West Philly rapper Armani White returns with “Casablanco Freestyle” featuring Sango, a followup to “Public School”

Armani White | via

Is it a hit or miss? Well, every track from West Philly contemporary rapper Armani White has been nothing but a hit. White makes music to express rather than impress, he talks about real struggles. He gained the attention of many important figures in the music industry at the start of his career, but when his father passed, he had to take a step back. Now, newly based on the West Coast, he’s back with some new tracks.

In March, White released the lead single off of his upcoming full-length project titled, “Public School” and let’s just say he has not lost his touch. Then two days ago, he dropped another single titled “casablanco freestyle’, which features Soundcloud producer Sango. The simplicity of the beat laid out by Sango does a perfect job complimenting White as he spits some fire verses. The track has this old-school hip-hop vibe where all your attention is focused on the words rather than the beat. Continue reading →


Watch Armani White perform “Stick Up” live in WXPN Studios

Philly rapper Armani White dropped jaws in the XPN studio earlier this year when we hosted a concert / Key Session in front of a live studio audience, produced in collaboration with the good folks at RECPhilly. One of the tracks performed was the minute-and-a-half blast called “Stick Up,” a track White says “changed my life” when he dropped it earlier this year. At 245k plays and counting on Soundcloud, we can see what he’s talking about. Continue reading →


The Key Studio Sessions: Joie Kathos and Armani White

Joie Kathos and DJ Bear One | Photo by John Vettese

Like I said the other day: one thing Philly music industry startup RECphilly is amazing at is inspiring artists to collaborate. We saw that happen the first time we worked with them on a live audience Key Studio Session this summer; we saw it happen in a bigger way the second time around, which we present to you today.

Featuring an intimate crowd of about 50 fans and two rising stars of the Philly hip-hop scene, Joie Kathos and Armani White (plus a set from Milton and his band, which we’ll release a little later this fall), it was a hugely positive night of charismatic performance and impressive skill. And that’s before the improv cypher even began. Continue reading →


Kick off RECPhilly’s trip to A3C with Milton, Armani White and more

Milton | Photo by Hayley Mansfield
Milton | Photo by Hayley Mansfield

Bringing a crew of grassroots musicians from the Philly hiphop scene on a week-long bus trip to Atlanta for the A3C conference is a big undertaking in itself; Will Toms totally understands that their local fans might not necessarily be able to tag along.

“Most people who know about us and care about the project are not able to make the trip down there,” says Toms, creative director of RECPhilly, who is sponsoring the Support Philly Music showcase at the 11th annual hiphop conference next month. “So this is our way of giving back to Philly, giving it a chance to see what we’re showcasing down there.” Continue reading →


Marian Hill, Armani White and more tackle Drake’s “Hotline Bling”

Marian Hill | Photo by Matthew Shaver |
Marian Hill | Photo by Matthew Shaver |

Seems like Sam Smith and Disclosure aren’t the only ones fascinated with Drake’s latest single, “Hotline Bling.”

This morning, Jeremy Lloyd of Philly favorites Marian Hill shared a remix of the song as covered by LA artists Charlie Puth and Oakland’s Kehlani. The Cali folks dropped their rendition of the song a few weeks back (predating Smith and Disclosure’s higher-profile version), and Lloyd’s remix features the addition of a particularly badass verse by Armani White, one of our favorite rappers on the Philly scene right now. Continue reading →


Download Armani White’s anthem of twentysomething restlessness, “Young Adults”

Armani White | Photo via

Philly rapper Armani White caught our attention earlier this year with a very distinctive, rapid-fire flow and a gift for pointed lyricism. On his new single, “Young Adults,” the pace of his rhymes is matched with slow, slooooooow beats, an incredible juxtaposition that makes the song both laid-back and invigorating. Armani describes the song on his Soundcloud page as a reflection of twentysomething restlessness: “‘Young Adults’ thrives off of the cultural waithood that rests between adolescence and adulthood.” Continue reading →


PHL to ATL: A disposable camera travelogue from RECPhilly’s music roadtrip

Team RECPhilly mobbin out  at Atanta's A3C conference | Photo via RECPhilly
Team RECPhilly mobbin out at Atanta’s A3C conference | Photo via RECPhilly

This fall, Philly music startup RECPhilly rounded up about a dozen and a half members of its extended fam, piled in two vans and drove south to Atlanta for the A3C Music Conference, an annual gathering that over the past decade has grown into the SXSW of hiphop.

Along with attending a bevy of panels and networking meetups, the group was responsible for one of the showcases – and a lineup featuring Philadelphians Milton, Armani White, Voss, Tierra Whack, Theodore Grams and Eddie Madird.

Taking a cue from Noisey as well as ImposeMagazine, we sent the REC #squad off with a bag of disposable cameras to document their week in ATL. Continue reading →


The Key’s Year-End Mania: Bruce Warren’s Best of Philly Music 2015

Queen of Jeans
Queen of Jeans | photo by Kelly Kurteson

Year-End Mania is the Key’s annual survey of the things below the surface that made 2015 incredible. Today, WXPN program director Bruce Warren shares five musicians she found on Spotify in 2015.

This past Thanksgiving The Key’s John Vettese wrote about the 15 Philly songs we’re thankful for. The songs were just a small snapshot of by Philly’s vibrant music scene, represented by the likes of Hop Along, Jazmine Sullivan, Kurt Vile, Agudos Clef, Hemming, Hezekiah Jones, Lithuania, Lushlife, Jill Scott, and others. What stood out to me in Vettese’s article then, and what’s stood out to all of us at The Key for the last several years is how wonderfully diverse, and prolific, the music scene in Philly continues to be. Continue reading →


New guest verse, new single, new road trip from Philly rapper Tunji Ige

Tunji Ige | Photo by John Vettese
Tunji Ige | Photo by John Vettese

Late last year, Philly’s Tunji Ige released The Love Project, an entertaining and engaging cross section between hard-hitting rap and infectious EDM / club jams. The mixtape made a splash on the internet, as well as in front of real live humans during a short and sweet set at RECPhilly’s SXSW Showcase.

This fall finds Tunji popping up in a few different places as he continues to support The Love Project. Continue reading →