The Week Ahead: Kelela, Matt Cappy, Combo Chimbita, Diet Cig and more

combo chimbita
Combo Chimbita | photo by Itzel Alejandra Martinez | courtesy of the artist

Even on a slow week, you’ve still got fourteen amazing concerts to choose from — that’s how you know you’re living in a great music city. From Kelela at the TLA tonight to Greg Sover at the Sellersville on Sunday, here’s what’s going on in and around Philly over the next seven days. Continue reading →


Indie Rock Hit Parade Live Session: Diet Cig

Diet Cig | Photo by Galea McGregor for WXPN

Joining us in the studio for this latest Indie Rock Hit Parade session is the New York duo Diet Cig. Formed just a few years ago by guitarist Alex Luciano and drummer Noah Bowman, Diet Cig already find themselves surrounded by an adoring fanbase. It’s easy to understand why once you give a listen to their instantly likable debut album, Swear I’m Good At This, which was released earlier this year on Frenchkiss Records. Just before a show at PhilaMOCA, Diet Cig stopped by our studios to perform some favorites from the album.

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Over Easy: Diet Cig play LIVE, new Chastity Belt on the Indie Rock Hit Parade!

Diet Cig | Photo by Shervin Lainez, courtesy of the artist

Tonight’s Indie Rock Hit Parade features the first in a multi-week series of new live sessions, direct from our studio! Listen starting at 11pm ET on WXPN for a full two-hour show that’ll kick off with a lively performance from Diet Cig. The New York duo released their debut album, Swear I’m Good At This, earlier this year, and they’ll play some of the album’s instantly-likable songs live. You can check out a sneak preview of their set on Vuhaus now, and listen for the full session tonight! Today also marks the release of Seattle quartet Chastity Belt‘s new album, I Used To Spend So Much Time Alone. We’ll dig into that on our IRHP Album Spotlight in the midnight hour. Be on the lookout for new tracks from Daddy Issues, White Reaper and Perfume Genius, too!

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Support Girls Rock Philly by catching Diet Cig, SPORTS, and GRP alums, Wolf Pack at PhilaMOCA

Diet Cig | photo via Facebook

What do Girls Rock Philly and Diet Cig have in common? They both awesomely empower girls, young women, and trans youth by showing them that they can unleash their inner confidence and self reliance through the power of music. So it makes perfect sense that Diet Cig will be headlining the GRP benefit show at PhilaMOCA on May 25th, which also features a lineup of local indie pop outfit, SPORTS, and the young talent of GRP grads, Wolf Pack. Continue reading →


Everybody Works: Jay Som plays LIVE, new Future Islands, Diet Cig and The New Pornographers on the Indie Rock Hit Parade!

Jay Som | Photo by Cara Robbins, courtesy of the artist

Tonight, the Indie Rock Hit Parade comes to you packed to the ceiling with special stuff for you to enjoy. Listen at 11pm ET tonight on XPN for a full two-hour show that features, right off the bat, a brand new IRHP Live Session with Jay Som! The vehicle for California musician Melina Duterte, the full-band version of Jay Som visited our studio last Friday before their show at Boot & Saddle with The Courtneys. Hear the band play songs from their much-lauded new album, Everybody Works, in the first hour of today’s show.

Also, since this week is such a massive one for new albums, we’ll spotlight a few notable releases in the second hour of tonight’s show. Namely, we’ll dig into the much-anticipated return of Future Islands, the full-length debut from NY punk duo Diet Cig and the latest from perennial favorites The New Pornographers. Preview some of the new tracks below…

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Sincerely: Dude York plays LIVE plus new Sneaks, Diet Cig & She-Devils on the Indie Rock Hit Parade!

