Listen to AllegrA’s soft and intimate new EP yet, not enough

AllegrA | photo by CJ Simavi | courtesy of the artist

Songwriter Allegra Eidinger has said that a goal of their music is to make you feel like you’re right beside them in their bedroom studio as they’re writing songs. Their new release as AllegrA does just that — the five-track EP, yet, not enough, is a collection of soft and intimate songs that draw you in with their insightful lyrics and inviting tone. Continue reading →


AllegrA will celebrate their new EP yet, not enough with a World Cafe Live show and spring tour

AllegrA | photo by CJ Simavi | courtesy of the artist

Our cold Philly winter just got a little brighter thanks to new music from local scene favorite AllegrA. Singer-songwriter Allegra Eidinger just announced that their new EP yet, not enough will be out March 12 via Citrus City Records, and its lead single “Spoon Or Fork” is out now. AllegrA will be touring as a four-piece band this spring, with a record release show with Beach Bod and Boosegumps upstairs at World Cafe Live on March 23. Continue reading →


AllegrA reflects on missed connections and too-short moments in “when the powers out”

AllegrA | photo by Roxanne Friedman | via

A year after releasing their self-titled debut album, Philly’s own AllegrA — the project of songwriter Allegra Eidinger — is back with a new single, which they surprise-released on Bandcamp after spontaneously writing and recording it just last week.

Called “when the powers out,” the song is bright in a way that contradicts its title — Eidinger’s naturally warm vocals are matched by the light instrumentals and soft, upbeat melody. And yet, thematically, things aren’t so sunny. “We only meet in the middle, when the power’s out,” Eidinger repeats throughout the song, hinting at missed connections and too-short moments, the fleeting nature of togetherness and divide.  Continue reading →


AllegrA shares the inquisitive and observational “Spoon or Fork” via Random Tea Sessions

AllegrA Random Tea Session | still from video

AllegrA, the indie-folk project of Allegra Eidinger, dropped their self-titled LP last year, a compilation of basement pop narratives sung in a low, almost sedated tone. In the latest episode of Random Tea Sessions, AllegrA unveiled a brand new song called “Spoon or Fork.” Performing solo, Eidinger maintains a strong presence, filling up the entire space without their extra band members. They are captivating to watch, their enthusiasm and positive energy are contagious. It’s that resurfacing smile, which lights the room with a warm, embracing glow. Continue reading →


Revisit Allegra’s “Wool or Fleece” in a new recording

AllegrA | photo by A.W. Klass | via

“Wool or Fleece” first appeared on AllegrA’s 2016 EP my legs are growing as a wistful, lyrically esoteric piece of lo-fi pop that displayed their penchant for crafting worlds within simplicity.

Since then, AllegrA’s songwriting has only developed further, culminating in last year’s self titled debut LP. Continue reading →


Allegra Anka of Cayetana releases a pair of indiepop solo tracks

Cayetana | photo by Cameron Pollack for WXPN

Creator, tinkerer, weirdo, thinker, freak (all self-described), and local musician Allegra Anka has released two solo tracks on the EP dreams we talk about. Unlike Anka’s main project, the punk trio Cayetana, this pair of songs takes on a more lo-fi home-recorded indie-pop stance. Thanks, in part, to the programmed drum machine and filtered, layered vocals, Anka creates something distinctly their own. Continue reading →


The Key Studio Sessions: AllegrA

An old friend once made an observation about Ani Di Franco’s classic live album Living In Clip that’s stuck with me for 20-odd years: you can hear it in Ani’s voice when she’s smiling.

Even when the songs are devastatingly tragic, or fuming with rage, listening to the record (or, honestly, Ani’s entire catalogue) is a total joy, because at the end of it all, there’s this warm beacon of hope staring down an uncompassionate world, this realistic optimist standing at the microphone and singing words they wrote that, for that moment anyway, have the ability to make them happy…and by extension, make others happy.

I don’t bring that up to necessarily align Philly’s Allegra Eidinger to Di Franco in a musical sense; yes, both are masters of the fretboard-tapping guitar licks like you hear in folkies Tim Reynolds and Kaki King (or twinkle emo bands like Cap’n Jazz and Marietta). But beyond that stylistic affect, AllegrA the band has a sound all its own; bits of classic 70s singer-songwriter music in a Janis Ian sort of way, an effervescent energy straight out of the basement show scene, and a singing voice more mellifluous and honest than many of the band’s peers.

That idea of hearing a smile, though. That’s something that Eidinger carries forward into their work, whether intentionally or subconsciously.  Continue reading →


Tonight’s Concert Picks: Joey Sweeney at Maas Building, AllegrA at All Night Diner, Muscle Tough at Johnny Brenda’s, and more

Joey Sweeney & The Neon Grease | photo courtesy of the artist

Philly songwriter Joey Sweeney and his band The Neon Grease lead the lineup at Jojo’s Holiday Variety Show tonight at the Maas Building. The pay-what-you-will event benefits Rock to the Future and is also a release party for Sweeney’s new holiday EP, Smilin’ Through. The event will also feature some other musical acts, including Beat Jams, Hi Soft, Settled Arrows and the Birdsall Band, plus comedy from Doogie Horner and Jaime Fountaine. Listen to Sweeney original song “Don’t Kill Yourself This Christmas,” off the new EP, below and find more information on tonight’s show here. Continue reading →


Tonight’s Concert Picks: The Lone Bellow at Union Transfer, Friendship at Everybody Hits, AllegrA at Planet Phitness, and more

The Lone Bellow
The Lone Bellow | Photo by Hope Helmuth for WXPN |

The wait is almost over for The Lone Bellow‘s long-anticipated Union Transfer appearance, the band’s first Philly show in two years. If you missed out on today’s sold out Free at Noon, you can still catch the folk rockers tonight, along with openers The Wild Reeds. The Lone Bellow released their third studio album Walk Into A Storm in September. Find tickets and more information on tonight’s show on the XPN Concert Calendar. Continue reading →