Listen to Far-Out Fangtooth’s new album, Pure And Disinterested

Photo by Bill Snyder

Today marks the official release of Far-Out Fangtooth’s debut LP, Pure And Disinterested, on Siltbreeze Records. The 11-song LP—which you can stream for free via Bandcamp until the record-release show Saturday, October 1st, at Kung Fu Necktie—follows up on the local rock quartet’s first 7-inch, which came out in August 2010. Back then, we noted:

“They dress in all black. The wear sunglasses at night. And they make a point of telling you how disinterested they are. Yup, the members of local garage-goth quartet Far-Out Fangtooth have that whole detached thing pretty much down pat. Fitting, then, that the two lo-fi tracks on the band’s debut 7-inch (released earlier this year on Ian Records) are dripping with reverb and droning vocals; if the band was trying to impart a sense of distance, it has certainly succeeded.”

Well, as far as titles go, you can’t get much more disinterested than Pure And Disinterested. But the album itself is significantly more compelling than its predecessor. That might have something to do with Far-Out Fangtooth’s decision to dial the reverb down a little bit, allowing the punchy drums and fuzzed-out guitars to shine through the ambient haze the band usually ensconces itself in. You can listen to the album (and watch the video for “Red Hawk Desert”) below. Far-Out Fangtooth performs with Creepoid, Swimmers Ear, and The Trowels at 8:30 p.m. Saturday, October 1st, at Kung Fu Necktie; tickets to the 21+ show are $8.

Far-Out Fangtooth – Red Hawk Desert from Far-Out Fangtooth on Vimeo.


Link Roundup, 3/7: The Spooks and Far-Out Fangtooth hit the road

The Spooks & Far-Out Fangtooth Heading Out on a Midwest and Southern U.S. Tour “Local music pals The Spooks and Far-Out Fangtooth are hitting the road together as they make their way down and through SXSW. They’ll be starting the tour this Wednesday night when they invade Cleveland, OH. It’s a 20+ show tour that will take the bands through the Midwest and the South. You can check out the rest of their schedule as well as purchase tickets here. And if you have any friends in those cities, tell them to come out and party Philly style! (Vomiting is optional, but highly recommended to avoid alcohol poisoning.)” (

Plenty Tough, Union Made “Rock and roll renaissance man Jon Langford sang the Waco Brothers’ ‘Plenty Tough – Union Made’ at a We Are Wisconsin rally in Madison, Wisc. on Saturday, protesting Gov. Scott Walker’s attempt to crackdown on labor union’s collective bargaining rights. (No, not that Scott Walker. This Scott Walker.) A couple of weeks back, Langford put on a typically tremendous show at the North Star Bar. Next week, he’ll be all over SXSW in Austin, Texas.” (

7 Ways Most Non-Famous Musicians Make a Living “When we think about what it means to make a living as a musician many people still conjure up ideas of selling plastic discs and endlessly touring the country. Well, that’s perhaps how things work at the top, but what about near the middle? Suzanne Lainson of BrandsPlusMusic has written a short overview of the more traditional ways that musicians make money and the paradox of taking such sources of income.” (


Tonight’s Concert Pick: Far-Out Fangtooth at Silk City

Far Out FangtoothThey dress in all black. The wear sunglasses at night. And they make a point of telling you how disinterested they are. Yup, the members of local garage-goth quartet Far-Out Fangtooth have that whole detached thing pretty much down pat. Fitting, then, that the two lo-fi tracks on the band’s debut 7-inch (released earlier this year on Ian Records) are dripping with reverb and droning vocals; if the band was trying to impart a sense of distance, it has certainly succeeded. In fact, while listening to “Pathways,” it’s easy to imagine the band simply dropping their instruments midway through the song, walking out of the studio, and moping through the streets of Philadelphia on a moonless, starless night. Because, you know, they’re just so dark, man. Far-Out Fangtooth performs with Gondola, Fan Tan, and Acid Kicks at 9 p.m. at Silk City; tickets to the show are $7.


