Listen to Interminable talk cultural change and Rebirth::Renacer on the 25 O’Clock podcast

Interminable | photo by John Vettese for WXPN

Ximena Violante and St. Clair Simmons of Latin fusion outfit Interminable are the latest guests on local music podcast 25 O’Clock. The two musicians joined host Dan Drago to talk about the project, which was started by Violante as a way to reconnect with her Mexican roots. Interminable also includes Becca Graham and Marty Gottlieb-Hollis, who also play trumpet in Hardwork Movement; their debut album Rebirth::Renacer is out now. Continue reading →


Listen to Sterling Duns and R.B. Ricks from Hardwork Movement on the 25 O’Clock podcast

Sterling Duns (left) and R.B. Ricks of Hardwork Movement | photos by Josh Pelta-Heller for WXPN

For the latest episode of Philly music podcast 25 O’Clock, MCs Sterling Duns and R.B. Ricks of Hardwork Movement met up with host Dan Drago in his South Philadelphia studio for a wide-ranging conversation that got to the heart of who these two artists are as people, but also explored the philosophical underpinnings of their collective.  Continue reading →


Kate Dressed Up talks Bright Eyes, a cappella, and North Jersey on the 25 O’Clock podcast

Kate Dressed Up | via

New Jersey singer-songwriter Kate Miller has been playing music as Kate Dressed Up since 2016, and is readying her first full-length album for release sometime next year. This Saturday, she performs at Asbury Park’s Gurlzilla mini-festival, a benefit for the LGBTQ advocacy group Garden State Equality, and as a lead-up to the gig, she appeared on this week’s episode of the 25 O’Clock Podcast.

In the conversation with host Dan Drago, Miller talks about growing up in the semi-rural suburbs of North Jersey and contrasting it with life in the city, and how the scene of young songwriters in her home town of Jefferson influenced her direction — particularly when she won a songwriting competition while in high school.

She enthuses about her favorite songwriters, like Bright Eyes and Sufjan Stevens, talks about exploring music at a deeper level in college (“Arranging a cappella music broke my brain on more than one occasion”), talks how her collaboration with London’s Ganda Boys came to be, and reflects on how to make your style distinctive in as universal as a genre as folk. Continue reading →


Trap Rabbit talks virtuosity, collaboration and Philly on the 25 O’Clock Podcast

Trap Rabbit
Trap Rabbit | photo courtesy of the artist

Philly instrumental duo Trap Rabbit gets around, whether they’re backing rappers like Kuf Knotz or working with singer-songwriters like Sophie Coran. For the latest episode of the 25 O’Clock podcast, bandmates Arjun Dube (drums) and Logan Roth (keys) chat with host Dan Drago about their origins, their entry point into the Philadelphia music scene, and how they’ve managed to stay so busy as musicians. Continue reading →


Listen to Jeff Zeigler discuss creating in the Philly scene on the 25 O’Clock Podcast

Jeff Zeigler
Jeff Zeigler at Boot and Saddle | Photo by John Vettese for WXPN

Philly musician and record producer Jeff Zeigler is the founder of studio Uniform Recording and has worked with a wide range of Philly artists over the past decade and a half: War On Drugs, Kurt Vile, and Steve Gunn, among others. In the latest episode of Philly podcast 25 O’Clock, host Dan Drago talks to Zeigler about his New Jersey roots, getting started as a sound engineer on the Philly music scene, his work making records and creating his own music, and what it’s like collaborating with other talented musicians in Philly. Continue reading →


Listen to Camp Candle talk about their songwriting process and the changing Philly landscape on the 25 O’Clock podcast

Camp Candle | Photo by Joe Del Tufo | courtesy of the artist
Camp Candle | Photo by Joe Del Tufo | courtesy of the artist

Philadelphia’s Camp Candle appear on the latest episode of The 25 O’Clock podcast. The electronic duo of Mark “Nu Ra” Cave and Briana “Hetepsa” Mills sat down with podcast host Dan Drago for the 106th episode of the podcast. The duo discussed their beginnings, going through the collaborative songwriting process as a duo, and the changing landscape of different Philly neighborhoods. Continue reading →


Listen to Sarah Puleo and Eric Zrinsky of goodnight/goodluck on the 25 O’Clock Podcast, hear their new single “Didn’t Ask For A Dime”

goodnight/goodluck | photo by Stephen Dyer | courtesy of the artist
goodnight/goodluck | photo by Stephen Dyer | courtesy of the artist

The release date for missing, the debut EP from Philly modern rockers goodnight/goodluck, draws ever nearer, as does their celebratory gig at Boot and Saddle on Saturday, May 12th.

Leading up to both, the band’s frontwoman Sarah Puleo and guitarist Eric Zrinsky appeared on the latest edition of the 25 O’Clock podcast.  Continue reading →


Ellen Siberian Tiger talks songwriting, music school, and representation on the 25 O’Clock podcast

Ellen Siberian Tiger | photo by Emma Silverstone for WXPN

One of the newer faces in the Philly music scene, Ellen Tiberio-Shultz, better known by their band name Ellen Siberian Tiger, is the most recent guest on Dan Drago’s long-running 25 O’Clock podcast. The songwriter sat down for a conversation with Drago ahead of this week’s snowstorm, and the two cover everything from Tiberio-Shultz’s upbringing in State College, PA to their brief stint as the drummer in a Liz Phair cover band. Continue reading →


Listen to Johnny Brenda’s talent buyer Chris Ward on the 25 O’ Clock Podcast

Chris Ward at Johnny Brenda's | photo by Scott Troyan for WXPN |
Chris Ward at Johnny Brenda’s | photo by Scott Troyan for WXPN |

From drumming Pattern is Movement across four albums and several U.S. tours to holding down the fort at Fishtown live music institution Johnny Brenda’s, Philadelphia’s Chris Ward is one of the most seasoned players currently active in Philly music.

Over the past two weeks, Ward checked in with Dan Drago of Philly’s 25 O’Clock Podcast for a two-parter episode touching on all aspects of his involvement in the scene.

Continue reading →


Sonja Sofya talks pop studiousness, Steely Dan and feminism on the 25 O’Clock podcast

Sonja Sofya | photo by Lisa Schaffer | | via

The new installment of the 25 O’Clock Podcast features Philly keyboardist, vocalist, songwriter and collaborator Sonja Sofya, who has a lively and wide-ranging 90-minute conversation with host Dan Drago.

Of course her great Patterns We Know LP, released in the fall, is discussed, as well as the work with fellow Philly artists like Ross Bellenoit that went into completing it. Sonja shares her background in studying music at a rigorous academic level during high school and college  — she admits she did not have stage parents but kinda wishes she had. She and Drago contrast classical and pop approaches to writing, and how the ideal lies somewhere in between, balancing studiousness and accessibility. Steely Dan is brought up as an example of this middle ground, and they share a laugh over the divide: people are either Steely Dan lovers or haters (they’re both lovers, I’m not). The same can also be said, they note, for Lady Gaga (which, vice versa).

But the conversation gets super interesting when Drago makes an offhand comment about the “amount of quality female-fronted music coming out of the city the past few years.” Sonja returns to that phrase, “female-fronted,” a little bit later in the show. “You feel like that’s a recent phenomenon?” she asks, turning the tables on her host, and there’s a very uncertain pause that follows. Continue reading →