Unlocked: Listen to a Spotify playlist from Everyone Everywhere

Between the time of their their 2010 debut, and its followup that released this week, the four guys in Everyone Everywhere massively expanded their music listening habits. In my Unlocked interview with the band yesterday, bassist Matt Scottoline talked about these new musical fixations, and the impact they had on they had on the sound of the new record. I asked the band to elaborate, and they did so with a Spotify playlist, which you can listen to in the player below.

Everyone Everywhere (2012) is the featured album in this edition of Unlocked; hear the spotlighted single “Queen Mary II” in Monday’s post, read Tuesday’s album review; watch the “Queen Mary II” video in Wednesday’s post, read my interview with the band from yesterday. And stay tuned to The Key for future album spotlights on Unlocked.


Unlocked: Everyone Everywhere on existentialism, finance and making a great punk record

Everyone EverywhereThis week on Unlocked, we’re featuring the latest full-length record from Philly indie / emo four-piece Everyone Everywhere. Like its previous release, this album is self titled, and the band built some buzz for it earlier this summer by selling vinyl copies in a name-your-own-price presale and making a music video that featured barely any music. There’s a lot of absurdity in Everyone Everywhere, but also a lot of serious thought, and I sat down with singer-guitarist Brendan McHugh, bassist Matt Scottoline and drummer Brendan Graham to get to the bottom of it.

The Key: The record is out and it’s your first new music in a couple years. So it kind of
took me by surprise when the first piece of press you had from it is not necessarily about the
music per se, but about your business / marketing acumen, that piece in Forbes. Were you surprised when they approached you for that?

MATT SCOTTOLINE: Kind of. The journalist is a freelancer, and had written a review of our last record. And he just happened to now be employed by Forbes, so it kind of worked out.

BRENDAN MCHUGH: It wasn’t totally out of the blue, he knew our band.

BRENDAN GRAHAM: And the way we released the new album tied into his new gig.

TK: Do you feel like that article led to any kind of notice of Everyone Everywhere that may not have happened otherwise?

BM: Some. My uncle shared it with some of his friends where he wouldn’t normally, because it’s Forbes or something. It made them scratch their heads and think a little more about our band as an entity. Continue reading →


Unlocked: Watch Everyone Everywhere’s anti-music-video for “Queen Mary II”

When I reviewed their new self-titled full-length yesterday, I talked about the serious, sobering undertones of the latest batch of songs from Philly indie / emo four-piece Everyone Everywhere. But as fans of the band well know, these are four irreverent, ridiculous dudes when they’re onstage, on Facebook; pretty much everywhere outside of the lyrical world of their songs. The music video for “Queen Mary II” is a total blast to watch, so much that it’s easy to overlook that it barely features the actual song. Check it out below.

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Unlocked: The Key’s review of Everyone Everywhere (2012)

When Everyone Everywhere emerged from the Philly emo / punk scene in 2010, it was concerned more with the smaller things. Its self-titled debut featured a “Tiny” suite (“Tiny Planet,” “Tiny Town,” etc.), where songs addressed topics like lovelorn ennui and whose apartment they were next crashing at. Compare those themes to the practically philosophical declaration that concludes its current album – also self-titled – in the song “Wild Life”: “I wanna go, I wanna know and understand the basic concept of human completeness.”

That’s not to say these four guys have all of a sudden gone bookish (although they do somehow make a catchy refrain out of “bicameral progress, dichotomous” and other words I still need to look up). But there is an obvious and exciting degree of growth, both sonic and lyrical, in their latest offering. With speedy, askew guitar lines reminiscent of The Dismemberment Plan, Everyone Everywhere (2012) is a bright and layered record that adds instrumental flourishes and enriched production to the standard guitar-bass-drums grind. Warm counterpoint vocals and harmonies ring across “The Future,” while the chugging, Weakerthans-ish single “Queen Mary II” rattles with nervous auxiliary rhythms, then bursts into a sunny and hopeful saxophone solo. Continue reading →


Unlocked: Download Everyone Everywhere’s “Queen Mary II”

Man oh man, I really wanted reply “Oh, it totally is!” But alas, the tweet you see above is not in fact my entire published review of Everyone Everywhere‘s new self-titled LP. That comes tomorrow, on the album’s release day, followed by an interview, as well as other odds and ends throughout the week. We’re featuring Everyone Everywhere in the first edition of UNLOCKED, The Key’s recurring spotlight on significant new releases from Philadelphia-based artists. If you don’t already know them, Everyone Everywhere is a rousing, infectious four-piece with sonic leanings in late 90s emo and indie rock, and their hard-touring work ethic and savvy self-promoting has gotten them written up in Forbes and allowed them to book a European tour for late summer. The new album broadens their sonic palette, and I’m excited to tell you more about it tomorrow. In the meantime, help yourself to an mp3 of listen to the album’s single “Queen Mary II” below. - thanks to the band, we’re making it available as an exclusive free download for the next 24 hours. (UPDATE: 24 hours is up! Enjoy the streaming song from Bandcamp.)