Watch Philly’s Far Out Fangtooth deliver an intense peformance of “Red Hawk Desert” at Repo Records

Far-Out Fangtooth | Photo by Adam Wallacavage

As part of its Record Store Day festivities, Repo Records hosted a special gathering which included a performance by Philly goth punks Far Out Fangtooth. The technical quality may be a bit fuzzy but you can still feel their resounding energy as they tear through the intense track and leave you wanting them to rock your basement and spook out the neighbors. If the latter doesn’t work out, you can still catch them live at two of their upcoming local shows: May 13th at Boot and Saddle (supporting Amen Dunes; tickets here) and May 14th at The ICA Siltbreeze Closing Ceremony (info here). Check out the video below via Kyle Garvey (of The Interest Group).


Tonight’s Concert Picks: Colin Meloy at the Keswick Theatre, XPN Welcomes Matt Nathanson to the Electric Factory, Far Out Fangtooth at Boot & Saddle and more


Colin Meloy, lead singer of The Decemberists, brings his solo tour to the Keswick Theatre tonight.    The Portland, OR musician will be sharing new songs alongside tracks from his extensive catalog during the tour.  He’s also supporting a new cover EP called Colin Meloy Sings The Kinks, which he discussed in an interview with The Key earlier this week.  Tickets and information for the all-ages solo show can be found here.  Below, listen to Meloy covering “Sister I’m a Poet” from his previous Morrissey cover EP.

XPN welcomes Matt Nathanson to the Electric Factory tonight.  The poppy singer-songwriter is touring in support of a new album called Last of the Great Pretenders, released in July on Vanguard Records.  Tonight, Nathanson will be joined by Joshua Radin.  Tickets and information can be found here.  Below, watch the video for Last of the Great Pretenders‘ first single “Mission Bells.”

Local psychedelic rockers Far-Out Fangtooth celebrate the release of Borrowed Time tonight at Boot & Saddle.  It’s the second full-length LP for the two year old band, put out via legendary cult label Siltbreeze.  In an interview with The Key earlier this week, the band explained the root of their dark and gothy sound, in addition to detailing how Far-Out Fangtooth came together.  Tickets and information for tonight’s 21+ show can be found here.  Watch their new video for “Beyond Your Bones” below.

Also Playing:

Built to Spill at Union Transfer (8:00 p.m., all ages, $22)

Pink Slip Daddy at Kung Fu Necktie (8:00 p.m., 21+, $10)


New Music: “Mother Nature Fetish” by Far Out Fangtooth

Screen shot 2013-08-14 at 10.45.26 AMWe’re used to hearing dark Philly garage rock outfit Far-Out Fangtooth drifting in fuzztone distortion and murky reverb, so the clarity in this new track is unexpected – and pretty darn cool. Premiered over at Pitchfork this morning, “Mother Nature Fetish” is bright and melodic as the same time as it’s dense and assailing; Nick Kulp still sounds like he’s singing from inside a cave, but he’s closer to the world above than ever. The song will be featured on their new LP, Borrowed Time – out on October 29th via Siltbreeze Records – and the band’s Philly release show is set for November 2nd at Boot and Saddle. Though it’s not listed on the venue’s calendar yet, Kulp tells us the bill will also feature LODRO, Harsh Vibes and a solo set from Lantern’s Zachary Devereux Fairbrother. Check out “Mother Nature Fetish” below.


Debauchery and Determination: The long road to Creepoid’s swan song

Creepoid | photo by Megan Matuzak for WXPN

On a faded yellow bridgewater style couch, Sean Miller and Anna Troxell make room as Pat Troxell, sporting a classic Stone Roses lemon t-shirt, settles in. Pete Urban is in arm’s reach, with only his beer-stocked cooler separating him and the rest of Creepoid. It’s uncomfortably warm for mid-January, but the band is practically on top of one another.

Over past nine years, Anna, Pat, Sean and Pete have survived numerous calamities: party-centric producers, broken down vans, various Sean injuries, countless tours and the struggles of the DIY scene. They’ve also survived one other.

Creepoid’s most recent release in 2016, Burner, is a three-track sonic hellstorm of raw energy and the band’s most accurate studio portrayal of what it’s like to see them live. Much like 2014’s Wet, the EP was self-recorded, but in the studio, rather than in the cozy basement of the Troxells’ Tulip Street basement. Little did the band know, it would be their last release. Following their March 30th show at Now That’s Class in Cleveland, Ohio in 2017 at the tail end of a cross-country tour, Creepoid decided to call it quits.

“I would like to be remembered as a band that worked really hard,” Anna, bassist and vocalist, says. “A band that worked hard and took it seriously.” Continue reading →