Jacqueline Constance ruminates on reflection and resolution in a new video for “Carl Thomas”

Jacqueline Constance | still from video

Philly R&B singer Jacqueline Constance has made a name for herself through alluring single releases over the last several years and an engaging live show built around live looping and crowd participation. Her emotional vocals breathe life into the songs she creates, and her latest, “Carl Thomas,” has just recieved a beautiful music video treatment that highlights Jacqueline’s powerful lyrics.

Constance told us over email that “conceptually, ‘Carl Thomas’ is a song around reflection and resolution, and I wanted the video to reflect that. Especially the elements of scattered thoughts and emotions redirecting themselves to a particular event that you wished you had performed differently in, the party where I wish I was more social or an experience with lost love that I wish I could have been more open to.” Continue reading →


Meet Jacqueline Constance: The dope songbird from Philly

Jacqueline Constance | photo by Deuce Pearsall | courtesy of artist

The city of Philadelphia is filled with so many musical talents that can simply be described as dope. It’s amazing to watch these artists of different genres find creative was to capture the struggle of their beloved, edgy, blue-collar city with music. Take for instance soul singer Jacqueline Constance,  a Mt. Airy songbird who has been making a name for herself in the City of Brotherly with her voice for the past seven years.

Trained in classical music during her time time at CAPA, Jacqueline Constance used those vocal skills to create soul music and with her debut album The Jacqueline Constance Show. In the time since, with the assistance of her looper, and other bits of electronic music technology, the soulful songstress found a way to expand her sound and keep her name known in the local music scene of her city. Recently we were able to sit down with Jacqueline and talk about her beginnings as a singer, how she got into looping and the moves she has planned for the future. Continue reading →


Jacqueline Constance gets emotional on new single “Carl Thomas”

Jacqueline Constance | photo via

The new single from Jacqueline Constance comes quite close to falling into the “answer songs” category — the folk-adjacent tradition where one songwriter’s work thematically responds another songwriter’s work, and they move back and forth in free-flowing creative conversation.

Typically that designation involves intertwining story lines, and it’s not quite certain if the scene Constance sets is picking up where someone else left off. Continue reading →


Lady Alma, Ursula Rucker, Jacqueline Constance and more bring the love to Kimmel Center’s Valentines Day edition of Sittin’ In

Lady Alma at Kindred Presents | photo by John Vettese for WXPN

Need last minute Valentines Day plans? The Kimmel Center’s regular Sittin In live session is back with a lineup curated by jazz bassist Anthony Tidd and featuring lots of awesome Philly artists like poet Ursula Rucker, singer Lady Alma, experimental sound-looper Jacquline Constance, guitarist Tim Motzer, plus Range da Messenger, Chartel Findlater, Lee Mo, Luke O’Reilly, and Mario Crew.

It also happens to be the 6th anniversary of the Kimmel’s Sittin In, and they hope to channel some historic Philly party energy. Continue reading →


Listen to a Matthew Law remix of Fhloston Paradigm’s “…GLOW” ft. Jacqueline Constance

King Britt | photo by John Vettese for WXPN

King Britt doesn’t rest for a minute. The Philly DJ and composer’s experimental ambient Fhloston Paradigm project released its latest album AFTER… earlier this year, and instead of waiting a while to ruminate over new music, King Britt’s releasing an entire new companion project in the form of throwback-style remixes.

The first remix rolled out a few months ago, following AFTER…‘s release. Now, King Britt and company are back with a Matthew Law remix of album track “…GLOW,” which features Jacqueline Constance. The remix gives an electro spin to the original with the addition of DJ Law’s signature grooves. The seven-minute track is vibey and atmospheric, filled with sonic layers — it’s versatile enough that you can keep it low for some soothing background tunes or crank it way up and dance your heart out. The full remix EP will also feature a version of the song by Philly beatmaker, soundscaper and contributing writer for The Key, John Morrison. Continue reading →


Lady Alma, Jacqueline Constance, Killiam Shakespeare and more to rock a Hurricane Relief Fundraiser at Johnny Brenda’s

Lady Alma performing at Back To Basics | Photo by John Vettese

The power of music to bring people together for hope and healing in the face of utter devastation is tried and true, and following the series of hurricanes that have ravaged the south and left entire populations without power, food, shelter, or near enough resources to sustain and recover, focused help is needed just as much as hope and healing.

On October 21st, Flygirrl and Walking Bear will present The Healing at Johnny Brenda’s. This fundraising event will feature live music and spoken word performances from an incredible spectrum of local performers — from Philly neo-soul icon Lady Alma to contemporary sound-sculptor Jacqueline Constance, dynamic hop-hop duo Killiam Shakespeare and more — and 100% of the proceeds will benefit The Family Resource Center in St. Thomas, USVI through their “Adopt A Family” program. Continue reading →


Listen as “Orange Moon” shines on singer Jacqueline Constance

Jacqueline Constance | photo by John Vettese for WXPN

It’s been three years since Philadelphia has heard any original #dopeazzmusic from singer/songwriter Jacqueline Constance. In 2014, the local scene found itself binge-listening to the Mt. Airy songbird’s EP The Jacqueline Show — not too long after, we began binge-watching her YouTube channel, filled with dazzling a cappella sound-loop videos recorded at her home. But we’ve been waiting for a new season to the Jacqueline Show since then. That ends today, as Jacqueline Constance unveiled her latest single “Orange Moon.” Continue reading →


Watch Jacqueline Constance’s live looping cover of “Pray You Catch Me (Lemonade)” and “XO” by Beyonce

Jacqueline Constance | Photo by John Vettese for WXPN
Jacqueline Constance | Photo by John Vettese for WXPN

When we first heard Philly’s Jacqueline Constance, it was the clever and soulful mixtape The Jacqueline Show that got our attention. But see her play live and you’ll realize that it’s only one part of the puzzle. Onstage, the Philadelphia singer and sound artist mixes her own originals with covers of anyone from Sylvan Esso to Jazmine Sullivan — and the only accompaniment is her voice.

Over the past year and change, Constance has honed her craft as a live looping artist via her YouTube channel, and her latest tackles the title track from Beyonce’s much-discussed new visual album Lemonade. Shot, as all her videos are, in a bedroom, Constance lays down a mediative blanket of hums and beats that goes on to intertwine words and melodies from “Pray You Catch Me (Lemonade)” and “XO” from Beyonce’s self-titled 2013 album. Continue reading →


Listen to Jacqueline Constance’s hypnotic James Blake cover

Jacqueline Constance | Photo by John Vettese for WXPN
Jacqueline Constance | Photo by John Vettese for WXPN

Philly R&B singer Jacqueline Constance makes music is exciting in its own right. But as we saw during her Key Fest set this spring, she also does incredible covers. Constance recently recorded a session with the folks over at RECPhilly, and it features her version of James Blake’s haunting “Retrograde.” She injects with a bit more soul than the (equally captivating) original using only a loop pedal and some impressive vocal control. Watch the session below. Continue reading →