Agudos Clef’s new single “Nadie” experiments with the boundaries of Latin hip-hop

Agudos Clef | photo by Abbas Wiswall | | courtesy of the artist

The two voices at the front of Trenton-based Latin hip-hop group Agudos Clef have stepped out with a new single, “Nadie,” fusing new and old sounds to tease their upcoming project, Morir Soñando. The group is comprised of Josue Lora and Nota G who were last featured on the Key back in 2017. Then, Lora and Nota G had released “No Soy Yo”, a song about navigating identity. “Nadie” embraces similar themes but pushes for independence, self-determination, and making your own way in the world. Continue reading →


Agudos Clef navigates trials of acceptance and identity in video for “No Soy Yo”

Agudos clef
Agudos Clef | Photo courtesy of the artist

Trenton-based hip-hop duo Agudos Clef just released a new video for their song, “No Soy Yo,” from their latest album, Teoria. Translated as “It’s Not Me,” the video focuses on dealing with peer pressure and identity.

Following MC, Josue Lora, as a man trying to navigate the dilemma between being accepted and staying true to himself, we watch as Lora’s character begins to join in the destructive tendencies of his friends with trepidation, until gradually becoming fully embraced by the group. Continue reading →


Agudos Clef gear up for the Teoria release party

Agudos Clef | Photo courtesy of the artist
Agudos Clef | Photo courtesy of the artist

After several years of steady work, the Trenton-based Latin hip-hop duo Agudos Clef wrapped up production on its debut LP Teoria and is ready to celebrate. The band just announced a show on March 18th at The Trocadero Balcony.

The band has been teasing material from the record for a while now, between their Key Studio Session, songs on MC Josue Lora’s Bandcamp like “No Soy Yo” and the brilliant video for “Raices,” filmed while Lora and his collaborator Nota G were traveling in the Dominican Republic, which you can watch below. Continue reading →


Agudos Clef travel to the Dominican Republic in new video for “Raices”

agudos clef
Agudos Clef | photo via cineSPEAK

Latin hip hop group Agudos Clef have released a new video for their song “Raices,” filmed in the Dominican Republic and featuring Hector Mario on flute.

The Trenton-based outfit first hit our radar when they performed at the PHL Live music competition a year ago. Editor John Vettese quickly brought them in for a Key Studio Session, where we got to hear Josue Lora and Nota G rap over a full band.

“Raices” follows with that fleshed-out instrumentation sound behind the rhymes,  with soothing synth hits, a beautiful flute melody and crisp beats. Lora tells us “Raices” translates to “roots,” referring to the family connection the band feels together. Continue reading →


The Week’s Best Free MP3s, incl. Feufollet, Agudos Clef and more

Feufollet | Photo courtesy of the band.

We were introduced to Lafayette, LA band Feufollet earlier this week with a free download of “Know What’s Next” from their upcoming record Two Universes. While XPN’s Zydeco Crossroads spotlights the Creole heritage of the Southwest Louisiana city, Feufollet shows us another side of the musical culture with a blend of pop and indie rock.

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The Key Studio Sessions: Agudos Clef

Back in the fall, I was a presenting host in the city’s PHL Live music competition, and it led me one October night to Hard Rock Cafe where the finalists World Music category were set to take the stage. Admittedly, I wasn’t sure how this was going to go: “world music” is a broad term that can include anything from African highlife to Indian raga, eastern European klezmer to Jamacian reggae. I was nervous that my frame of musical reference (centered largely around Western pop/rock) was too narrow to do a good job at this gig.

Thankfully, my fears were for nothing. All the artists on the bill blew me away in one way or another, and though The Underwater Sounds (who we’ve been longtime fans of here at The Key) took home top honors, for me the standout set came from a new Latin hip-hop group called Agudos Clef. Based out of Trenton, this six-piece brought an unbelievable energy to the room – driving beats, a fierce delivery, undeniable charisma. They played an explosive 20-minute set that left me immediately wanting more, so in the days that followed, I tracked down their Bandcamp single “Monotonia” and invited them to our studio to record. Continue reading →


Tonight’s Concert Picks: Stef Chura at Boot & Saddle, Femina-X at Kung Fu Necktie, Allah-Las at Union Transfer

Stef Chura | photo via

Though Stef Chura just recently released her debut studio album, Messes, with Urinal-Cake Records, Chura has been creating fun, ironic gritty-twang music as an active member of the underground Detroit DIY scene for some time now. Be sure to catch her tonight when she stops by Boot and Saddle. Find more concert info here, and watch the colorfully morbid video for “Spotted Gold” below. Continue reading →


The Key’s Year-End Mania: Bruce Warren’s Best of Philly Music 2015

Queen of Jeans
Queen of Jeans | photo by Kelly Kurteson

Year-End Mania is the Key’s annual survey of the things below the surface that made 2015 incredible. Today, WXPN program director Bruce Warren shares five musicians she found on Spotify in 2015.

This past Thanksgiving The Key’s John Vettese wrote about the 15 Philly songs we’re thankful for. The songs were just a small snapshot of by Philly’s vibrant music scene, represented by the likes of Hop Along, Jazmine Sullivan, Kurt Vile, Agudos Clef, Hemming, Hezekiah Jones, Lithuania, Lushlife, Jill Scott, and others. What stood out to me in Vettese’s article then, and what’s stood out to all of us at The Key for the last several years is how wonderfully diverse, and prolific, the music scene in Philly continues to be. Continue reading →


15 Philly songs we’re thankful for on Thanksgiving 2015

Hop Along | Photo by Rachel Del Sorso |
Hop Along | Photo by Rachel Del Sordo |

As we’re surrounding ourselves with friends and loved ones this holiday weekend and talking about what we’re grateful for in our lives, one major thing comes to mind for us here at The Key: Philly music. It’s our reason for being, both the talented artists that set up shop in our city and the passionate fans that cheer them on. We literally would not be here were it not for them, and for Thanksgiving 2015, we bring you these 15 Philly songs that we’re particularly thankful for. Continue reading →