Listen to “Area 51”, a new track from Emmett Drueding & the Cowboy Killa (aka Grave Goods)

Emmett-Drueding-7-of-7[1]Philly-based singer/songwriter Emmet Drueding has teamed up with producer Grave Goods to create the duo Emmett Drueding & the Cowboy Killa, and they’ve now released the track “Area 51.” The tune, available to stream on their soundcloud, is an amalgamation of genres. A soulful, blues-y twang, combined with the duo’s modern sensibility and rhythm, all sit neatly under Goods’ unique production, giving the song an incredibly interesting sound and style. Check it out below.


Download Grave Goods’ remix of Cara Salimando’s “Moving Just Like Marionettes”

Philadelphia producer Grave Goods, aka Zach Sewall (Cold Graves, No Diavolo and more), recently dropped a remix of Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Cara Salimando‘s track “Moving Just Like Marionettes.” The original version of the song was released last January on Salimando’s monthly EP series.

“She just sent me some of her songs and asked me to make a weird spacey creature beast,” said Sewall. The result is something reminiscent of a more electronic version of Sewall’s former group No Diavolo, with a bit of Grimes mixed in. Check out the original version here and the Grave Goods remix below. According to Sewall, he and Salimando plan to meet up over the next few months and write together so fan’s can look forward to more remixes and collaborations between the two.


Download “Motorcycle Heathen,” a new Grave Goods track featuring Home Covers

We were introduced to Philly production wizard Zach Sewall, aka Grave Goods, through the recent string of Cold Graves collaborations with indie punk band Cold Fronts. Those songs are snappy electronic pop fun, but today we’re presenting the weird world of Sewall – a former affiliate of Chiddy Bang and No Diavalo – when he’s outside of the rock zone. “Motorcycle Heathen” is a new Grave Goods track featuring members of folk trio Home Covers on vocals. It’s warbly and warped, beaty and awesome; check it out below.


Listen to new music from Cold Graves, a collaboration with Cold Fronts and Grave Goods

Philly rock band Cold Fronts recently collaborated with Zach Sewall (formerly of Chiddy Bang and No Diavolo) on a new track. Sewall releases music under the name Grave Goods, so when he teamed up with Cold Fronts they decided to call their collaborative project Cold Graves. Their song, “New Face,” combines Cold Fronts usual rock aesthetic and vocals with Sewall’s electronic vibe, which makes for a cool-sounding lo-fi track.

Cold Fronts will be going into the studio in August and plan to release some new songs in September. In the meantime, catch their set on August 9th at PhilaMOCA with City Rain, The Mendles, and comedians Lisa Yost, James Hesky, and Alex Grubard. There is an $8 donation charge at the door and a portion of the proceeds will benefit the organization “To Write Love On Her Arms.” For more information visit the event page here.

Listen to the new Cold Graves track below or download it on their Soundcloud page here.


Listen to new music from Seance, a collaboration between Home Covers and Grave Goods

Séance is a new collaboration between West Philly music maker Mike Howard who records as Home Covers and Grave Goods. “Revival” is a trippy, massively hooky guitar and beat driven song that may make you a little anxious on the dancefloor, but at least you’ll be dancing. You can follow Séance on twitter here and they have a Facebook page here. Listen below to “Revival.”


Listen to “Dual Life,” the latest collaborative track from Cold Graves

Craig Almquist and Al Smith of Cold Fronts
Craig Almquist and Al Smith of Cold Fronts. Zach Sewell, aka Grave Goods, is less commonly photographed

The Cold Graves project – a collaboration of Cold Fronts and producer Zach Sewall (aka Grave Goods) – has grown fruitful enough that it now merits its own Soundcloud page. With a new official web presence, the band has a new song as well; “Dual Life” maintains some of the mysterious gurgling-synthesizer vibe of the band’s previous offerings, but doesn’t reach the same spooky depths. Which makes it the first Cold Graves track that aims in an extrovertedly direction; its like they spiked their Polica with some Washed Out, if you will. Listen below.


Jam out to the “Use U,” the latest free download from Cold Graves

This Cold Fronts x Grave Goods collaborative project Cold Graves is beginning to reach Work Drugs levels of productivity. Their third new (and free-downloadable) single in a month, “Use U,” just dropped this afternoon and its probably the project’s spookiest offering. But vocal hooks and guitar from Cold Fronts’ Craig Almquist keeps it grounded and poppy, in a late 70s Bowie kind of way. Dig in below!


Cold Graves releases new song “Keep it One Hundred”

Cold Graves, the collaboration between garage-rock band Cold Fronts and Zach Sewall’s project Grave Goods, just released the song “Keep it One Hundred.” It blends both musical acts’ aesthetics like their earlier single, “New Face.” Cold Fronts lead singer Craig Almquist’s party-pop voice mixes with honest rock ‘n roll riffs that combines with Sewall’s electronic, orchestral style. Maybe this collaboration will become a new Philly act? We’ll sit back and enjoy it for now. You can listen to “Keep it One Hundred” below and download it for free while you’re at it.