Just Announced: Boyz II Men will play a hometown show at The Met

Boyz II Men | Photo by Matthew Shaver |

Philly’s newest venue, The Met, is continuing to roll out its lineup of upcoming shows, and just announced that Philadelphia R&B legends Boyz II Men will headline the newly-renovated opera house on February 16, 2019. Boyz II Men members Shawn Stockman, Wanya Morris, and Nathan Morris shared the news themselves via a video on The Met’s Twitter — watch below. Continue reading →


Just Announced: Summer Block Party brings Jill Scott, Boyz II Men and DJ Jazzy Jeff to the Mann

Jill Scott | photo via the artist’s Facebook page

A Block Party…at the Mann Center? Well, with a lineup like this, count us in. This June, Grammy-winning singer, songwriter and poet Jill Scott will headline the first annual WDAS Summer Block Party, along with long-running Philly R&B faves Boyz II Men and DJ Jazzy Jeff, plus special guests still TBA.

It’ll be something of a hometown celebration for all performers. Scott got her start in Philly’s Black Lily open mic scene in the 90s, and still calls the city home, and Jazzy Jeff lives in the Philly region as well. Boyz II Men got its start when its members were students at the Philadelphia High School for the Creative and Performing Arts. Though they no longer reside in Philadelphia, their legacy lives on — a section of South Broad Street was recently designated “Boyz II Men Boulevard.” Continue reading →


Boyz II Men, New Kids On The Block, and Paula Abdul shared the Wells Fargo Stage on “Total Package Tour”

Clockwise from top left, Paula Abdul, New Kids On The Block and Boyz II Men performed live at Wells Fargo Center on Saturday June 24th | Photos by Matthew Shaver |

I am not a New Kids On The Block fan.  I am also not a New Kids On The Block hater.  I grew up in the ’80s and ’90s, and adopted the persona wholeheartedly.  I watched Saved By The Bell, had a slap bracelet, and saw Cool As Ice in theaters (if you’ve never heard of that, Google it and come back to berate me in the comments).  NKOTB was something that permeated the era, so I knew their songs, I saw their videos, and yes, I memorized some lyrics.  I watched the videos on MTV, and along with Paula Abdul and Boyz II Men among many others, would record the video shows on VHS to watch over and over. Continue reading →


Philly dedicates a stretch of Broad Street to hometown R&B icon, Boyz II Men

Boys II Men Blvd Ceremony |Photo by Matthew Shaver |

On Saturday afternoon, June 24th, 2017, the city of Philadelphia officially renamed the stretch of Broad Street between Christian and Carpenter as Boyz II Men BLVD. The R&B crooners have had a long and storied career that began in the city almost 3 decades ago. The fitting tribute took place on the steps of the Philadelphia High School of Creative and Performing Arts. Continue reading →


Boyz II Men’s first two albums get the vinyl reissue treatment

Boyz II Men’s classic Cooleyhighharmony will get a vinyl reissue

Motownphilly’s back again — and celebrating the 25th anniversary of hometown icons Boyz II Men‘s classic 1991 debut album Cooleyhighharmony, as well as the stellar 1994 follow-up, II. For the first time ever, UMe will reissue both albums on vinyl, out August 19th.

Both LPs are packed with hits, including the bands cover of “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday,” the Billboard Hot 100 chart climber “Motownphilly.” The Cooleyhighharmony reissue will feature the original album artwork and tracklisting, something previous reissues did not include. Continue reading →


Why the heck was the Jim’s Steaks line singing Boyz II Men at 3 a.m.?

Jims Steaks crowd singing Boyz II Men | photo courtesy of Ernest Stuart
Jim’s Steaks crowd singing Boyz II Men | photo courtesy of Ernest Stuart |

Well, there’s certainly an easy answer to the question I just posed: because it’s a freaking awesome song. Because it’s a timeless Philly classic. Because everybody of a certain age (read: 30+) knows it word-for-word, and many people in the much-younger and much-older demographics are nonetheless familiar, and can still follow along.

