Littlun wanders the woods in the haunting “House of Ghosts” video

Littlun | still from video

Littlun made its way onto our radar back in the fall with the release of the project’s debut EP, Sentient Youth. Led by Philly-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Molly Lynn White, Littlun is back with a new single, “House of Ghosts,” and its accompanying video.

As eerie and haunting as the song itself, so is the “House of Ghosts” video, shot by the songwriter’s dad, Charles White; it also features cellist Rachel Icenogle with Molly in a spectral forest. Continue reading →


The Week Ahead: Littlun, Aaron Neville, The Revivalists, The Retinas and more

The Retinas | photo via

We’re at that point of the winter where gigs come in concentrated blocks. So even though you can look below to find more than a dozen suggestions for your concertgoing itinerary this week, most of the action is on Thursday and Saturday. Tonight and tomorrow are mostly quiet, as is next Sunday — which will prove helpful to those of who who are stoked to watch the Eagles take on the New Orleans Saints. In between now and then, get to a gig or two. Here are  Continue reading →


Littlun weaves an ethereal world in debut single “Waltz Op. 3”

Littlun | photo via

Littlun is the debut solo project of singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Molly Lynn White, who just released a single called “Waltz Op. 3” in preview of her upcoming debut EP, Sentient Youth. The song isn’t as stiff as its title implies; a delicate ukulele riff tiptoes beneath White’s airy, operatic vocals, while piano and cello by Rachel Icenogel weave an ethereal backdrop, a realm populated by creatures of folklore. Check out Littlun’s debut single below. Continue reading →


The Skeleton Key: From the first show back at The Khyber to one of the last shows at 1026, we’ve got you coming and going for the rest of this packed July

Soul Glo | photo by Yoni Kroll

Hello Philadelphia! By the time you read this I will most likely be back home but right now I’m in the back of a van hurtling between DIY venues across the Midwest. My band embarked on our first ever tour in the last week of June and I’ve never eaten more fast-food in my life.

Tour is funny because while you might play to literally only the other bands one night — including one group of guys who when they were also only performing in front of other musicians still made it a point to tell everyone there to “stick around for the other bands” — the next night you can play to a crowded room of moshing Midwestern teenagers. Oh, and I was interviewed by someone, which as a journalist is a completely bizarre experience. All in all, no complaints.

But you’re not here for the tour tips. You don’t care where to get a bite to eat before playing the Trumbullplex in Detroit, though if you did I’d recommend Pie Sci right down the street for those massive Detroit square pies that are almost as good as what you’d get at Pizza Gutt up in Fishtown. No, what you want is the Philadelphia calendar listings and some good DIY news and gossip. I got you. Let’s go! Continue reading →