Shannen Moser brings her folk-punk crossover to Audiotree Live

Shannen Moser | still from video

After releasing her new record I’ll Sing in the fall, Shannen Moser has kept a steady touring schedule throughout the last few months. When she was in Chicago a while back, Moser and her bandmates stopped by Audiotree Live to record a session, which is out now. Accompanied by Julia Peters on cello and PJ Carrol on guitar, the Philly-based singer-songwriter fits a full eight songs into the 37-minute session, mostly playing tracks off the new album but adding in a few old ones, like “Alex (282)” and “Yr Undertaker.” Continue reading →


Watch Queen of Jeans’ showcase Dig Yourself and more on Audiotree live

Queen of Jeans on Audiotree | still from video

Currently on a lengthy US tour, Philly outfit Queen of Jeans stopped by Audiotree Live’s studios earlier this month to record a session, which is out now. The four-piece performed four songs off their recent LP Dig Yourself, which was released earlier this year, plus “Moody,” an older one off their 2016 debut EP. Continue reading →


Watch Thin Lips rock the Audiotree Live studio

Thin Lips on Audiotree | still from video

During their recent tour across the northeast and midwest, Thin Lips found time to stop by Audiotree’s Chicago headquarters to record a session — or as the band put it, “a pass/fail test of our live set.” The 34-minute session is a resounding pass if you ask us, spotlighting seven tracks off the Philly band’s new album Chosen Family, which was released in September. Continue reading →


Grace Vonderkhun unveils Audiotree Session

Grace Vonderkuhn at Audiotree | still from video

A month after recording, Grace Vonderkhun has unveiled her Audiotree Session, recorded as the Delaware indie rocker and her band were wrapping up their east coast tour. The set featured songs from their latest album Reveries, released in February.

Grace clutched a paisley patterned Fender hung with a pink Hello Kitty strap, a comically cheeky contrast to the band’s harsh-edged, grunge sound; she was joined by bassist Brian Bartling and drummer Dave Mcgrory. In between songs, the band discussed an upcoming music video, their sold out record release show in a Wilmington arcade bar, and recording their record on analog in a log cabin. Check out the full session below. Continue reading →


Watch Slingshot Dakota’s asskicking Audiotree Live set

Slingshot Dakota at Audiotree | via

Bethlehem punk duo Slingshot Dakota wrapped by going on a U.S. tour with their New Jersey neighbors in Prawn, and on the way through Chicago on December 14th, they stopped through to record an asskicking live set for the good folks at Audiotree.

Singer / keys queen Carly Commando and drum machine Tom Patterson rock through a five-song set, featuring “Paycheck,” “Doreen” and the title track from 2016’s excellent Break; they also performed “Rasta Bacca” from 2012’s Dark Hearts; and “Grudge” from last year’s Broken EP. Continue reading →


Hear Three Man Cannon’s new song “Forsythia” in their Audiotree Live Session

Three Man Cannon | Photo by Jessica Flynn

While on their recent tour of the Midwest and Southeast, indie rockers Three Man Cannon stopped by Audiotree to film a live studio session that will make you wish the tour was just a bit longer. The Scranton-turned-Philly band is set to release a new record in the near future, the third record following 2014’s Pretty Many People and Will I Know You Then in 2015. The two previous records each have a distinctly different sound; it is anyone’s guess what the upcoming release will sound like, but it is sure to be just as jam-packed.

During the half-hour-long session, Three Man Cannon performed five songs: three from Will I Know You Then, one from Pretty Many People, and one preview from the new LP, “Forsythia.” In between tracks you can hear all about the wonders of color therapy glasses, guitarist Dennis Mishko’s time as a basketball referee, and how the four members were childhood friends before they were a band. Continue reading →


Vita and the Woolf’s new Audiotree session sounds great — and there’s a dog

Vita and the Woolf in Audiotree Studios | photo via

We’re about a month out until the Vita and the Woolf album Tunnels finally drops on June 16, and as admitted in the band’s Audiotree Live session, it’s an LP that’s been a long time coming. The band recorded the session with Audiotree late last month, and it just hit the interwebs this week.

Aside from sounding crisp on a dope tracklist that mixes new tunes and favorites from last year (“Brett,” “Sun Drop,” “Qiet,” “Diamond Hall,” “Feline” and
“Super Ranger”), the band offers a few glimpses into what they’ve been up to in the year since the current lineup fell into place. Continue reading →


Watch Creepoid get loud on Audiotree Live

Creepoid | photo by Cameron Pollack for WXPN
Creepoid | photo by Cameron Pollack for WXPN

Philly punk dreamscapers Creepoid made a stop by Audiotree Live to do a session a couple weeks ago, and it’s now available to watch on Audiotree’s website and YouTube. The local fourpiece’s packs a punch with heavy distortion and airy harmonies, whipping out songs like “Waste” and “Crisco.” The band also talks about their plethora of SXSW shows, feeling “old”, and their evolving album artwork. Watch the session below. Continue reading →


Hear Kississippi play new songs on Audiotree Live

Kississippi | photo by Jeremy Zimmerman |

Ever since We Have No Future, We’re All Doomed dropped in late 2015, we’ve been eagerly anticipating new Kississippi tunes. The band has teased us here and there, from a demo they dropped on their Bandcamp last September to a recent Daytrotter performance of new track “Once Good,” but now, we’re getting something a little more substantial with the band’s new Audiotree Live session, which you can watch below. Continue reading →