Dude York | Photo by Sam Gehrke, courtesy of the artist

The Indie Rock Hit Parade is coming right at you tonight, since it’s Friday and 11pm will eventually roll around. Listen at that very time on WXPN for a full two-hour show that will, among other astounding things, feature a brand new live session with the Seattle trio Dude York! The band recently came through town to play a show at Ortlieb’s in support of their new album, Sincerely. They dropped by our studios to cut some tracks live, and we’ll hear the explosively fun performances in the first hour of tonight’s Hit Parade. Also be on the lookout for an Album Spotlight on It’s A Myth, the Merge Records debut from DC minimalist pop artist Sneaks (who was just in Philly herself). We’ve also got new tracks from Diet Cig, Spiral Stairs and She-Devils in the mix, so stay alert! Preview some of the new songs below…

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Tonight’s Concert Picks: Diet Cig at The Fire, June Rich at Ardmore Music Hall, Sing, Bird of Prey at The Barbary and more

Diet Cig
Diet Cig | photo by Rachel Del Sordo for WXPN

New York indie pop duo Diet Cig has split the difference between catchy and melancholy on a handful of self-released singles and EPs over the past couple years. The band plays The Fire tonight with Amanda X and Hemming; tickets and more information on the show can be found at the XPN Concert Calendar. Watch the “Scene Sick” video below. Continue reading →


Tonight’s Concert Picks: Hardwork Movement at Boot and Saddle, The Bigness and Liz De Lise at Ortlieb’s, Diet Cig at The Chameleon Club

Hardwork Movement
Hardwork Movement | Photo by Zack Garlitos | courtesy of the artist

Philadelphia born alternative hip-hop group Hardwork Movement is sure to draw a crowd tonight at South Philly’s Boot and Saddle. The group promotes the importance of togetherness and striving for uniqueness. Hardwork Movement draws increasingly larger crowds each show they play, from venues like Kung Fu Necktie to Spruce Street Harbor Park. With fellow hip-hop inspired openers Ill Doots and TubaFresh, this is not a gig to miss. Get tickets and more information at the XPN Concert Calendar. Continue reading →


Just Announced: illuminati hotties headline PhilaMOCA this October

Illuminati Hotties | photo by Kristy Benjamin | courtesy of the artist

Self-proclaimed “tenderpunk pioneer” illuminati hotties headline PhilaMOCA this October. Project of do-it-all L.A. musician Sarah Tudzin, the songs on 2018 debut LP Kiss Yr Frenemies display a range of dynamics and emotions. At times, the tracks take on quiet, lo-fi qualities, similar to Philly’s Cyberbully Mom Club. Elsewhere, driving and explosive riffs blindside the listener, like on track “Shape of My Hands.” Tudzin generated well-deserved buzz surrounding the release of the album following its May release on Tiny Engines. The opening of the album features the one-two punch of the quiet, prelude-esque title track leading into the driving, power-pop bop “(You’re Better) Than Ever.” Continue reading →


The Business of Art: Meet the two Philadelphians bringing industry smarts to DIY with Lost + Found MGMT

Emily Dubin (left) and Jeremy Berkin of Lost + Found MGMT | photo by Ashley Gellman for WXPN |

The Philly scene is Do It Yourself. It’s nitty gritty, get-down-to-business, we-don’t-need-your-stinking-labels. It is “we got this, it’s easy.” And that’s all well and good. The rockstar as self-made, as taking on everything, as complete auteur of their hard-earned art. It’s a nice image, it just isn’t entirely true.

DIY is, at its very core, collaboration. The truth is the “yourself” is really “ourselves.” It is a collective, a big heap of like-minded people not waiting for anyone to do something they know they can do themselves. It is about communication and honesty, about avoiding the pitfalls of mixing business and art, about succeeding together, not in spite of each other. There is no one able to do it all and, more often than not, those who try end up so bogged down they can barely reach above the surface for air, let alone finish their new LP.

In step Emily Dubin and Jeremy Berkin of Lost + Found MGMT. They aren’t here to take control, they aren’t the big, bad, faceless business crushing the true artists, and they are nowhere near outsiders. It doesn’t take long to realize, as I sit across from the two in West Philly’s Green Line Cafe, they are the essence of DIY; here do it with you, not for you. Continue reading →