As Creepoid prepares for its final bow, Lovelorn debuts with “Chains”

Philly’s Creepoid is playing their farewell show this Saturday the 17th at Union Transfer, but three-fourths of of the band are continuing on under the name Lovelorn, and they’ve just released their first single “Chains”.

With bassist Anna Troxell at the front, the song is sleepy and atmospheric with hazy, distorted guitar, steady drums and bass, and far away, airy vocals. One thing that especially caught my interest was the way the guitar interacts with the vocals, at times functioning the same as backup vocals would. The lyrics are interesting and imaginative with lines like “So take me away to my next big mistake / down through the gutter and out the gate.” Continue reading →


Debauchery and Determination: The long road to Creepoid’s swan song

Creepoid | photo by Megan Matuzak for WXPN

On a faded yellow bridgewater style couch, Sean Miller and Anna Troxell make room as Pat Troxell, sporting a classic Stone Roses lemon t-shirt, settles in. Pete Urban is in arm’s reach, with only his beer-stocked cooler separating him and the rest of Creepoid. It’s uncomfortably warm for mid-January, but the band is practically on top of one another.

Over past nine years, Anna, Pat, Sean and Pete have survived numerous calamities: party-centric producers, broken down vans, various Sean injuries, countless tours and the struggles of the DIY scene. They’ve also survived one other.

Creepoid’s most recent release in 2016, Burner, is a three-track sonic hellstorm of raw energy and the band’s most accurate studio portrayal of what it’s like to see them live. Much like 2014’s Wet, the EP was self-recorded, but in the studio, rather than in the cozy basement of the Troxells’ Tulip Street basement. Little did the band know, it would be their last release. Following their March 30th show at Now That’s Class in Cleveland, Ohio in 2017 at the tail end of a cross-country tour, Creepoid decided to call it quits.

“I would like to be remembered as a band that worked really hard,” Anna, bassist and vocalist, says. “A band that worked hard and took it seriously.” Continue reading →


Creepoid reveal stacked undercard for final show

Creepoid | Photo by Noah Silvestry for WXPN |

Towards the end of 2017, Philly indie-rockers Creepoid announced they would be playing their final show ever, slated for Saturday, February 17th at Union Transfer. Just recently the group announced the list of openers, a melting pot of noisey acts hailing from Philadelphia and its surrounding areas. While the styles of each opener reflect the various sounds in Creepoid’s own work, the lineup on paper promises an unforgettable final show. Here’s the rundown on the opening acts. Continue reading →


Members of Creepoid, Fight Amp and Ecstatic Vision team up for new punk trio Plaque Marks

Plaque Marks | photo by Adam Wallacavage | via

Creepoid, Fight Amp and Ecstatic Vision are all Philly bands that rock in their own right, so you would think a combination of the three would have to rock as well. You’d be correct, and proven so by Plaque Marks, a new hardcore trio formed by Patrick Troxell of Creepoid, Mike McGinnis of Fight Amp and Doug Sabolik of Ecstatic Vision. The band released a two-song single earlier this month and it sure is heavy. Continue reading →


Download The Key Studio Sessions Volume 19 (featuring Creepoid, ILL DOOTS, PINKWASH, Shannen Moser and more)

The Key Studio Sessions Vol. 19 | cover photo by Cameron Pollack

On the first 2017 collection of standout performances from The Key Studio Sessions, Philly artists stretch out.

Three Man Cannon explores measured avenues and alleys of indie rock groove for six minutes on “Pushing People.” Mars Parker runs a five minute sprint to the trancey hip-hop / R&B tones of “Little Red Corvette.” Long-running Philly / Brooklyn experimental pop outfit Cuddle Magic delivers a vibrant epic in “The First Hippie on the Moon, Parts 1 & 2.” And far-reaching instrumentals are rocked by raw power metal trio Stinking Lizaveta and forward-thing jazz ensemble Vince Tampio Quintet.

That’s not to say The Key Studio Sessions Volume 19, available for streaming and free downloading today, consists solely of slow burners. You’ll hear spirited retro rock by Louie Louie, hooky punk from Eight and swift electropop care of Camp Candle. Long running Philly faves Creepoid check in with a searing new heavy psych jam, PINKWASH rages for three minutes of cathartic thrash and Shannen Moser closes the set with a elegant and direct folk song.

And, as usual, that’s just scratching the surface. Continue reading →


Watch Creepoid get loud on Audiotree Live

Creepoid | photo by Cameron Pollack for WXPN
Creepoid | photo by Cameron Pollack for WXPN

Philly punk dreamscapers Creepoid made a stop by Audiotree Live to do a session a couple weeks ago, and it’s now available to watch on Audiotree’s website and YouTube. The local fourpiece’s packs a punch with heavy distortion and airy harmonies, whipping out songs like “Waste” and “Crisco.” The band also talks about their plethora of SXSW shows, feeling “old”, and their evolving album artwork. Watch the session below. Continue reading →


Tonight’s Concert Picks: Strand of Oaks at Union Transfer, Valerie June at The Trocadero, Creepoid at Underground Arts, and more

strand of oaks
Strand of Oaks | photo by Joe del Tufo |

After taking over our airwaves for our Free at Noon concert, Strand of Oaks heads to Union Transfer for a headliner with Twin Limb. These Philly rockers just released their full-length banger Hard Love, so head out for some manic, high energy tunes. The show is all ages, and more information can be found on the XPN Concert Calendar. Continue reading →


The Key Studio Sessions: Creepoid

After eight years, two moves, three lineup reconfigurations and incalculable miles logged on their various tour vans — an incalculable number of tour vans, perhaps — Philadelphia psychedelic punks Creepoid have come full circle.

The four childhood friends who founded the band in the winter of 2009 are the same four adults who rage in the band today. On bass and vocals, Anna Troxell; on guitar and vocals, Sean Miller; on lead guitar, PeteJoe Urban; on drums, Pat Troxell. Their sound has gone from tense-but-subdued (2010’s Yellow Life Giver) to loud (2011’s Horse Heaven, 2014’s Creepoid) to very very loud (2015’s Cemetery Highrise Slum) and back to a dynamic state that embraces moments decidedly subdued — something we hear in this week’s Key Studio Session.

Yes, the amplifiers are cranked — crushingly so, and used brilliantly to sculpt sound in breathtaking ways. “I’m Only,” the first of two new tracks the band debuted in their performance this week, is one of their hardest-hitting songs to date — it hammers right out the gate as syncopated beats, staccato chords and howling string bends pummel their way into a languid and drifting verse. Next to Bardo Pond, Creepoid probably possesses the best understanding of volume and vibe out of anybody we’ve recorded in this series. Continue reading →