Unlocked: Hanging out at home with Modern Baseball

Modern Baseball | Photo by Allison Newbold |
Modern Baseball | Photo by Allison Newbold |

Jake Ewald is a big fan of New Girl.

In fact, when he asks me what I think about the show, the Modern Baseball guitarist and co-vocalist lets out a long, resounding “Yyyeah” and pumps his fist when I safely tell him I think it’s a pretty cool program. From across their West Philly kitchen, cherubic Brendan Lukens, Modern Baseball’s other guitarist and co-vocalist, folds his arms and shakes his head knowingly.

“I’m coming around to it as of yesterday,” Lukens sighs. “Jake just keeps talking about it so I sat down the other day and started watching it and thought, ‘this is fucking stupid.’ I’m still not sold though. It’ll come on and I won’t go ‘ugh’ anymore, you know?” Drummer Sean Huber just laughs to himself as he digs through the refrigerator.

This appears to be the general tone over at Modern Baseball HQ, a house not too far north of Drexel University’s campus, in the week leading up to the release of Your Gonna Miss It All, the young, spritely, punkish group’s second full-length album. The pressure may be on, but these boys – Lukens, Ewald, Huber and bassist Ian Farmer, who had a scheduling conflict and couldn’t make the interview – are keeping things casual. Which is an impressive notion, considering how much is exactly on the band’s collective plate in the coming weeks and months.

Photo by Allison Newbold |
Photo by Allison Newbold |

The day after this interview is over, the band will be spending the rest of the week running around Philadelphia to shoot a video for “Your Graduation,” You’re Gonna Miss It All’s acid-spitting lead single, in an upwards of 10 locations, culminating in a performance scene at FDR Skate Park. “We’re shooting in all these different spots because the concept [of the video] is basically me getting broken up with over and over again,” Lukens chuckles. On March 5th, they’ll be heading out on a month-long national tour supporting local pop-punk heavyweights The Wonder Years. A couple weeks after that ends, they’ll be touring Europe for the first time with Real Friends and You Blew It!

Wait. Aren’t these guys still in school? Continue reading →


A delayed homecoming at The Barbary with Everyone Everywhere (photos, review, setlist)

“We like to take our time,” deadpanned singer-guitarist Brendan McHugh to a packed house at The Barbary on Saturday. This was by way of explanation for his band Everyone Everywhere‘s album release / welcome home party, happening when their album has been out (and they’ve been home from a European tour) since last summer.

But that’s okay. Good things are worth waiting for, as the saying goes, and Everyone Everywhere’s delayed homecoming was a crowd-pleaser in a multitude of ways. For starters: pizza. Continue reading →


The Key Studio Sessions: Everyone Everywhere

Philly emo four-piece Everyone Everywhere might move at their own pace – touring Europe when their new record came out, then waiting nearly six months to play a hometown album release show – but that’s okay.  These dudes are strong enough players and stirring enough songwriters that I’m totally along for the ride. Whether you’re listening to their album, watching their creative music videos, or digging into their performance in this week’s Key Studio Session, you can tell they’re doing it because they love it, and don’t want to ruin that enjoyment with careerist distractions. “Let’s rip, guys!” Brendan McHugh cheerfully urged as their performance started off. You can hear that he means it – you can tell that the three guys playing with him aren’t just bandmates, but also friends. Stream and download their session below, and catch them in concert this weekend when they play an all-ages show at The Barbary with Band Name, Glocca Morra and Slingshot Dakota.


Just Announced: Everyone Everywhere playing a record release show at The Barbary on 01/19

Everyone EverywhereIt’s a slightly-delayed record release party for Everyone Everywhere!  The Philadelphia four-piece put out their second self-titled album (which we Unlocked) this past August and promptly fled the country for a tour through Europe.  The good news is that the band is back in their hometown and will be playing a show at The Barbary on January 19th with a stellar line-up local punk rock openers in Slingshot Dakota, Band Name, and Glocca Morra.  Tickets go on sale this Friday, December 7th at noon.  Head over to our Concert Calendar for more information.  Below, watch Everyone Everywhere’s music video for “Queen Mary II.”


The Week’s Best MP3 Downloads, incl. Caitlin Rose, Arctic Splash, Rev. John Wilkins

Pissed Jeans sure know how to make the most of two and a half minutes.  The first single from the local band’s upcoming Honeys LP is called “Cathouse,” and it’s a relentless punk jam with a killer shred explosion two minutes in.  Honeys will be out on Sub Pop on February 12th, with a record release show at Underground Arts on February 15th.  Tickets and information for the 21+ show can be found here. Download the song via Soundcloud here. Continue reading →