Kelsey Cork and the Swigs paint poignant Philly caricatures with rebel attitude on debut single “Center City Blues”

Kelsey Cork & the Swigs | photo by Alyssa Resh | via

Kelsey Cork and the Swigs is a brand new DIY rock trio, lead by of vocalist / guitarist Kelsey Cork. Their debut single “Center City Blues” was released via Good How Are You Records, engineered by Lauren Delucca of Coping Skills, mixed by Henry Wilson and mastered by Elaine Rasnake.

“Center City Blues” somehow manages to blend blues and punk, with engine-revving electric guitar and Cork’s vocals tinged with rebel attitude. The lyrics paint poignant Philly caricatures, from the miserable “suit and ties in center city” to the “sweet old man in my neighborhood sipping a forty at nine a.m.,” pinpointing the unifying sense of home that links people of different walks of life. Continue reading →