Ellen Siberian Tiger talks collaboration and channeling emotion in new Shaking Through session

Ellen Siberian Tiger | still from video

Philly indie rockers Ellen Siberian Tiger are the focus of the latest Shaking Through session from Weathervane Music. The group, helmed by songwriter/vocalist Ellen Tiberio-Shultz and performing as a four-piece for this session, joined the Weathervane folks at Miner Street Recordings to put together a finished rendition of their previously unrecorded song “Everybody Always.” The final product is out now, and includes a polished music video of the song and a documentary-like look behind the scenes into the process of recording. Continue reading →


Anger Is A Healthy Emotion: Get a taste of Ellen Siberian Tiger’s Shaking Through session in this short trailer

Ellen Siberian Tiger | photo by Emma Silverstone for WXPN

Indie rock trio Ellen Siberian Tiger will be featured in the next episode of the Shaking Through Sessionns from Weathervane Music Organization, and this week, the band shared a short trailer showing up what we can expect. In the clip, vocalist Ellen Tiberio-Shultz discusses how to channel feeling angry into something healthy, like artistic expression. The band recorded their song “Everybody Always” for the upcoming episode. Continue reading →


Watch Half Waif create with compassion in the making of “Every Animal” on Shaking Through

Half Waif | photo by Jeremy Zimmerman |

In the latest episode of music documentary series Shaking Through, Half Waif records a new song called “Every Animal.” The song is accompanied with a making-of doc that reveals the collaborative process that goes into recording a single. Frontwoman Nandi Rose Plunkett is joined in the studio by Aidan Carlo on bass and guitar, and Robin Baytas on drums.

Plunkett’s voice is resilient, a stone pillar supporting a temple roof–without her, the song would crumble. Her hair-raising vocals create an ethereal mood, hanging afloat over a grounded bed of synths and bass. The song combines both electronic and acoustic instrumentation, a mixture that seemed to be a source of frustration in the recording process as the band experimented to find a perfect balance. The result is a seamlessly blended track, a luminescent moonrise on a clear night. Continue reading →


Watch Jesse Hale Moore’s “Enter, Light” on latest Shaking Through episode

Jesse Hale Moore recording in Miner Street Studio | photo via

The latest episode in the series Shaking Through released to the world this week. The episode features Philadelphia singer-songwriter Jesse Hale Moore recording his first song since his April 2017 LP, Green End. Shaking Through, the video documentary and recording series brought to us by Weathervane Music and Miner Street Recordings, has previously featured artists such as The Dove & The Wolf, Big Thief, and Waxahatchee, and it celebrated the beginning of its ninth volume with the release of Moore’s track, “Enter, Light.” Continue reading →


Best buds Thin Lips and Frances Quinlan tackle anxiety in their Shaking Through session

Thin Lips and Frances Quinlan | photo courtesy of Weathervane Music

In the latest installment of Philly’s premiere music doc series, Shaking Through, Brian McTear and the rest of the gang at Weathervane Music welcomed local punks Thin Lips, along with Hop Along’s Frances Quinlan, to record a new track titled, “So Stoned.” Spoiler alert: it’s a pretty flippin’ good episode. Continue reading →


Steady Hands speaks from the heart in newest Shaking Through feature


Steady Hands | photo via Facebook

Steady Hands meets Shaking Through…there’s a fantastic pun in there somewhere. On November 15th, Weathervane Music released the latest installment of their extremely excellent “Shaking Through” documentary series that dives deep into the the makings of a record and the humans behind it. Up this time is Steady Hands, the project of Modern Baseball’s Sean Huber that is rounded out with Andrew Kirnan, George Legatos, William Lindsay, Evan Moorehead, and Richard Straub, all familiar faces from around the Philly scene. It’s Huber’s project, but it’s one he wanted to share with his friends. “From the beginning, I just wanted to be more of a collective than anything. I’ve always wanted the energy of everyone just collaborating, enjoying what they’re doing.”

The episode follows the making of Steady Hands’ track “Magazines” at Miner Street Recordings, where Huber worked as video editor and recorded his first Steady Hands songs when they were just a small side project as a favor from producer Brian McTear. Continue reading →


The Kominas unpack the paradox of identity and music in recent Shaking Through session

The Kominas | photo via artist’s Facebook page

Philly / Boston punk outfit The Kominas recently stopped by Miner Street Recordings as the focus of Weathervane Music’s latest Shaking Through installment. If you’re new to the series, for an uber quick rundown, it’s a super interesting feature that goes behind the scenes — both in artist background and technical production — as a band works through the process of recording a new song, from it’s personal, creative idea of a beginning, to its end jam of a result.

In this episode, the twelve year old band (though three years old with the current lineup) delved into the topic of identity, and the unfair media fetishism The Kominas faced almost immediately as a band; where they were, and still are, externally branded as a political “Muslim punk band,” even though not all members are Muslim, and they do not sing with religious-minded intentions.

Guitarist Shahjehan Khan questions in the video, “This idea of being a political band.. what does that mean? Your art is gonna be about your life. And if it’s good and honest, you’re gonna talk about your identity. It’s not political, it’s just what it is.” Continue reading →


Watch Waxahatchee’s new song “No Curse” take shape in their new Shaking Through documentary

Waxahatchee recording their Shaking Through session | photo courtesy of Weathervane Music
Waxahatchee recording their Shaking Through session | photo courtesy of Weathervane Music

As much as I am completely, avidly, and wholeheartedly obsessed with music, I cannot for the life of me fathom how artists can create songs. I am constantly in awe (and also thoroughly envious) of musicians ability to have art in their heads and then go and make it a real, living thing.

Weathervane Music’s Shaking Through video series allows musical plebeians such as I, to experience this amazing process of recording. Their brand new video showcases Katie Crutchfield’s Waxahatchee creating their new anthemic jam of a song, “No Curse.” Being as that the session was the first time the band played the song together, you’re able to see the song build and take shape before your very eyes. Continue reading →


Tune in for a live-streamed Shaking Through Session with Waxahatchee this weekend

Waxahatchee | photo by Jeremy Zimmerman |

The folks at Weathervane Music are back it again, this time bringing us a Shaking Through session with Waxahatchee. Katie Crutchfield & co will be in Fishtown’s Miner Street Recording this weekend, January 21st and January 22nd, and the live-stream cameras will be on hand to give us a backstage pass into their recording process.

Continue reading →


Watch Carroll top off their “blue period” with the tranquil “Private Moon” on the latest Shaking Through

Carroll | Photo by Noah Silvestry for WXPN |
Carroll | Photo by Noah Silvestry for WXPN |

Miner Street Recordings’ music production web series Shaking Through welcomed the Philly-by-way-of-Minneapolis psych-rockers of Carroll to its most recent episode. In a way, it was a welcome home for the group since their 2014 single “Bad Water” was recorded with Miner Street’s Jon Low. Continue reading →