But more specifically, there’s the video as captured by Philly lounge/rock/theatrical impresario Johnny Showcase, which went viral on Facebook yesterday. Without a lot of context or commentary, it just shows the scene – a hungry crowd at 3 a.m. spontaneously breaking into song and belting out “End of the Road,” the multi-award-winning 1991 hit by Philly R&B heores Boyz II Men. Showcase concludes “this is why I love this city.” Continue reading →


Check out photos and video from Boyz II Men’s intimate SiriusXM Taping at CAPA

Boyz II Men at CAPA | Photo by Sameer Rao
Boyz II Men at CAPA | Photo by Sameer Rao

The thought, 20 years ago, of Boyz II Men and Nirvana having anything to do with one another might have paralyzed the pop world with fear and anger. But in front of a small audience at Philadelphia’s High School for the Creative and Performing Arts (where the RnB legends famously formed while students), members Shawn Stockman and Wanya Morris felt no hesitation or weight of historical genre divides when they ripped into an impromptu, largely comical version of “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. Continue reading →


Boyz II Men inspire homecoming hysteria and tease the new Collide at The Tower

Boyz II Men | Photo by John Vettese
Boyz II Men | Photo by John Vettese

When people outside of Philadelphia think of our fair city, the following comes to mind: cheesesteaks, sports teams with middling records, and Boyz II Men.

While the first two items evoke eye-rolls I think we can all agree that we’re proud of being the town that bore one of the most successful groups of the 1990’s. When Nathan Morris, Wanya Morris, and Shawn Stockman took the stage of The Tower Theater on Saturday night, the reaction was rapturous. “On Bended Knee” showed up as only their third song in their set, and to say the crowd went wild would be an understatement. Wanya literally got down on his one knee and held various members of the crowd’s hands, evoking hysteria. I must say when Nathan started his verse, I got a little giddy myself.

Shawn took time out to thank the crowd for the continued support and say how they never forgot where they came from. This led to a trip back to 1991 with a performance of “Please Don’t Go” (complete with boy group dance moves) and was followed quickly by “Uhh Ahh,” which the younger crowd may recognize as the song recently sampled by Beyonce on her single “Countdown.”

The guys then moved on to their covers set: Motown favorites which got the crowd moving and then old-school power ballads. Nathan explained that they were offered the Lonestar track “Amazed” before the country one-hit wonders took it for their own. As he explained, now we hear the song in malls, bathrooms, and elevators all the world over. Needless to say, they felt kind of foolish having rejected the song but determined to record it themselves at some point. Boyz made it their own and as someone who does not care for the Lonestar version, I was floored.

Boyz II Men | Photo by John Vettese
Boyz II Men | Photo by John Vettese

One more surprise awaited us when Shawn and Nathan grabbed a guitar and bass and explained that their new album (Collide, which is being released in September) is going in a slightly different direction. The two songs the trio performed sounded more pop/rock than their previous work, evoking thoughts of “Unpretty,” by TLC or “Stay,” by Rihanna and Mikky Ekko. Most times when a band says “This is a new one,” that’s the cue for the audience to get up and grab a drink or hit the restroom but Boyz fans are loyal and seemed to really enjoy these teasers as much as the more familiar tunes.

This all led up to the big finale: armed with roses, the guys serenaded those who rushed the stage with their mega-hit “I’ll Make Love To You” while handing the flowers out to the excited women. They followed up with a few more of the love ballads that we all know and adore. Of course they couldn’t leave a hometown crowd without performing “Motownphilly,” complete with the group showing off their 90’s hip hop moves. Even after the song was over and they took their bows, Wanya, Nathan, and Shawn stayed to shake hands and say hello to their fans.

Many groups who have been together for 22 years go through the motions, take their pay, and call it a night but Boyz II Men seem to really still enjoy each other and those who support them. Many stuck around after the show, and when I got to the front lobby to leave, there was a huge crowd doing the Cha Cha Slide, waiting for their hometown heroes.

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