Listen to The Menzingers’ Tom May talk to Gladie’s Augusta Koch on his new Future Friday podcast

Tom May and Augusta Koch | still from video

Tom May of Philly punk band The Menzingers has a new approach to podcasting — for his latest project, he’s sitting down in his kitchen for casual, unstructured conversations with his friends and peers in the music scene. For the inaugural episode, May is joined by Augusta Koch of local outfits Cayetana and Gladie, who he describes as one of his oldest and dearest friends. Continue reading →


The Key Studio Sessions: Gladie

Augusta Koch loves a poignant turn of phrase, no matter what the music backing her sounds like. You might know her best from her power trio Cayetana, and its jagged, guitar-bass-drums driven punk rock; her new project Gladie is built around softer, more serene synthpop and atmospheric electronic soundscapes; in both cases, the words are a crucial component to the music’s connectivity.

“I am angry, I am lonely, but I’m optimistic too,” she sings on “20/20,” a downbeat anthem about embracing the maddening uncertainty of life. On “The Problem Is Us,” she sums up the breakdown of interpersonal relationships so succinctly: “When it’s bad, it’s bad / when it’s good, it’s good / when you’re out, you’re out / just like I knew you would.” Koch doesn’t favor overly busy lyrics; she prefers an economy of words that get straight to the crux of whatever topic or emotion she’s seeking to illuminate, and she makes them an endlessly repeatable refrain. You hear it, you remember it, you feel it, you get it.  Continue reading →


Tigers Jaw presents Otherly Love, a mini festival with a dream lineup from Jeff Rosenstock to Gladie

Tigers Jaw | courtesy of the artist
Tigers Jaw | photo by Jimmy Fontaine| courtesy of the artist

Tigers Jaw has been busy over the past year, with the release of spin last June and more recently, the 10-year anniversary tour of their self-titled album. This week, Tigers Jaw added their own mini festival to the agenda: Otherly Love comes to Philadelphia on December 27th at The Fillmore. Continue reading →


Cayetana’s Augusta Koch and Three Man Cannon’s Matt Schimelfenig team up as Gladie, debut with Everyone Is Talking But You

Gladie | photo by Adam Peditto | via

Over the last several months, Cayetana’s Augusta Koch has been quietly playing new material in solo shows around town, trading her usual electric guitar for an acoustic one and letting her distinct voice fill smaller, quieter spaces. Now, we know where those songs were going — not to Cayetana (who released their last album just a year ago), but to a new project entirely. Gladie makes its debut with a full band EP, Everyone is Talking But You, out now, and a celebratory Philly show next week.

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The Week Ahead: Ariana Grade, Gary Clark Jr., RFA, Noura Mint Seymali, and more

Gary Clark Jr. at Made In America | Photo by Cameron Pollack for WXPN
Gary Clark Jr. at Made In America | Photo by Cameron Pollack for WXPN

At the top of the week, it’s Ariana Grande and a set of music to raise your spirits; at the tail end, its Stephen Brodsky of metalcore titans Cave-In with music to haunt your dreams. In between, a massive spectrum of shows that includes acclaimed guitarist Gary Clark Jr., Philly rockers RFA, Mauritanian singer-songwriter Noura Mint Seymali, and much more. Here are 15 concerts to see in the next 7 days all around Philadelphia.
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Augusta Koch launches a digital diary with “March 1st.”

Cayetana | photo by Cameron Pollack for WXPN

Local songwriter Augusta Koch has thought up a new way to fight the Philly winter blues: “For the month of March I’m gonna post a song every Friday (even if it’s a shitty garage band recording.) I’m thinking of it as digital diary of sorts.” she tweeted last week. The first song in the series, appropriately titled “march 1st.,” is out now. Continue reading →


The Key Studio Sessions: Kayleigh Goldsworthy

We were fortunate enough this week to catch Kayleigh Goldsworthy in a rare moment of respite.

Whether residing or just passing through, the singer-songwriter and guitarist has been all around these United States — many of the places that pop up in her songs, like Portland and Nashville and New York — and for the past year and change, she’s called Philadelphia home. The concept of “home” in some ways is a bit nebulous, though, since Goldsworthy is always on the go. Continue reading →


The Week Ahead: Full Bush, Josh Ritter, Christine and the Queens, Kaia Kater and more

Christine and the Queens
Christine and the Queens | photo by Jamie Morgan | courtesy of the artist

While there’s not much doing on Halloween itself, that’s fine — it’ll just give you more time and space to roam your neighborhood as a free agent looking for parties, collecting candy, or collecting candy with your kids if you’re at that point in your life. The rest of the week, though: JAM. PACKED. Here are 18 concerts to see in the next seven days in and around Philadelphia, from tonight’s punk rock mischief night gigs at Johnny Brenda’s and Ortlieb’s, to indie rock, soul and trance all round the region on Sunday. Continue reading →


Representation Matters: Why the To The Front art show is a game-changer

The Regrettes | photo by Courtney Coles |

Riot grrrl is not dead. The spirit of the 90s feminist punk movement is thriving in a touring art show that comes through Philly this week.

Characterized by hardcore bands such as the iconic Bikini Kill, the Riot grrrl scene promoted empowerment women and addressed issues of rape, violence, sexuality and patriarchal oppression. Bikini Kill frontperson Kathleen Hanna fought to create a safer space for women in the punk scene. At shows, women were typically elbowed to the fringes of the crowd by aggressive moshers, but Hanna famously summoned women towards the stage as a form of protection, calling out, “All girls to the front!”

Flash forward twenty years. The music industry and art world have made strides of inclusivity, but the scene is undeniably still dominated by those bestowed with privilege, the majority composed of cis, straight white men. Devastating cases of sexual assault surface constantly, signalling an abuse of power and lack of safe spaces in the community. Additionally, artists of color, as well as female-identifying or non-binary artists are often pushed aside, their work going unrecognized.

To The Front is a traveling photo show that brings pushed-aside work into the limelight. The name is a nod to Bikini Kill and ultimately the riot grrrl movement, embodying the same message: give unrepresented artists a voice. The show was conceived by LA-based photographers Erica Lauren Perez and Courtney Coles. In 2016, Perez was injured with a dislocated knee and was prevented from touring. Doing a gallery show was something that had been on her mind while in recovery. She attended a show where Coles was showing work, which highlighted women of color in different mediums, and both were inspired by the theme and central message. The duo curated their own LA show in January 2017, which consisted of only four photographers, including Carly Hoskins and Danielle Parsons.

“We both were into the idea of having a music-photography based show with a few of our friends. We didn’t think it would be anything beyond the LA show, but the turnout and the feedback was really positive and it built naturally,” Perez commented in a recent interview with The Key. “We wanted to include people that have inspired us and it’s turned into this way bigger thing.” Continue reading →