hosted by DJs Dennis Wilfong (a.k.a. Wolffang) and Ian St. Laurent that’s gone down every week this year at Kung Fu Necktie, often bringing in some truly excellent musical guests (Liquid Liquid’s Sal P., the Deathset, Blood Feathers, etc.).” (Make Major Moves)

Joel Tenenbaum: a year on from being sued for $4.5m “Last month, the RIAA shut down the peer-to-peer site Limewire. I was sued by the same organisation for sharing 30 songs online – 12 months on, my battle with them continues. It’s been over a year since I sat in a courtroom awaiting a verdict. With me were friends, my mother, spectators, two criminal defence lawyers volunteering their time, and the Harvard law professor who had taken on my cause as his own, Charles Nesson.” (The Guardian)

Awesome of the Day: A Guy Shingles His Roof with Records “It’s official: none of us have an excuse to throw away a broken record ever again. Nashville musician Matt Glassmeyer has found a new use for his old damaged records, shingling his roof with them. It took 350 vinyl LPs to cover the area overlooking Glassmeyer’s porch. See, kids? Recycling is cool!” (Paste)

Ask the indie professor: Is it strictly a man’s world on tour? “It’s not easy being exiled in guyville. Women face special challenges in a male-dominated and sexually charged profession. ‘Why do you presume all bands and their tour drivers are dudes in your article? Don’t us women do those jobs too?!’ From Rebecca Jade via Twitter.” (The Guardian)



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